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All Rayphen Bimetal washer guarantee 100% inspection during the manufacturing method.

Why Rayphen Bimetal Washer

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All Rayphen Bimetal washers are flat for connecting aluminum conductor and copper conductor.

Bimetal Washer - Round

Rayphen bimetallic washer round type is composed of copper and aluminum. The ratio is 65% aluminum and 35% copper. Rayphen offers standard or non-standard special bimetallic washers. We provide a wide selection of bimetallic washer sizes for your choice. Just send us your bimetal washer needs.

Bimetal Washer - Square

At Rayphen, The thickness of the bimetallic washer is from 1mm to 3mm. And the bimetallic wahser size is from M3 to M100. At the same time, you can also customize bimetallic washer according to your special needs. You can purchase bimetallic washer  at a very affordable price.

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    RayphenBimetallic Washer

    Rayphen is a reliable manufacturer and supplier for approximately 14 years in China. We are focused in developing, designing, supplying, and manufacturing an excellent quality bimetallic washer.

    We are one of the leading manufacturers of bimetallic washer in China. We are manufacturing an extensive variety of bimetallic washer such as copper clad aluminum bimetallic washer, round bimetallic washer, square bimetallic washer, tin plated bi metal washer, bimetallic plate and many more.

    Rayphen bimetallic washer is available in a wide selection of shapes, designs, colors, sizes, and grades. They are manufactured with several benefits, features, and advantages that will work for a wide range of applications.

    To get more information about our bimetallic washer, contact us.

    Why Rayphen Bimetal Washer

    For nearly 14 years, Rayphen has been focused on manufacturing high-quality bimetallic products. We are professional in designing and providing a full range of bimetallic washer and bimetal plates.

    Rayphen is manufacturing bimetallic using the latest techniques and advanced equipment. All of our products went under the quality manufacturing processes and are designed and verified in accordance with international standards, and ISO9001 quality management systems.

    Our line of a bimetal washers is made of excellent quality copper and aluminum. They are manufactured from high-quality raw materials and are distributed all over the world to a wide range of companies.

    At Rayphen, We are equipped with expert and experienced engineers. Therefore, we guarantee you that our line of bimetallic washer products has a professional design, long-lasting life, outstanding performance, excellent quality, and durability.

    Rayphen bimetallic washer and bimetal plate are used for jointing or connection between aluminum conductor and copper conductor. A Bimetallic washer is used together with electrical components, bimetallic clamps, connectors, cable joints, cable lug, busbar, etc., and it is suitable for electric power, automotive industry, nuclear power, agricultural equipment, etc.

    Bi metal washer is an object that is a combination of two single metals joined together. Bimetal washers and plates are used for connections between aluminum and copper in order to avoid corrosion because it makes the connection ineffective and defective.

    Our bimetallic washer products are obtainable in different sizes, colors, designs, and other specifications.

    Also, we are capable of customizing bimetallic washers depending on your requirements. Just send us your designs, drawings, or layout.

    Rayphen manufactures a wide range of shapes of bimetallic washers such as a square bimetal washer and round bimetal washer. Our square bimetallic washer and round bimetallic washer also has a wide range of advantages such as excellent electrical conductivity, low contact resistance, excellent heat dissipation, thermal conductivity, and beautiful appearance.

    You can find a high-quality bimetallic washer at Rayphen. Purchase now and get it at a very affordable price!

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