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Here are the designs we offer in aluminum compression connectors. If you are looking to grow your business to a great extent, have a look at these.

Type GL-G Aluminum Link Compression Connector

This aluminum ferrule is made of 99.5% pure aluminum. Rayphen compression electric connectors have acid-cleaned surfaces having a pretty bright look. Such compression connectors are highly compatible with aluminum conductors.

With more than 14 years of experience, Rayphen The workers know the compression wire connectors production process very well and pay close attention to every little detail.

GL Aluminum Compression Connector with Block

Rayphen GL aluminum compression connector with a block is designated with an oil plugging type tube that is copper conducting. This series is made of high-quality 99.5% pure aluminum with the surface treated with acid. The acid-cleaned surface is bright and makes them corrosion-free.

Also, the compression electrical connector has adequate markings for correct crimping. Rayphen is always your best choice supplier for lug compression connectors.

GLM Aluminum Ferrule Connector (Sleeve)

This series is highly suitable for aluminum conductors with pretty accurate markings for crimping. Rayphen GLM aluminum compression connectors are prefilled with antioxidant (inhibitor) compounds making them even more reliable to use for different applications. Sealed caps are present on both of the compression connector ends. This helps in keeping the compression wire connectors safe.

The aluminum ferrule connector is specially designed for medium voltage.  Every Rayphen aluminum compression connector is in high demand in the global market and is appreciated by customers.

Customized Aluminum Ferrule Connector

Rayphen also provides some customized connections for your choice. Having a smooth aluminum surface, And the aluminum compression connectors are weather resistant. Hence, have a good corrosion-free property.

For conductor joining, these connectors have markings making them easy to use. Contact us to order the lug compression connectors you need.

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    LetRayphen Be a Genuine Support for Your Business

    There are several applications of aluminum compression connectors. You have seen them with various cable conductors.

    These crimping type aluminum connectors are suitable for low voltage to high voltage of 35kV.

    Rayphen compression electrical connectors are reliable and made from 99.5% pure aluminum. They come with prefilled filler compounds that save them from being corroded.

    Based on various designs, Rayphen aluminum compression connectors are compatible with all aluminum conductors and made under standard IEC, NFC, DIN, etc.

    All the compression electrical connectors have gone under quality control tests such as type tests, periodic sampling tests, and routine tests.

    There are sealed plastic caps for extra protection of the Rayphen compression electrical connectors during shipment and delivery.

    The installation process is quite easy and quick hence, aluminum compression connectors can join similar aluminum conductors very reliably.

    Globally 200 Clients

    Rayphen has a good selling and supplying aluminum compression connectors to over 200 clients internationally at affordable deals.

    High-Quality Raw Material

    Rayphen uses the best quality raw material for the production of compression wire connectors as it is the base of good manufacturing.

    Experience of 14 Years

    Having aluminum compression connector manufacturing experience of 14 years, Rayphen products are high-end and full-proof in their function.

    Quality Control Assurance

    All the aluminum compression connectors are processed and made under strict quality checks for complete quality compliance.

    Rayphen Aluminum Compression Connector

    If you are searching for high-end aluminum compression connectors and that too at an affordable price? Are you scrolling the internet to see genuine compression electrical connector suppliers across China and beyond? Rayphen can be your No. 1 solution to this.

    All the products at Rayphen including aluminum compression connectors are unique from the competitors as they have their own perks and benefits in different ways.

    GLM aluminum ferrule connectors by Rayphen are characterized by prefilled antioxidant (inhibitor) compounds through the filler holes of the aluminum tube.

    This prevents the compression electrical connector body from having any water contamination or simply it stops corrosion.

    Type GL-G aluminum compression connectors are compatible with various aluminum conductors making the connections strongly reliable.

    Rayphen aluminum compression connectors come with sealed caps for extra protection to the edges during the shipping and delivery process.

    Installation and crimping features are made easier with markings already inscribed on the Rayphen compression connector surface.

    Having the capacity to join with the conductor having different dimensions ranging from 10-1000mm2, they found numerous applications.

    The aluminum compression connectors are widely used in households, power distribution cabinets, shipyards, the electrical industry, equipment factories, etc.

    Rayphen aluminum compression connectors are suitable for various voltage levels especially medium voltage.

    Interestingly, you need standard tools only for the installation procedure but ensure to apply proper crimping force through compression dies.

