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Rayphen, with 14 years of experience, supplies a high quality extensive range of anchoring aerial clamps in China.

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Grow Your Business Through High Quality Rayphen Anchoring Clamp

Rayphen offers you a variety of genuine anchor clamp for all your needs. Have a look!

Aluminum Anchoring Clamp(clamp anchor)

Depending on the application, Rayphen supplies a variety of anchoring clamp for aerial bundled cables. This aluminum aerial cable clamp has high resistance against climatic conditions and corrosion.

With NFC-041 compliance, the Rayphen aluminum anchoring clamp for cables provides double insulation. Contact us for more.

Low Voltage Anchoring Clamp for Insulated AB Cables

A vast range of Rayphen anchoring clamp for LV AB cables is available. Insulated low voltage aerial bundled cables are highly compatible with Rayphen aerial clamp. It is ideal for multiple conductors. The insulation function is perfect and has the most effortless installation.

The anchoring clamp for LV AB cables is manufactured according to the NFC33-042 standard. It is manufactured according to the NFC33-042 standard. And we will supply you with high performance anchoring clamp to connect your LV AB cables

4-Core Anchoring Clamp for ABC with Hook

Excellent anchor clamp for ABC cable having 4-cores. It comes with a hook fitting and has a robust spring system. Rayphen 4-core cable anchoring clamp for AB cable is weather resistant.

The anchor Clamp is made from genuine materials such as aluminum alloy, plastic, and fine quality fiberglass. In the meantime, Rayphen can customize your ideal Anchoring Clamp at an affordable price.

NXL Wedge Aluminum Alloy Anchoring Clamp

Rayphen provides NXL series of wedge-shaped anchoring clamps for 1kV and 10kV aerial lines. It fixes the insulating lead of aerial connections. Depending on the application, a range of plastic wedge anchor clamp is available.

If you are looking for a reliable anchoring clamp supplier in the market? Rayphen is a good choice for you.

JNS 4-Core Collecting Anchoring Clamp

JNS collecting anchoring clamp is ideal for multi-core cables. JNS series allows 2 to 4 cores through it and perfect for 1kV lines. Rayphen JNS aerial cable clamp is manufactured to use at the insulation ends of various conductors.

Rayphen anchoring clamp offers simple installation performance and excellent connection. Contact us for more.

More Details about Rayphen Overhead Line Fittings

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    Anchoring Clamp

    Let Rayphen Be a Part of Your Successful Business

    In China, Rayphen is the most trusted supplier and manufacturer of top-notch anchor clamp for ABC cable. Various quality products are available here, such as aluminum anchor clamp for AB cable, LV anchoring clamp for insulated AB cables, anchoring clamp for 4-core ABC with hook, etc.

    You can find excellent and high-quality anchoring clamps in Rayphen. The aluminum anchoring clamp is perfect for almost every application.

    Rayphen cable anchoring clamp is suitable against corrosion and climatic factors. Also, it provides reasonably secure clamping to AB cables and overhead connections.

    Over 200 clients globally

    Rayphen anchoring clamp suppliers sell to over 200 clients worldwide and are a part of major power projects.

    Quality Raw Manufacturing Material

    Rayphen believes in using the finest quality of raw material for making cable anchoring clamp.

    14 Years of Experience

    Rayphen has supplied and manufacturing experience of 14+ years.

    Quality Control Compliance

    The anchor clamp from Rayphen meets the requirement of quality control before delivery. Rayphen makes sure every piece has 100% quality compliance.

    Rayphen Anchoring Clamp

    An anchor clamp for AB cable is fitting for overhead lines. Rayphen offers so many classic features in aerial cable clamp such as

    • Extensive range
    • Corrosion-free
    • Ideal for AB cables
    • Easy installation
    • Standard compliance
    • Applicable to LV aerial bundled cables

    The anchor clamp for ABC cable by Rayphen has various series such as JNS, NXL, aluminum anchoring clamps, anchoring clamp for multi-core AB cables, anchoring clamp for LV cables, etc.

    All these types are made of the best quality material according to the standard specification and safety control. Rayphen aerial cable clamp is perfect for all ACSR conductors.

    Rayphen supplies temperature tolerant aerial clamps. They provide full functioning at high temperatures and extreme weather conditions.

    Having manufacturing experience of 14 years, Rayphen believes in producing quality anchor clamp for AB cable and overhead lines at affordable prices.

    You can put your trust in Rayphen and can also ask for a customized anchoring clamp according to your demand.

    We believe in customer’s satisfaction and make the best cable anchoring clamp across China under strict standard conditions.

    The hot-dip galvanization technology gives excellent and smooth finishing to Rayphen anchoring clamps.

