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Why Rayphen Bimetallic Connectors

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Wide selection and options of Bimetallic connectors to meet your different needs!

GTL Bimetallic connectors

Rayphen GTL bimetallic connectors are made from copper and aluminum. These bimetallic connectors are connecting aluminum wire to copper wire, connecting copper wire to aluminum wire, or connecting stranded aluminum wire to copper.  For your bimetallic connectors needs, send us an inquiry now.

HBP Bimetal Connector

HBP bimetal connector is a kind of aluminum to copper wire connectors or copper to aluminum wire connectors. It is used for the termination of aluminum wire and transition to copper wire. Rayphen offers different sizes of bimetal connector for your choice. Also, Rayphen can customize your ideal bimetal connector at affordable prices.

Pin type Bi metal Connectors

The pin type bi metal connectors produced by Rayphen is specially designed for terminating cables to circuit breakers. They are for copper to aluminum electrical connections. The bi metal connectors are suitable for low voltage applications. They are available in different sizes to meet your copper to aluminum connectors needs’ and preferences.

MCB Bi metal Lugs Connectors

Rayphen bi metal lugs connectors are used for transition connection of aluminum alloy cable or aluminum cable with the copper end of MCB, MCCB. This bi metal connectors are suitable for low voltage. and the conductor size of bimetal connector is from 10mm2 to 120mm2. Send us an inquiry now. You can get our bi metal connectors at the best prices.

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    RayphenBimetallic Connectors

    Rayphen bimetallic connectors are a designed connection for copper and aluminum circular conductors, semi-circular sector conductors, and power cables. They are very useful in our daily use especially when it is used for power distribution devices.

    The conductive materials for the copper aluminum connectors are 99.6% purity of the aluminum barrel and 99.5% purity of copper palm.

    Moreover, Rayphen bimetallic connectors provide the ideal means of interconnecting aluminum and copper conductors while preventing any bimetallic corrosion.

    You can find different sizes of the bimetal connector in Rayphen. Get a high-quality copper aluminum connector in Rayphen, offered at very competitive prices!

    Sold to 200+ global customers

    You can easily find Rayphen bimetallic connectors in your country.

    Qualified raw materials

    Bimetallic connectors are made by qualified raw materials

    Over 14 Years' Experience

    14+ years of Bimetallic connectors production experience gives you more peace of mind.

    Strict QC system

    A complete set of perfect QC systems for Bimetallic connectors.

    Why Rayphen Bimetallic Connectors

    The Bimetal connector is also named copper aluminum connector, aluminum to copper wire connectors, copper to aluminum connectors, copper to aluminum wire connectors, or copper wire to aluminum wire connectors.

    If you’re looking for a noteworthy and reliable manufacturer of bi metal connectors, Rayphen is the best solution. Rayphen copper and aluminum connector guaranteed effective, safe, and cost-efficient.

    Rayphen bimetallic connectors are friction welded from the highest quality aluminum and copper, which achieves the best transition from aluminum barrel and palm. In order to achieve better electrical contact and also to avoid oxidized aluminum. The aluminum barrel of the bimetal lug closed by a protective cap inside with grease.

    Rayphen, working in China is one of the most trusted manufacturers of the excellent copper aluminum connector. We have the capacity to supply high-class services of the copper aluminum connector industry, design, inspection, and production.

    Rayphen copper aluminum connector brings countless advantages to your applications. It is highly conductive, practical, and beautiful, provides long-term protection against corrosion. In addition to this, Rayphen bimetallic connectors block electrolytic corrosion between copper and aluminum conductors.

    Why Rayphen bi metal connector? Research and development prove that connecting aluminum to copper is the most cost-effective method on market especially in repairing aluminum wiring in the building or your home.

    Rayphen copper aluminum connector is fabricated according to ISO9001, international quality management system, At the same time, We provide different bimetal connector standard for your choice, such as IEC, NFC, DIN, BS, etc.

    During the production, our specialist team has done strict quality inspection before delivery. Rayphen is a leading copper aluminum connector distributor, supplier, and manufacturer for 14 years. Our products have been exported to different countries around the world. It includes America, Italy, Africa, Spain, Mexico, and many more.

    As a leading manufacturer and supplier, Rayphen copper aluminum connector has gained the best reputation in domestic and foreign sales. Rayphen is not only recognized for the excellent copper aluminum connector but also recognized for best bimetal lug, copper butt connector, mechanical connector, mechanical lug, electrical lug, 90-degree cable lug, compression lugs, and many more.

    Rayphen provides a one-stop-shop bimetal connector solution to all our dear customers. We are capable of deep machining for the copper aluminum connector including surface hardening, slotting, thread forming, finishing, coating, tapping, etc.

    Through our state-of-the-art machining process, you can get the aesthetic appealing bimetal connector you need. You can also find different sorts of surface treatment for your copper aluminum connector including acid cleaning, tin-plated, etc. No matter what, we can custom-made copper aluminum connector according to your specifications.

    Let Rayphen grow your business. Contact us now for queries.

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