    We at Rayphen not only provide excellent quality compression electrical connectors but give customized choices as well. You can order customized dimensions too and we will deliver great products to you.

    Rayphen always puts their customers first place. They are the utmost priority here. If you have queries regarding aluminum compression connectors, you can always ask for help.

    Contact us through emailing us or through our website. Looking forward to friendly tiers!

    Aluminum Compression Connector FAQs—The Ultimate Guide 

    There are various connectors that play their role in the electrical industry. One of the reliable connectors is an aluminum compression connector.

    This electrical compression connector is designed for proper cable insertion. They have various applications in various forms. If you wish to know all the details of the aluminum compression connector, here is an FAQ guide.

    Everything related to the aluminum compression connector is available in this ultimate solution guide. Give it a read and know answers to all the queries you want to ask. So, let us start.

    Q1. What is Aluminum Compression Connector?  

    Rayphen aluminum compression connector is made of seamless aluminum tubing to ensure cable connections along with providing a maximum flow of current.

    Aluminum Compression Connector                                                        Figure 1 Aluminum Compression Connector

    These compression connectors are suitable for translation connection different conductors and their working is highly efficient.

    They have found a number of different applications as they are strong not only electrically but mechanically also.

    The Rayphen aluminum compression connector has an easy installation. You just need to have appropriate tools for this.

    Q2. What is the Function of Aluminum Compression Connector? 

    The aluminum compression connector is highly suitable for connecting aluminum conductors with various electrical devices and equipment that distribute power.

    You can simply say that Rayphen aluminum compression connectors are sort of cable joints or in other words cable ferrules that making power transmission connections.

    Q3. For Which Conductors Aluminum Compression Connector is Suitable? 

    As the name of the Rayphen compression connector speaks for itself, it is mainly designed for aluminum conductors.

    Talking about aluminum conductors, the aluminum compression connector works exceptionally well with fan-shaped, round, aluminum core, and semi-circular conductors.

    Copper compression connectors are also available, but they work with copper conductors.

    Q4. How Does Aluminum Compression Connector Work? 

    Rayphen’s aluminum compression connectors are reliable for making cable connections.

    Both the ends of the aluminum compression connector are open.

    Working Mechanism of Aluminum Compression Connector                                                   Figure 2 Working Mechanism of Aluminum Compression Connector

    You have to insert the conductor into the compression electrical connector and seal the connector with the conductor through crimping.

    Crimping is the key to a strong and firm connection here.

    Finally, it will form a firm strong connection.

    Q5. What are the Features of Aluminum Compression Connector? 

    Rayphen aluminum compression connectors have various features that make them unique from the rest.

    • Easy and simple installation with easily available tools.
    • They have an integral center barrier stop for ensuring reliable cable insertion.
    • Manufactured with good quality aluminum.
    • There are color coded ends in an aluminum compression connector for identification and recognition.
    • An antioxidant layer is applied inside and the compression electrical connector for easy cleaning and corrosion prevention.

    Q6. Where to Use Aluminum Compression Connectors?

    Well, aluminum compression connectors are small electrical cable joints having several applications in different areas.

    These areas besides the electrical industry are household use, equipment manufacturing industries and factories, shipyards, switch cabinets, and other power distribution cabinets as well.

    Q7. Which Properties are Dominant in Aluminum Compression Connector?

    It has so many good features and properties. Some of them are discussed already.

    Here, we will tell you the overall effective properties of the aluminum compression connector.

    They have high electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and thermal conductivity.

    They are not strong electrically only but also possess great mechanical strength.

    Rayphen aluminum compression connectors do not cause conductor creeping because of the tight gripping of the arc.

    Q8. Which Tools are Required for the Installation of Aluminum Compression Connector?

    The tools required for the appropriate installation of Rayphen aluminum compression connectors are as follows:

    • Strip the insulation of the two cables with a knife
    • Hydraulic crimping tool having appropriately sized dies for accurate crimping.

    Hydraulic Compression Tool                                                                 Figure 3 Hydraulic Compression Tool

    Along with these essential tools, there are some helping tools also that assist the procedure of installation.  These tools include a measuring tape and brush.

    Measuring tape to measure peeling length, and brush is used to clean the cable or aluminum ferrule surface

    Q9. How Can You Install an Aluminum Compression Connector with Precision?  

    The correct installation of an aluminum compression connector is very important.

    If the Rayphen aluminum compression connector is not properly installed, it will not be able to perform its function.

