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Why Rayphen Armor Rod

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The Best Armor Rods for ACSR by Rayphen to Upgrade Your Company

Rayphen has a name in the pole line hardware manufacturing and supplying industry. It is making products that are reliable to use and perform better under harsh conditions. We implement the same qualities in our preformed armor rods too. They are made with excellent material to ensure maximum performance and quality. These preformed armor rods are compatible with ACSR conductors and can fix the bending and abrasions of a cable. All of them are made with care and through advanced technology parameters. We have multiple types of armor rods. Have a look at the collection!

Preformed Armor Rods Transmission Line

Specifically designed for transmission lines, the Rayphen armor rod is color-coded. The color codes identify the correct size of the transmission line conductors. It gives reliable grip and maximum repair properties to armor rods for ACSR. There is a vibration protection feature in these armor rods transmission lines by Raphen. Such preformed armor rods are easily accessible and corrosion-proof. The Rayphen armor rod restores the strength of the conductor when the damage or deformation is less than 50%. These preformed armor rods are ideal for high voltages and extra-high voltage also. Another property of this Rayphen product is that they are affordable and market-competitive. You can also ask for the customized size of this model from us. For that purpose, contact us now so that we can make the armor rod for ACSR the way you want!

Armor grip suspension

Armor grip suspension is also known as prepared suspension clamp or AGS suspension clamp. The product is a perfect blend of aluminum-clad material, rubber, and armor grip.

There are bolts and nuts that offer support and protection to the ADSS/OPGW cables from breaking damage. Rayphen armor grip suspension may be customized with a variety of wire numbers, cable sizes, wire raw materials, and armor grip suspension unique designs to precisely complement the grip strength, range, and cable type needs. Armor grip suspension can be composed of galvanized iron or steel, depending on the specific application. They are available in a range of sizes. They are perfect for AAAC, galvanized steel conductors, ACSR, and Fir ACC. Contact us for more information regarding guy grip armor rods!

More Details Regarding Rayphen Armor Rod

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    Let Rayphen Armor Rod Your Next Prominent Business Product

    An armor rod from Rayphen is the ultimate solution for damaged and deformed cables, whether on high voltage lines or lower ones.

    Electrical, telecommunications, and construction projects are the most common areas where you can use them.

    Rayphen armour rod in transmission line has a certified strength of at least 95% of the conductor value on which they are employed.

    They can also be used to restore the mechanical strength and conductance of conductors.

    Armor rod attachments can be used on aluminum conductors, ACSC, and ACSR conductors in most circumstances.

    Our preformed armor rods, in a nutshell, play an important function in the installation of transmission and distribution networks.

    There are various sizes and diameters we offer in armor rods to ease your confusion in selecting the appropriate one for your application.

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    200 International Clients

    Rayphen has 200 customers in every region of the world and not just in China. They all trust us with our preformed armor rods having the best qualities.

    Fine Raw Material

    After evaluating the raw materials, we select the best one for manufacturing armor rods for ACSR conductors because this factor determines the efficiency of the product.

    Experience of 14+ Years

    Armor rod manufacturing is nothing new to us as we have been working in pole line hardware manufacturing for 14+ years.

    Compliance with Quality Control Standards

    Rayphen strictly follows all rules and regulations for manufacturing and supplying preformed armor rods for ACSR, hence guaranteeing full-fledged performance.

    Rayphen Armor Rod

    There are other names for armor rod as well. They are amour rod and rod armor.

    Rayphen armour rods are used in the transmission power lines and distribution lines for preformed armor rods.

    They are the best protectors of the cables from different situations, be it twisting or any stress, including flash-over.

    It becomes pretty hard to utilize different conductors within transmission lines whenever there are twists in them.

    So, if you are wishing to improve transmission line performance, investing in a good-quality armour rod transmission line is a must.

    For the structural integrity of conductors, these armor rods are the best choice.

    Such pole line hardware by Rayphen can restore 100% of the conductivity and durability of an ACSR or aluminum conductor if not more than 50% of the outer strands are damaged.

    Rayphen armor rods for ACSR are made with genuine quality aluminum wire, wrapped wire, and steel wire (galvanized).

    You can always select the manufacturing material of the armour rod in transmission line as per the material of the conductor because it gives excellent compatibility between both.

    This is the primary reason that prevents rusting or corrosion between ground rod and conductor because the material of both should be the same

    There is a color differentiation in our armour rod which makes it easy to identify the size accurately.

    Armor rods by Rayphen have manufacturing material that is pretty compatible with different kinds of conductors, be it ground wires or suspension clamps.

    Rayphen ground rods have a strong gripping as they tightly grasp the conductors with them.

    The armor rods for ACSR are quick to install and there is no requirement for special tools and gadgets.

    Our customers can pick up the length of rods they want, which means we are readily available for customization.

    We have two types of armor rods; one for phase conductors and the other one for overhead ground wires.

    Their manufacturing material is different from one other.

    The first one is of aluminum alloy whereas the second one is made of aluminum-covered steel.

    Rayphen can support various sizes of armor rods for ACSR as a competent manufacturer, distributor, and exporter.

    We also do customized armor rods.

    Get in touch with our staff if you have any queries or requests!


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