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Rayphen 10 kV Lightning Arrester Suitable For

  • 10kV Lightning Arrester for South Africa Eskom
  • 10kV Lightning Arrester for Philippines NGCP
  • 10kV Lightning Arrester for Vietnam EVN
  • 10kV Lightning Arrester for Sri Lanka CEB
  • 10kV Lightning Arrester for Zambia ZESCO
  • 10kV Lightning Arrester for Bangladesh DESCO

The Best Quality Rayphen 10kV Lightning Arrester

We are delivering high-end electrical arresters in a variety of forms. They are compatible with multiple insulations and conductors. Here is our metal oxide lightning arrester collection, check it out!

10kV Polymer Lightning Arrester

Polymer lightning arrester by Rayphen gives electrical safety to the power distribution line conductors by their unique and eco-friendly features. The 10 kV polymer lightning arrester by Rayphen is specifically a high voltage lightning arrester. Rayphen MOV lightning arrester has a core column that attains a winding structure. There is a silicon rubber molded at the core column. This makes the sealing excellent as the rubber leaves no gap between the lightning arrester. Several models of 10 kV polymer lightning arresters are available. You can contact us for more information regarding high voltage lightning arresters.

10 kV Porcelain Lightning Arrester on Pole

This series of metal oxide lightning arresters by Rayphen is specifically for 10kV power lines. The manufacturing material used in these MOV lightning arresters is porcelain. Porcelain is such a good manufacturing material that it makes the metal oxide lightning arrester wear-resistant and resistant against various chemicals. With good hardness, Rayphen zinc oxide lightning arrester is able to suppress the overvoltage with its simple structure. The series is characterized by anti-aging and anti-pollution properties. Also, Rayphen la lightning arrester is not subjected to altitude constraints. This series of high voltage lightning arrester is weather-resistant and do not allow corrosion to its body. As far as the design is concerned, Rayphen offers a really unique design that is highly compatible with various cables on the pole. If you want more information, visit us.

More Details about Rayphen 10kV Lightning Arrester

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    10kV Lightning Arrester

    Allow Rayphen to Be Your Ultimate 10kV Lightning Arrester Supplier for Your Business

    Rayphen is manufacturing a high end zinc oxide lightning arrester with experience of 14 years in the market with respected repute.

    We have a variety of products having anti-aging, anti-stain, and anti-pollution properties including, our 10kV lightning arrester.

    If you wish to grow your business to elevated heights, Rayphen is your No. 1 choice as a lightning arrester company in China and beyond.

    All our lightning arrestors are made with sophistication and under the latest and approved international standards.

    Our product provides electrical safety against harms of the lightning on the cables of overhead transmission and distribution lines.

    You can trust Rayphen for your business as we master the art of manufacturing top-quality 10kV lightning arresters and delivering them safely to our worthy clients.

    With the latest technology, our zinc oxide arrester is better than other competitors’ products because we have experience of 14 years as a lightning arrester company.

    Visit our website for more information regarding metal oxide lightning arresters and other products that we offer.

    Sell to 200 International Clients

    Rayphen has highly good remarks and repute all over the world since Rayphen supplies mov lightning arrester to over 200 clients internationally.

    Top Raw Material usage

    All metal oxide lightning arresters are made with high-quality raw material at Rayphen because it directly affects the arrester performance.

    14 Years of Experience

    Rayphen is highly experienced (more than 14 years) in zinc oxide arrester supplying and manufacturing to our trusted customers.

    Quality Control Compliance

    Rayphen lightning surge arresters went through various quality control tests for complete security and quality compliance.

    Rayphen 10kV Lightning Arrester

    Do you look for the best lightning arrestor that gives you everything you need for your application? Well, you are at the right place.

    Rayphen, the lightning arrester company, is your ultimate 10kV lightning arrester partner not only of manufacturing but supplying your way without any trouble.

    The zinc oxide arrester we offer has the following properties that make the electrical arrester highly reliable.

    • Rust-free
    • Genuine polymer/porcelain body
    • Zinc oxide metal discs
    • Unique designs
    • Easy and quick installation
    • Low maintenance

    All the metal MOV lightning arresters at Rayphen have a smooth, burr-free, and glossy appearance.

    We use the best possible manufacturing material in the making of our MOV lightning arrestor as it has a direct effect on the performance of the LA lightning arrester.

    Based on your specific applications, Rayphen put hard work into making the 10kV lightning arrester compatible with the various conductors and insulations on the pole.

    Rayphen manufactures and supplies top-notch MOV lightning arrestors to more than 200 clients all over the world and we have a good reputation as the best lightning arrester company.

    Our la lightning arrester does not only show strong compatibility with multiple conductor brands but also provides electrical safety against the lightning that could prove very dangerous and cause an explosion of the transmission line conductors.

    Talking specifically about the size of the Rayphen 10kV lightning arrester, these products offer adjustable sizes with respect to the transmission line accessories and conductors and give maximum results with them.

    Rayphen lightning surge arrester has a body made of pure polymer and porcelain. Both these materials offer great resistance to the lightning effect and make the product corrosion-free.

    If you wish to get the zinc oxide arrester having easy installation, Rayphen presents you with a high-quality high voltage lightning arrester in the form of a 10kV lightning arrester.

    It needs minimum standard tools and devices for installation and also requires less time for the installation procedure.

    You are welcome to give suggestions and feedback at Rayphen as they are imperative in flourishing your business along with our improvement.

    Our customer service is accessible 24/7 and you can contact us anytime from anywhere in the world; we will answer your metal oxide lightning arrester queries.

    With our experience of 14 years and our knowledge of the advanced MOV lightning arrestor manufacturing technologies, Rayphen gives surety of the products it makes.

    Send us your quotations and ask for recommendations by visiting our website now!

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