    If you truly want to take your business to the next level, Rayphen is your partner in success as we supply different clamps, including the best anchor clamp.

    Contact us now and cherish a wonderful experience!

    Anchoring Clamp FAQs- The Ultimate Guide

    Do you know any hardware fittings offering single anchoring? Do you know which hardware is included in this category? Well, if you don’t know, we will tell you about one of the many hardware fittings bearing single anchoring. That is the Anchoring Clamp.

    As the name indicates, an Anchoring clamp bears the anchoring or strain or pressure of the load of the cable to which it gets connected. In this guide, we will answer all your queries regarding anchoring clamps. You will get to know the installation procedure, components of anchoring clamp, price range, characteristics and how you can select the suitable anchoring clamp, including so much other information.

    Have patience and get along!

    Q1. What is Anchoring Clamp?

    Rayphen Anchoring clamp is a very simple electrical hardware that attaches the aerial cables, whether insulated or non-insulated, to some support.

    Its design allows to transmit adequate but required mechanical anchoring of cables to the conductor or support.

    The anchoring clamp provides a connection to insulators of different conductors as well.

    An anchoring clamp is known chiefly as a dead-end type of strain clamp.

    Anchoring Clamp                                                                   Figure 1 Anchoring Clamp

    You can also ask for a quadrant strain clamp if you want to get the anchoring clamp.

    The anchoring clamp is mainly for distribution lines and overhead lines.

    The good thing about these Rayphen anchoring clamps is that you cannot only use them to support conductors of straight wire sections but also the twisted ones for four cores cables too.

    They can create an angle less than and equals to 90 degrees when they support a conductor of the twisted section.

    The clamps come in different sizes offering reliability and safety.

    Q2. What are the Benefits of Anchoring Clamp?

    Anchoring clamp is undoubtedly one of the most used power line fittings.

    The benefits of an anchoring clamp are as under:

    • It is lightweight and a very compact electrical product.
    • Anchoring clamps provide an easy and very safe dead ending.
    • Its installation is very quick (only a few seconds).
    • Its bail provides extra safety to wires.

    Q3. What is the Use of Anchoring Clamp?

    Anchoring clamp finds its application in the telecommunication and electrical industries.

    But do you know what exactly is the use of anchoring clamps in these industries?

    Well, here are some of the primary benefits of an anchoring clamp.

    1. Conductor Protection

    Anchoring clamp designs allow the accessory to give maximum protection to the conductor.

    At the point of installation loads, the anchoring clamp gives high protection to the conductors.

    1. Strong Connection

    The primary use of Rayphen anchoring clamp is to provide mechanically strong connections.

    These connections are pretty safe.

    Anchoring clamps provide safe connections to not only cables having longitudinal anchoring but also maximum loads.

    1. Conductor Movement Limitation

    As you know that the transmission lines and conductors experience different environmental conditions like storms, winds, rain, and much more.

    It appears a lot of times when due to strong winds, the conductors change their position.

    This condition might cause transmission line failures and faults.

    Rayphen anchoring clamps not only provide connections but also limit the change of position of the conductors due to winds and other factors.

    This saves many electrical failures and keeps the flow of current smooth and steady.

    Q4. Write Some Applications of Anchoring Clamp?

    The Rayphen anchoring clamp has various applications.

    Some of them are:

    • Provides dead ending at the ends of the poles
    • Offers double dead ending to jointing poles
    • Provides double anchoring at poles located in hilly areas

    Q5. What are Various Types of Anchoring Clamp?

    Do you really need an anchoring clamp that works perfectly?

    But didn’t know which type to get.

    Rayphen offers different types of anchoring clamps that work according to your desire.

    These types are different on the basis of the difference in the designs.

    1. Wedge Anchoring Clamp

    You can clearly see a wedge type anchoring clamp at substations, distribution lines, and overhead lines.

    They are wedge type because their conductor clamping style is due to a phenomenon, wedge action.

    What it does is, changing the anchoring load of the conductor into a clamping compressive load.

    The movement of the wedge longitudinally increases with the increment of anchoring load.

    Consequently, the force of clamping and strength also increases.

    In wedge anchoring clamps, you can reduce friction by providing lubrication.

    This is necessary because less friction means a more powerful grip of the clamp.

    These clamps may have a jumper, or they have not.

    The anchoring clamp forged bodies are in connection with the help of screws.

    1. High-Temperature Tolerant Anchoring Clamp

    This type of anchoring clamp has not a unique style or design.

    It is more temperature tolerant with the basic standard Rayphen anchoring clamp body and features.

    Without having any effect on conduction, these anchoring clamps can bear a considerable temperature.

