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Rayphen 220kV Lightning Arrester Suitable For

  • 220kV Lightning Arrester for South Africa Eskom
  • 220kV Lightning Arrester for Philippines NGCP
  • 220kV Lightning Arrester for Vietnam EVN
  • 220kV Lightning Arrester for Bangladesh DESCO
  • 220kV Lightning Arrester for Sri Lanka CEB
  • 220kV Lightning Arrester for Zambia ZESCO

Reliable 220kV Lightning Arrester for Your Business

At Rayphen, there are lots of products that suit your requirements. We are offering high-end metal oxide lightning arresters with extraordinary features that make you fall in love with them. They are available in different creepage distances and you can customize your dimensions as well. Here are the 220kV lightning arresters Rayphen offer. Check them out!

220kV Porcelain Lightning Arrester
220kV Porcelain Lightning Arrester

Specifically made for 220kV distribution lines, these Rayphen electrical arresters are super reliable to use for various applications. Rayphen zinc oxide arrester 220kV is characterized by good quality raw material porcelain and anti-wear activity. Their cleaning is very easy and maintaining them is also very quick. There are features like resistance to corrosion, pollution, aging, wear, and stains. Rayphen la lightning arrester provides protection against the overvoltage impulse and lightning impulse with perfection. Being lightweight and with greater flow capacity, these Rayphen MOV lightning arresters are much more supportive to altitudes as high as 2000 meters. For various creepage distances, you can contact us through our website.

220kV Metal Oxide Surge Lightning Arrester
220kV Metal Oxide Surge Lightning Arrester

Made with metal oxide varistor, these metal oxide surge lightning arresters for 220kV distribution lines are perfect for you. They give reliability against the overvoltage and keep the cables of the distribution safe from overvoltage damages. Being anti-corrosive, the parts of the Rayphen surge lightning arrester live longer than other products. They are resistant to acids and alkalis. Hydrophobicity, mechanical strength, good performance, anti-stain are some of the features of Rayphen MOV lightning arresters. Such a lightning arrestor is made with the latest silicon rubber technology, making it even safer to use for distribution cable applications. Tap for the favorite item.

More Details about Rayphen 220kV Lightning Arrester

Lightning Arrester TypeSystem Rated VoltageMOA Rated VoltageMCOVDC reference voltage(U1mA)Current Impulse Residual Voltage2ms Rectangular current impulse withstand4/10μs High current impulse withstand
1/10 μs Steep current impulse8/20μs Lightning current impulse30/60 μs

Switching current impulse

kV(rms)≮kV≯kV(crest)AkA (crest)
Lightning Arrester TypeSystem Rated VoltageMOA Rated VoltageMCOVDC reference voltage(U1mA)Current Impulse Residual Voltage2ms Rectangular current impulse withstand4/10μs High current impulse withstand
1/10 μs Steep current impulse8/20μs Lightning current impulse30/60 μs

Switching current impulse

kV(rms)≮kV≯kV(crest)AkA (crest)

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220kV Lightning Arrester

Let Rayphen As Your Trusted 220kV Lightning Arrester Business Companion

Rayphen is the leading lightning arrester company exporting its la lightning arrester in different parts of the world to more than 200 clients.

With our 14 years of experience, we manufacture top-notch zinc oxide arresters for your business growth and making a difference in the market.

Our zinc oxide lightning arrester is made with two sealing technology in which a silicon rubber is covering the varistor zinc oxide body to make it more reliable to use.

It gives the Rayphen lightning arrester anti-aging and corrosion-resistant properties besides being anti-pollution and anti-stain.

Rayphen has expertise in developing simple structured MOV lightning arresters for its worthy customers that do not need high maintenance and are very quick and easy to install.

A lightning arrester company believes in making metal oxide lightning arresters undergoing all the necessary quality tests like DC reference voltage test, power frequency reference voltage test, partial discharge test, etc.

Rayphen produces electrical arresters compatible with distribution line cables and offers excellent performance as they are quite stable mechanically.

You can contact us for all our 220kV lightning arresters details and ask for customization as well.

Sell to 200 International Clients

We have over 200 happy customers not only in China but all over the world as we manufacture top-class MOV lightning arrester.

Top Raw Material usage

Every Rayphen metal oxide lightning arrester is employed with the finest raw material that improves the appearance.

14 Years of Experience

More than 14 years of experience counts a lot as Rayphen manufactures zinc oxide arrester with trust.

Quality Control Compliance

Proper quality checks are ensured from the start till the end of the Rayphen lightning surge arresters for complete security and quality compliance.

Rayphen 220kV Lightning Arrester

Rayphen 220kV lightning arrester is a device that prevents voltage spikes destruction to power production, transformation, transmission, and distribution of electrical equipment.

We create top-notch zinc oxide arresters for your business expansion and to create a change in the industry, thanks to Rayphen’s 14 years of experience.

There are many products from Rayphen that will meet your needs. We provide high-end metal oxide lightning arresters with unique features that will entice you to buy them.

With 200 global clients, Rayphen is exporting la lightning arresters with anti-stain and anti-aging properties that people admire the most.

Our MOV lightning arresters are accomplished after several tests and quality assurance tests, including DC reference voltage, partial discharge, power frequency reference voltage test, sealing test, and lightning impulse residual voltage test.

Rayphen zinc oxide lightning arresters are one of the best as they are resistant to corrosion because they show hydrophobicity.

They are not only water-repellent but also repellent to acids, alkalis, and other chemicals that add to their plus points.

Being highly market competitive, Rayphen electrical arresters offer you reliability and safety towards the overvoltage and lightning issues that could be seriously problematic if left unaddressed.

With our latest two sealing technology, all our MOV lightning arrestors are accompanied by a covering of silicon rubber giving the zinc oxide arresters their high quality and reliability.

Rayphen MOV lightning arrestors offer a robust and simple design that allows for secure distribution line functioning and a longer life span.

Customers all over the world trust us with our uniquely designed la lightning arresters that we stand as the leading lighting arrester company in China.

Rayphen offers gap MOV arresters either with or without a gap to assure the arresters’ long life, small leakage flow, relatively low voltage, and high flow capacity.

The company is always in favor of friendly relations with our prestigious customers locally and internationally that is why Rayphen opens the suggestion, feedback, and constructive criticism for all our customers.

Our top priority is to make lightning surge arresters that contain qualities suitable to every one of you as the application can be different for different people.

Having lightning surge arrester manufacturing knowledge, we are aware of the market standards and advancement in the field of lightning arrester manufacturing.

Rayphen with great experience sends you the trustworthy MOV lightning arrestors that are useful for you.

At Rayphen, you can customize your order by telling us dimensions and measurements of your own.

Contact us for queries and recommendations!

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