    Here is a step-by-step instruction guide to follow for accurate connector installation.

    • First thing first, open the aluminum connector package and inspect it if the model is the same that is appropriate for the application.
    • Ensure you have the right product and then begin the installation procedure.
    • The strip of the insulation from the conductor cable from the point where you need to install an aluminum compression connector.
    • Remember that the length for stripping should be approximately 1-2 mm more than the depth of the effective hole of the corresponding model of the connector.
    • The stripping should be done very carefully. You do not want to damage the conductor wire during the process.
    • Now, insert the stripped aluminum cable conductor into the inside hole’s root of the terminal all the way in the standing position for proper and reliable crimping.
    • At the position of crimping, the pit pressure’s central line and the confining pressure’s forming edge must lie in one plane or simply forming a straight line.
    • As you started crimping, the dies must remain compressed for about 10-15 seconds to ensure a better and sealed connection. It will resultantly deform the aluminum compression connector from the place where it is crimped.
    • After some time when the assembly reaches stability, you can release off the pressure by relaxing the dies.
    • Finally, you are done with all the steps involved in aluminum compression connector installation.

    The method of operation and all the pressure plier precautions must be followed for safe installation as instructed by the pliers’ suppliers.

    When you are done with crimping, you can tell whether you have done the installation right or not by examining the appearance.

    The quality of the aluminum compression connector appearance after crimping must follow the following measures:

    • After the point of confining pressure, there should be no burr and cracks on the surface. Also, the entire place is smooth having no pointed and sharp edges.
    • When the pit pressure is finished, the depth of crimping must be exactly similar to the male mold’s press-in part. Ensure that the pit bottom is flat and remained undamaged.

    If these two things are good, it means the aluminum compression connector is successfully installed.

    Q10. Why is it Necessary to Install the Aluminum Compression Connector Tightly?

    It is very important to tightly connect the cable joint with electrical equipment.

    A reliable but tight and firm installation connection makes sure that the entire circuit is operating normally.

    If in case, the installation gets loose at any point, heat is easily generated in the entire circuit as well as the aluminum compression connectors.

    This leads to serious consequences including short-circuiting.

    Q11. Why Aluminum is a Suitable Manufacturing Material for Aluminum Compression Connector? 

    Aluminum is an exceptionally excellent material for making hundreds of electrical accessories, connectors, and fittings.

    Its alloy is equally beneficial as a manufacturing material because of certain metal contents and good impurities.

    Aluminum is used because of the following reasons:

    • Its density is pretty low but has mechanical hardness.
    • Aluminum is non-magnetic. It does not attract materials towards it.
    • It is highly thermostable means it can bear harsh temperatures as well.
    • The anti-corrosion property of aluminum is prominent which makes it an excellent choice to manufacture compression connectors.
    • Being malleable, it has the ability to forge into different shapes and structures.
    • It is non-toxic and non-sparking as well.

    Q12. What Are Some Technical Requirements of Aluminum Compression Connectors? 

    There are few technical requirements of Rayphen aluminum compression connectors that must be followed such as:

    • There should be proper markings on the compression connector.
    • The dimension of the aluminum compression connector matched some standard values.
    • All the compression connectors must follow quality control standards during manufacturing.

    Keeping these technical measures in mind while aluminum compression connector manufacturing will save you money and time.

    Q13. How to Choose the Appropriate Aluminum Compression Connector for Installation?

    Choosing a perfect aluminum compression connector is quite important for growing your business.

    There are various points that you need to consider before making a purchase. These points are as under:

    • There should be compatibility between the conductor and Rayphen aluminum compression connector.
    • Choose an aluminum compression connector having the right dimensions with the conductor.
    • Always get the appropriate tool for crimping or compression if necessary.
    • Consider the application for which you are buying an aluminum compression connector.
    • Ensure high-quality aluminum is used for the manufacturing of aluminum compression connectors.

    If you consider all these points, surely you will get the perfect aluminum compression connector.

    Q14. Is it Necessary to Crimp Aluminum Compression Connector? 

    Yes, it is essential to crimp an aluminum compression connector for installation.

    Like some other connectors, the aluminum compression connector does not have bolts or other elements to get attached.

    Therefore, crimping the flat aluminum compression surface is necessary to keep it intact with the conductors.

    You can compression press the Rayphen aluminum compression connector that serves the same purpose as crimping.