    1. Cone Anchoring Clamp

    The mechanism of working or the working principle of cone type anchoring clamp is similar to wedge type.

    The difference between the two clamps is that in the wedge anchoring clamp, the force of clamping is through the wedge.

    Whereas, if you talk about cone anchoring clamp, the clamping force is through the cone.

    The cone may work under a jumper connection, or it may not.

    Q6. How to Install Anchoring Clamp Accurately?

    The installation of an anchoring clamp is not a tricky and challenging phenomenon.

    It is pretty easy to connect anchoring clamps with cables and conductors.

    Simple installation steps are as under.

    • Open the screws of the anchoring clamp.
    • Pass the cable through its grooves.
    • These grooves vary in number.
    • Usually, they are four in number having four screws.
    • With the help of a socket wrench, tighten the screws.
    • Manually check the nuts if they are tight or not.
    • Make sure to put adequate torque while tightening the nuts.

    You see how easy is the installation process of Rayphen anchoring clamp.

    You can easily purchase the anchoring clamp of your choice from a reliable source.

    The product you get will come with an installation manual.

    It includes a user guide as well to make you easily understand the product.

    Q7. How to Determine the Accurate Breaking Load for Anchoring Clamp?

    The determination of breaking load is imperative for the accurate functioning of electrical accessories.

    So is the case with Rayphen anchoring clamp.

    The design and construction of the anchoring clamp determine the breaking load of the anchoring clamp.

    As design matters a lot in the functioning of an anchoring clamp.

    They have different types having different values of breaking load-dependent on design.

    Q8. What are the Parts of an Anchoring Clamp?

    Rayphen anchoring clamp seems like a one-unit accessory.

    But it certainly is not.

    It comprises different parts or components.

    Each part has a specific function, and the Anchoring clamp cannot work without any of these parts.

    In this section, we will tell you about the parts of the anchoring clamp.

    1. Main body

    The main component of an anchoring clamp.

    It holds the cables of overhead lines.

    1. Washers

    The part adjacent to the main body is washers.

    It protects the conductor surface when the screws are tightened through the socket wrench.

    1. Thread Inserts

    These tiny components of the anchoring clamp are known as threaded bushes too.

    Their role is of the fastening sort.

    They insert a hole (threaded) in different objects.

    1. Straps

    It is an essential component of an anchoring clamp.

    1. Nuts and Bolts

    They are necessary parts of any electrical device, gadget, and accessories.

    Their job is to complete the connection between different objects.

    Q9. Can You Use Anchoring Clamp for Earth Wire?

    Yes, gladly, you can use an anchoring clamp for earth wires.

    Rayphen anchoring clamp makes an excellent choice when it comes to using for earth wires.

    Earth wires provide current to the ground.

    The primary purpose of these earth wires is to keep a neutral connection in order to be safe from electrical mishaps.

    The idea is to ground the current so that in unfortunate circumstances current does not flow through people coming in contact.

    Instead, it goes to the ground and becomes neutral.

    You can use them for 1kV up to 10kV load-bearing earth wires.

    The design and jumper connection provides enough area for earth wires without any slippage.

    The working of earth wire will be regular and without any vibrations, if you use anchoring clamps.

    Earthing is necessary and Rayphen anchoring clamp is an excellent choice for linking the earth conductor and wire.

    Q10. Is Anchoring Clamp and Preformed Anchoring Clamp Same?

    No, there is nothing common between the anchoring clamp and the preformed anchoring clamp.

    Anchoring clamp belongs to the category of power fittings.

    On the contrary, the preformed anchoring clamp belongs to the cable accessories category.

    Though their name is quite similar yet they have different functions.

    The shape and structure of the preformed anchoring clamp are quite different.

    Preformed anchoring clamps do not have a wedge.

    It does not contain nuts and bolts rather it is twisted on the wires while application.

    Preformed Anchoring Clamp                                                                              Figure 2 Preformed Anchoring Clamp

    Q11. Which Materials are Used to Manufacture Anchoring Clamp?

    The anchoring clamp is rigid and reliable.

    But do you guess which materials they are made of?

    Well, let us tell in detail about the materials.

    The materials for Rayphen anchoring clamp manufacturing are as follows.

    • Aluminum Alloy

    Aluminum is such a good conductor and is highly best-quality.

    It gives the body stature and is free of corrosion.

    It is super pliable and has thermostable properties.

    Aluminum alloys are also a good manufacturing material if they fulfill the criteria.

    Aluminium Alloy Anchoring Clamp

    Figure 3 Aluminum Alloy Anchoring Clamp

    • PA66 Fiber Glass

    Fiberglass is a weather-resistant thermoplastic material.

