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At Rayphen, you will get a high-quality 4ft ground rod for your specific application at amazing price deals and market-competitive features. Contact us!

Rayphen 4ft Ground Rod Suitable For

  • 4ft Ground Rod For Power Transmission Line
  • 4ft Ground Rod For Power Station
  • 4ft Ground Rod For Wind Energy
  • 4ft Ground Rod For Solar Energy
  • 4ft Ground Rod For Building
  • 4ft Ground Rod For Railway

Get Rayphen 4 ft Ground Rod for Your Profitable Business

If you’re having trouble locating the right electric 4 foot ground rod for your company, you’ve come to the right place. Rayphen is a global manufacturer and supplier with over 200 customers. We’ve been in the producing industry for many years, so we’re familiar with customer needs. At Rayphen, you’ll find 4 ft earth rods of numerous varieties and sizes. All of these 4ft ground rods are one-of-a-kind and competitive in the market. Take a look at our most recent collection and have fun!

4ft Copper-Coated Steel Ground Rod
4ft Copper-Coated Steel Ground Rod

This Rayphen ground rod is an amazing product that you can use to ground satellite dishes and house antennas. It is perfect for grounding current that keeps the electrical setting protected and safe. They are made of steel with a copper coating which gives them extra protection. It is compatible with other grounding supplies. It protects from lightning strikes. Rayphen ISO-certified manufacturing facility creates a high-quality ultimate 4 foot earthing rod that is used in hundreds of installations around the world. As a result of its corrosion resistance, it is long-lasting. Contact our team for more details regarding the product and its pricing!

4 ft Ground Rod with Grounding Clamp
4 ft Ground Rod with Grounding Clamp

Rayphen 3/8″ 4 foot ground rod is made to provide a defined electrical path for static discharge electricity (such as lightning) to be dissipated to the earth. To ensure maximum protection and efficiency, use it while grounding off-air transmitters and satellite dishes. For the convenience of installation, a preset ground clamp is also supplied. Such Rayphen earth rod is resistant to corrosion, and you can install it without using complex tools. These 4ft ground rods come with a warranty. Also, there is an option of customization. You can tell us your demand and dimensions. Visit our website for more updates!

4 ft Copper-Bonded Earth Rod
4 ft Copper-Bonded Earth Rod

In the case of an electrical surge, this Rayphen 4 ft ground rod is utilized to safely transport electricity away from circuits to the earth/ground. Rayphen 4 foot This copper bonded earth rod is designed to protect a framework from voltage spikes and severe lightning. It does so by channeling lightning across the earthing system and then into the grounding rod instead of crossing through the framework and posing a risk to people. Hence, making earthing essential in public areas and huge buildings. For more information, contact us now!

More Details about Rayphen 4 ft Ground Rod

ItemSolid Copper Ground Rod, Pointed
DesignThreaded, Pointed,
UsageFor lightning system and grounding
Copper Thickness More than 0.254mm
Copper Purity99.90%
Tensile strength≥580N/mm²
Service life≥30years
AccessoriesCoupling, Driving head, Drill
Available service modeOEM,ODM

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4ft Ground Rod

Allow Rayphen 4 Foot Ground Rod Shine Your Growing Business

Rayphen is the most well-known manufacturer of 4ft ground rods in the market.

Our customers love all of our 4 foot earth rods as we have almost 14 years of experience in creating and distributing them.

Our 4 ft ground rods offer unique characteristics that distinguish them from the competitors.

We provide several options at our place because we believe in addressing the needs of all of our consumers.

If you’re hunting for a legitimate 4ft earthing rod, Rayphen is the site to go.

Because the product’s quality and trustworthiness are based on material, our firm manufactures 4 ft ground rods with the best quality raw materials.

If you have any questions or issues, please email us, and we will promptly respond!

Sells to 200 Customers Globally

The company has over 200 customers of 4 foot ground rods, and the figure is expanding day after day.

Premium-Grade Raw Materials

Rayphen’s electrical 4 ft ground rods are constructed from the highest grade raw materials available.

14+ Years of Experience

Rayphen has over 14 years of experience in manufacturing and delivering copper 4ft earthing rods to hundreds of clients.

Strict Quality Assurance

To ensure the safety of both products and workers, we supervise processing and supply using the most up-to-date quality control parameters.

Rayphen 4ft Ground Rod

Are you a distributor wishing to stock a variety of high-quality 4ft ground rods? Or are you a company owner in need of customized 4 ft ground rods?

We are proud makers and sellers of excellent 4 foot ground rods, therefore you’ve come to the right place.

Rayphen is your ultimate company for all your 4ft ground rod needs, including supply.

You may now get the thing you require quickly and easily from us.

We produce 4 ft ground rods with passion and attention using the finest raw materials because they are such an important piece of electrical hardware.

They are strong and suitable with conductive material, and whenever there is an overflow of current, they quickly ground the voltage.

Because they are made of pure raw material, our 4ft earth rods keep humidity away and are corrosion-resistant.

These Rayphen 4 foot ground rods have high tensile strength and are excellent electrical current conductors.

We entered this market 14 years ago and therefore have learned a lot about how to increase the quality of our products over time.

That is why we have created cutting-edge technology to produce 4 foot ground rods with distinct characteristics.

This Rayphen 4ft ground rod is a fantastic product for grounding substations, and communication base stations.

Rayphen has over 200 clients that trust its 4 ft ground rod because it is safe to use and maintain.

Our 4 foot ground rod meets international engineering requirements and is verified.

Rayphen maintains cordial relationships with all of its clients because we consider them members of our family.

And pay attention to their recommendations and criticism.

We are very mindful of our customers’ needs to provide them with the most effective 4 ft ground rod.

We put extra effort into packaging and shipment to ensure safe delivery to you.

You may place a bespoke order with Rayphen and have it delivered your way in a matter of days.

Just send us your quotes and become a member of the Rayphen group!


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