    Q15. Can You Use Aluminum Compression Connector for High Voltage Lines? 

    Yes, using an aluminum compression connector for high voltage lines is completely fine.

    These compression connectors are highly suitable for all voltage ranges because of their reliable and thermostable manufacturing material.

    The aluminum compression connector is capable of conducting high voltage of 11kV to 33kV.

    Therefore, it has so many applications in electrical cable connections and the electrical industry.

    Q16. What is the Function of Solid Stop in Aluminum Compression Connector? 

    The solid stop is an important part of the aluminum compression connector.

    It is mainly present to increase the efficiency of cable insertion into the central part of the aluminum compression connector.

    The diameter of the Rayphen aluminum compression connector is large as compared to conductors.

    It means they need central support to get fixed to the connector.

    This solid stop assists in making the insertion firm and correct so that the cable gets matched to an aluminum compression connector.

    Proper cable insertion is the key to a reliable connection. Hence, it is imperative that the Rayphen aluminum compression connector you are buying have a proper solid stop.

    To maintain a solid stop, anti-oxidant application and cleaning are very important before installation.

    This will ensure not only better installation but also protect the accessory from corrosion.

    Q17. What is Aluminum Compression Connector Price? 

    The approximate price of an aluminum compression connector is US$1.00-US$100.00.

    It all depends on the quality of the aluminum compression connector.

    Like most cable connectors, the pricing is dependent on the manufacturers, material of manufacturing, size, and various other factors.

    Likewise, copper compression connectors also have the same pricing formula.

    Q18. Can You Buy Aluminum Compression Connector in Various Sizes? 

    Yes, you can purchase a lot of Rayphen aluminum compression connectors in various sizes.

    It has made it pretty easy for all the buyers to get the product of their actual demand.

    Now, they ask for various dimensions and fortunately are able to get them too.

    Different Sizes of Aluminum Compression Connectors                                                        Figure4  Different Sizes of Aluminum Compression Connectors

    Just ensure that the size of the aluminum compression connector must be compatible with the size of the conductor.

    Also, the application is an important factor to consider.

    Q19. Can You Use Aluminum Compression Connector for Copper Cables?

    No, there is no way you can use a Rayphen aluminum compression connector for copper cables and conductors.

    This is specifically because of the incompatibility of the material between the aluminum compression connector and copper conductor.

    It works best with all the aluminum conductors.

    However, for copper cables and conductors, you need copper compression conductors.

    Q20. Is it Reliable to Use Aluminum Compression Connector for Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)?

    Yes, it is completely safe to use an aluminum compression connector for making a connection with optical ground wires (OPGW). However, using an aluminum lug with OPGW is more suitable.

    They are made for high low, medium, and high voltage conductors along with optical ground wires.

    Besides optical ground wire (OPGW), it also has a brilliant output with ADSS cables.

    Q21. Can You Use Aluminum Compression Connector for Switch Cabinets? 

    The answer is yes, you can use the Rayphen aluminum compression connector for switch cabinets.

    Switch cabinets provide very little space to the cable joints but the aluminum compression connector makes its way to the cabinet easily.

    Switch Cabinet                                                             Figure 5 Switch Cabinet

    It is used in aluminum-oriented switch cabinets as they distribute or transmit power to electrical devices.

    Therefore, you can choose an appropriately sized aluminum compression connector for this purpose.

    However, you can always go for narrow-headed aluminum cable lugs for a better experience.

    They always come in handy during such situations.

    Q22. What are the Precautions to Connect Aluminum Compression Connector with Conductor?  

    These are some of the precautions to keep in mind while making a cable connection through an aluminum compression connector.

    • Check the size compatibility of both conductors with the aluminum compression connector. If it is not right, change it immediately.
    • Always begin with reading the user manual provided by the aluminum compression connector manufacturer Rayphen.
    • There should be needed crimping only. Do not over-crimp it nor under-crimp the aluminum compression connector.
    • The material of the conductor should be matching with the aluminum compression connector. Use aluminum conductor only with aluminum compression connector.
    • It is for extra safety to switch off the power while installing an aluminum compression connector.

    Q23. How to Protect Aluminum Compression Connector from External Damage?  

    There are so fewer chances of the Rayphen aluminum compression connector getting damaged.

    The aluminum compression connectors are long-lasting and rarely get damaged during their use.

    However, sometimes it may happen that during installation, improper crimping takes place.