    It is protective against UV radiations coming from the sun.

    Fiber glass is mainly known for lightweight and insulated products.

    The wedges are thermoplastic and very securely locked.

    Fiberglass Anchoring Clamp

    Figure 4 Fiber Glass Anchoring Clamp 

    • Mild Steel, Nylon Plus Fiber Glass PA66

    Mild steel is a highly ductile form of steel.

    Its impact strength is very high.

    When it gets mixed with nylon, forms an excellent magnetic material for anchoring clamp.

    It is because of the content of iron.

    Mild steel, nylon and fiber glass all three materials mix together in a good proportion and enhances the malleability property on the whole.

    Mild Steel Anchoring Clamp

    Figure 5 Mild Steel Anchoring Clamp

    Q12. Is Waterproof Anchoring Clamp Available to Buy?

    Yes, Rayphen anchoring clamps are 100% waterproof.

    They have no action of rain and suspended water vapors in the air.

    You can easily purchase them by visiting the website.

    As the anchoring clamp is mainly for overhead lines, the humidity factor always remains.

    To cope with the situation, anchoring clamps are now waterproof.

    They provide safety during rains, storms, and other climatic conditions.

    All series of anchoring clamps show the waterproof property.

    Q13. Can You Use Anchoring Clamp for Overhead Lines?

    The anchoring is actually ideal for overhead line applications.

    You can clearly see an anchoring clamp over distribution line substations and aerial bundled cables.

    They not only support the straight part conductors but also give protection and connection to the twisted part conductors.

    Anchoring Clamp for Overhead Line

    Figure 6 Anchoring Clamp for Overhead Line

    Overhead lines are in many forms.

    You can use an anchoring clamp for telecommunication lines, utility poles, or power lines.

    It is 100% suitable for all types of overhead connections.

    Q14. How Do You Choose the Correct Anchoring Clamp?

    Choosing a suitable anchoring clamp sometimes gets tricky.

    This is mainly because there are so many options available in front of your eyes.

    You get confused about which product is authentic and which is not.

    To solve this problem, we have pointed out some of the key features to look at in Rayphen anchoring clamp.

    These characteristics will allow you to select the correct anchoring clamp.

    1. Look for the appropriate design.
    2. Check the materials of manufacturing.
    3. Analyze the dimensions of the anchoring clamp.
    4. Ensure the product is meeting the standard and is showing compliance.

    Before purchasing an anchoring clamp, check all these four things and also consider the application for which you are buying it.

    Measuring the diameter of wires and cables always comes in handy before buying.

    It will make you buy the anchoring clamp of the appropriate size.

    Q15. Anchoring Clamp is Suitable for Which Type of Conductors?

    Rayphen wedge anchoring clamp is ideal to use for all types of aluminum conductors and ACSR conductors.

    It is a highly reliable power fitting that provides not only safety but strong connection also.

    The manufacturers believe in customer satisfaction and quality service.

    Hence, provides an anchoring clamp for all conductors.

    Q16. What is the Application of Anchoring Clamp?

    Different types of anchoring clamps have different applications and functions.

    Here, you will get to know the applications of anchoring clamps one by one.

    A dead-end Anchoring clamp is used to suspend conductors on insulators (string type).

    At average temperature, the Rayphen anchoring clamp serves as a suspension clamp.

    In case of electrical failure, they work as anchoring clamps.

    Wedge Anchoring clamp is applicable to provide anchoring of all ACSR, AAAC, and AAC conductors of overhead lines.

    A compression Anchoring clamp is suitable for the provide anchoring to ACSRs.

    Fun Fact: You can use Rayphen anchoring clamp for earth wires, shield wires, insulated wires, and non-insulated wires as well.

    Q17. How to Determine the Design of Anchoring Clamp?

    You can determine the design of the anchoring clamp on the basis of the application and the diameter of the cable.

    According to the dimensions of the cable to which you are attaching the clamp, the correct design is selected.

    Rayphen anchoring clamp comes in different specifications suitable for the load of 1 kV to 10 kV.

    Q18. Is Anchoring Clamp Weather Resistant?

    Rayphen anchoring clamp is 100% weather resistant.

    The hot-dip galvanized aluminum acts as a perfect insulator for water.

    In the rainy season, these clamps make an extraordinary fitting keeping the current flow smooth and steady.

    It prevents corrosion from coming.

    You can also make it weatherproof by applying grease (oxide inhibitors).

    Q19. Is it Reliable to Use Anchoring Clamp for Fiber Optic Cable?

    Fittings for fiber optic cables are universal devices for connecting wire lines, building facades, power cable entry connections, bare wire connections while shifting to the self-supporting line.

