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Rayphen has been producing premium quality 90 degree compression lugs for 14 years and supplying to more than 200 clients internationally. Contact us!

Why Rayphen 90 Degree Cable Lug

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Make Your 90 Degree Battery Lug Business Stand Out with Rayphen

At Rayphen there are top-quality products that are made with innovative and latest technology. Our right angle cable lugs have all the good things you can ask for. They are corrosion-proof and give excellent results with different conductors. If you want 90 degree terminal lugs that work best at low voltage, Rayphen is your go-to place. We have pretty much got everything covered that you want. Check out our super classy collection of 90 degree cable lugs. Have fun!

90 Degree Cable Lug

Rayphen 90 degree compression lugs come with various features, such as being anti-stain. They have a relatively long barrel relative to palm length. When you ask for a 90 degree battery lug having anti-corrosive properties, then this can be your ideal choice. It makes reliable connections with the copper wires and has smooth finishing. Such 90 degree battery cable lugs are perfectly eco-friendly and don’t get affected by environmental changes. These right angle cable lugs are best for the small-space surfaces where long barrels can fix very efficiently. There are different sizes available at Rayphen. Contact us for more details about the product!

Customize Right Angle Cable Lugs

The thickness of this Rayphen tin-plated angled cable lug is more than 10 μm. Such 90 degree battery cable lugs are water-proof and resistant to high-temperature changes. They work efficiently in different working conditions but mostly in dry indoor setups. Rayphen 90 degree cable lug is made of copper with tin plating for extra coating and making it anti-corrosive and free of rust. Their grip is strong, and you do not need any specific crimping tool for their installation. These 90 degree terminal lugs are reliable for strong wiring connections. You can customize these right angle cable lugs as per your specifications. For further details regarding this particular type, contact us!

Rayphen 90 Degree Cable Lug

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    Let Rayphen Be a Game Changer for Your 90 Degree Cable Lug Business

    We are delivering the best electrical and cable accessories for 14+ years to different regions of the world.

    Among our products, 90 degree cable lug is one of the best-selling products as we manufacture them according to international standards.

    There are more than 200 clients that are associated with Rayphen because of the manufacturer’s high quality and market-competitive 90 degree terminal lugs.

    Rayphen 90 degree battery lug is quick crimp and made of 99.5% pure copper that making it reliable for long-term use.

    Our products have fast delivery, and we always try to make a healthy professional relationship with every customer.

    There are different types of 90 degree battery cable lugs available at Rayphen that perform in almost every wiring setup.

    You do not need to pay an extra amount on special tools for the installation of 90 degree cable lugs as they are easy to install.

    When there is a minimum space, and you want to install a wiring setup there, Rayphen 90 degree cable lug can help you there with its unique style.

    You can visit our website and look for your desired 90 degree terminal lugs for your next project!

    Have 200 Customers

    Rayphen has been supplying 90 degree compression lugs to more than 200 clients, and the number is increasing day by day.

    Finest Manufacturing Material

    Since we believe in top-quality manufacturing, we use the best manufacturing material to make our right angle cable lugs worth buying.

    14+ Years of Experience

    The 90 degree cable lug manufacturing and supplying is not new to us because we are functioning for 14 years and have much of the expertise in the field.

    Compliance with Strict Quality Control Measures

    Our team very strictly and carefully observes every manufacturing process so that the 90 degree battery cable lugs are compliant with quality control standards.

    Why Rayphen 90 Degree Cable Lug

    Getting the perfect 90 degree battery lug for your business or company can be a difficult task. But not with Rayphen!

    Rayphen is the manufacturer you need to have for fixing all your 90 degree compression lugs problems right away.

    Well, our 90 degree cable lug is made with 99.5% pure copper, and we also have some varieties available in tin plating.

    We have a reputation in the market because we are supplying the best 90 degree terminal lugs to more than 200 customers all over the world.

    They are best for perpendicular connections, bent areas, and stacking applications where they make secure and fast connections.

    If you are talking about the reliability of Rayphen 90 degree battery cable lugs, then we guarantee you they are made with strict quality control measures.

    All our 90 degree terminal lugs are ideal for wiring and ground connections because they are seamless products.

    They are approved by international standards such as DIN, NFC, ISO, and IEC. Without these certificates, we do not supply any products.

    Rayphen 90 degree battery lug has an inspection window that facilitates secure cable/wire insertion to make a better connection.

    We have different sizes of stud holes in these cable lugs like 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and others that go well with different diameters of your cables.

    These 90 degree battery lugs fit well in minimal spaces and are easily crimped with minimum tools.

    You can ask for customization at Rayphen because we know every client has specific needs and requirements that he wants in right angle cable lugs.

    Our customer care service is accessible, and you can reach us any time of the day, we will address the problems and queries you have.

    We have friendly ties with our customers and have a good reputation as Rayphen is operating for quite a long time now.

    Visit our website for details of 90 degree cable lugs and send us your quotations NOW!

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