    These ways can cause damage to the compression electrical connectors.

    Ensure to use proper standard tools for crimping and installation.

    Cleaning before installation is another good thing that you can do for the safety of the aluminum compression connector.

    Q24. Is it Possible to Use Aluminum Compression Connector in an Aggressive Environment?  

    Yes, aluminum compression connectors can be used in aggressive environments.

    As you know that the Rayphen aluminum compression connectors are designed for high voltage as well.

    They cope up with the challenges of harsh electric conditions as well as harsh climatic conditions because of the high-quality 99.5% pure aluminum manufacturing material.

    This compression electrical connector has an acid-cleaned surface that makes it suitable for severe conditions too.

    Q25. Can You Use Aluminum Compression Connector for Aerial Bundled Cables (ABC)?  

    No, you cannot use an aluminum compression connector for aerial bundled cables (ABC).

    Aerial bundled cables belong to the category of overhead lines.

    The Rayphen aluminum compression connector is not an aerial or overhead electrical fitting.

    Hence, it does not fulfill the criteria of using it with aerial bundled cables ABC.

    Instead, you can always choose a good quality pre-insulated lug and sleeve for aerial bundled cables.

    Q26. How to Repair a Damaged Aluminum Compression Connector?  

    Repairing a damaged aluminum compression connector is not possible.

    Once you install an aluminum compression connector, there is no going back because of the crimping.

    Compression through compression dies with tool totally alters the shape of the product.

    Q27. In What Ways Can You Check the Quality of Aluminum Compression Connector? 

    There are the following few points through which you can visually check whether your Rayphen aluminum compression connector is of good quality or not.

    These points are as follows:

    • The surface of the aluminum compression connector is acid cleaned to prevent it from different external factors.
    • It is composed of 99.5% pure aluminum.
    • It should have a burr-free and smooth surface.
    • See if the edges and ends of the aluminum compression connector are not sharp.
    • The product you are getting is made under strict quality control checks.
    • Check if the dimensions of the compression electrical connector are according to your saying or not.
    • It must be robust and sturdy.

    All these points will visually tell you the quality of the aluminum compression connector you are getting.

    Q28. How Can You Improve the Aluminum Compression Working Efficiency? 

    It is necessary to maintain the health of the working Rayphen aluminum compression connector.

    This thing not only increases the service life of the compression electrical connector but also makes it more efficient.

    For this purpose, you need to clean the cable conductor before installation with an aluminum compression connector.

    Secondly, crimping with an appropriate tool is the key element that improves the working efficiency of the Rayphen aluminum compression connector.

    Q29. Is There Any Alternative to Aluminum Compression Connector? 

    No, there is no alternative to the Rayphen aluminum compression connector.

    An aluminum compression connector is a reliable cable connector that performs its function brilliantly.

    So, you cannot use other connectors in place of the aluminum compression connector.

    Q30. Can You Use Aluminum Compression Connector for ADSS? 

    No, you cannot use an aluminum compression connector for ADSS cables.

    ADSS cables are a good and economical alternative to optical ground wires (OPGW).

    These are designed for cable conductors other than aluminum compression connectors.

    You can completely rely on mid span joint for ADSS but not aluminum compression connector.

    Q31. How Can You Get Customized Aluminum Compression Connector?

    Well, there is a great customization opportunity at Rayphen.

    You can contact the manufacturer and tell them your demands and requirements.

    Also, tell for which application you are getting the aluminum compression connector.

    The customized order is made with care and delivered to you on time.

    Bulk orders are preferably welcomed if you are giving customized orders.

    The manufacturers pack the aluminum compression connector with care and carefully place them in boxes.

    Q32. Can You Install Aluminum Compression Connector to Multicore Cables?

    Yes, you can definitely use Rayphen aluminum compression connector with multicore cables.

    They are suitable for single-core cables as well.

    Multicore cables have more wire strands than a single core ones.

    But it is not a problem for aluminum compression connectors.

    Q33. Is it Possible to Replace an Aluminum Compression Connector?

    Yes, you can replace a damaged aluminum compression connector from any setup.

    But there are so many fewer chances of aluminum compression connectors getting damaged.

    Usually, they are long-lasting cable joints because an antioxidant compound is already filled in them from the manufacturers Rayphen.

    Also, the manufacturing material of the aluminum compression connector is pure aluminum (99.5%).

    It makes them even more invulnerable from getting corrosion and other damages.

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