    During cable operation and installation, choosing accurate fittings is essential, mainly clamps.

    Rayphen anchoring clamp of different types is ideal for assisting in the establishment of fiber optic networks.

    These clamps estimate a load of cable anchoring during normal conditions or during a cold or wet climate.

    Anchoring clamp for Optic Fiber Cable

    Figure 7 Anchoring Clamp for Fiber Optic Cables

    After estimation, this anchoring clamp takes the load of the cable’s anchoring.

    They make sure that the cable termination strength is 90%, at least as the breaking strength calculated of the cable.

    The working principle of anchoring clamp in fiber optic network construction is due to wire tightening through a wedge of the clamp.

    They offer reliable and robust connections.

    They are resistant to weather and are durable.

    The anchoring clamp secures the cables without stripping off the cable peel.

    Q20: Can You Use Anchoring Clamp for ADSS Cables?

    Yes, you can use an anchoring clamp for ADSS cables.

    The lashing of the anchoring clamp holds the ADSS cables around the spans.

    The straps of the lashing make the ends of the ADSS cables prominent.

    It is all because of the detachable nature of the ADSS cable.

    It is ideal to use an anchoring clamp for different supports.

    Q21. Can You Use Anchoring Clamp for Shield Wire?

    Yes, you can use an anchoring camp for shield wires.

    However, the shield wires do not bend to a greater extend.

    Non-shield wires bend and twist to a greater degree and offer a more reliable connection when linked with anchoring clamps.

    You can purchase Rayphen anchoring clamps for a better experience with shield wires.

    Q22. Is Anchoring Clamp for Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Cables Available?

    Premium quality Rayphen anchoring clamps suitable for low voltage cables are available.

    Anchoring clamp for LV aerial bundled cables are fast, efficient, and have an easy installation procedure.

    Its installation only needs simple tools yet it works efficiently.

    Anchoring clamp is used for supporting low voltage cables of concrete, wooden, and metal poles.

    Low voltage aerial bundled cables (ABC) can be seen on transmission lines, overhead lines, telecommunication lines, and main power lines.

    Q23. For Which Altitude Wedge Shaped Anchoring Clamp is Suitable?

    Wedge type anchoring clamp has a very reasonable shape and structure.

    It is pretty rapid and easy to install high up to the overhead lines.

    These clamps are highly ideal to use for aerial lines and power lines lying 8-18 feet from the surface of the ground.

    Maintaining this height is necessary to prevent any calamity and to keep the people safe.

    For main power transmission lines, the altitude can be more than 18 feet.

    The Rayphen anchoring clamp works efficiently in that altitude as well.

    Q24. What Should be the Appropriate Cable Diameter for Anchoring Clamp?

    Rayphen anchoring clamp is appropriate for cables of 1.6mm2 to 240mm2.

    The range for cable diameter is different for different types.

    Some clamps are applicable to 16mm2-35mm2 while others to 185mm2-240mm2 diameter cables.

    The cable grooves and design ensure safe clamping for earth wires and shield wires.

    Anchoring clamp is suitable for earth wires of 16mm2.

    Now, different cable diameter applications diversify the usage of anchoring clamps.

    It makes it one of the high-end line hardware fittings.

    Q25. Is the Anchoring Clamp Fireproof?

    Fireproof power fittings are necessary for the safety of electrical networks.

    If due to explosion or sparking, the fire appears.

    This could be dangerous for the entire area and the people.

    Using the correct fireproof anchoring clamp is imperative.

    Rayphen anchoring clamps are entirely fireproof.

    They offer total protection to the connections, and the overhead lines become safe.

    It is wise to use a fireproof anchoring clamp that is easily removed from the lines after use.

    But you cannot reuse the anchoring clamp.

    Hot-dip galvanization makes the anchoring clamp water-resistant.

    It means no moisture and ultimately no sparking or leakage of current.

    Sparking is the leading cause of a fire explosion.

    If you reduce the chance of sparking by using an anchoring clamp, it will be beneficial in every way.

    Q26. What is the Failure Load of Anchoring Clamp?

    The anchoring clamp bearing maximum failure load is the best one to use.

    Failure load is actually the load that is enough to break the structure of electrical gadgets or devices.

    You cannot put pressure more than the value of failure load on devices.

    Rayphen anchoring clamps absorb maximum heat and allow smooth and steady current to flow.

    All these anchoring clamps come with written failure loads so that you have an idea about the failure pressure value.

    Different series of anchoring clamp bears different values of failure loads.

    For instance, HWA 16-35/4 anchoring clamp has a breaking load value of 2/4.

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