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Different types of brass cable gland can be customized as per specifications and drawings.

Why Rayphen Brass Cable Gland

Improve Your Business with Rayphen Brass Cable Gland

Depending to your specific requirements, we have all types of brass cable gland available in all sizes. You can avail our brass cable gland based on competitive price.

Metric Brass Cable Gland

Rayphen metric brass cable glands are available in sizes as per custom demand and requirement. Our metric brass cable gland can be IP68 waterproof, dustproof, salt resistant etc. They provide functionality, highest degree, and safety. We can accept small or large orders for your brass cable gland.

PG Brass Cable Gland

At Rayphen, We offer full range of PG cable gland for your choice. For your brass cable gland needs, we can customize your ideal PG cable gland. As a profession PG type brass cable gland manufacturer in China. We can provide you one-stop solution for your brass cable gland needs.

NPT Brass Cable Gland

NPT brass cable gland is a kind of brass gland. It is a supporting product of cable. The surface treatment is nickel plated, so it is also called nickel plated brass cable gland. You can purchase nickel plated brass cable glands at the very affordable price.

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    Rayphen Brass Cable Gland

    Rayphen is a leading Chinese brass cable gland manufacturer and supplier of various designs. There are metal cable glands, brass cable glands, ventilation cable glands, nylon cable glands, explosion proof cable glands, marine cable glands, etc.

    You can find excellent quality brass cable glands in Rayphen. Rayphen nickel-plated brass cable gland can be used for SWA (Single Wire Armored) cables with lead sheath and wire. They are suitable for enclosures with the following protection modes:

    • Ex d flameproof IIB or IIC
    • Ex e increased safety
    • D dust environment
    • Ex nR restricted breathing

    Additionally, you can use Rayphen nickel-plated brass cable gland for onshore & offshore and hazardous areas that exposed to dust and gases.

    Sell to over 500 Global Clients

    Rayphen Brass Cable Gland has been exported to over 500 global clients and installed to electric power project in the world.

    Use quality raw materials

    Rayphen Brass Cable Gland is manufactured with high-quality raw material.

    7+ Years' Experience

    Rayphen has over 7 years of Brass Cable Gland manufacturing experience.

    Strict quality control

    Brass Cable Gland manufactured by Rayphen is 100% strictly inspected before shipment.

    Rayphen Brass Cable Gland

    Rayphens’ expert and the professional team produce cable gland nickel-plated brass with the following features:

    • Elastomer seal (hazardous areas with SWA cable)
    • Allows earth continuity and mechanical cable retention via cable armor termination
    • Detachable armor cone (enables the cable to be disconnected from the equipment and facilitates remote make off)
    • Armor inspection while maintaining enclosure protection mode

    What’s more, you can find different sizes and designs of brass cable glands in Rayphen. There is metric cable gland nickel-plated brass, PG cable gland nickel-plated brass, NPT nickel-plated brass cable gland, G type nickel-plated cable glands, etc.

    We offer quality brass cable glands available in all sizes with full certifications like CCC, RoHS, CE, ISO, UL, and so on. Custom sizes can be produced as per custom requirements and demands.

    Rayphen is committed to providing a brass gland that is ideal for use with any type of sealing system and cable in order to fulfill your needs that are used in hazardous areas.

    For any type of brass cable gland needs, Rayphen is always the best choice. For technical specifications and complete information about Rayphen brass cable gland, please don’t hesitate to contact our team now!

    Brass Cable Gland FAQs- The Ultimate Guide

    Do you ever hear the term brass cable gland? Yes? Good for you. Here is the ultimate guide answering all your questions relating to the brass cable gland if your answer is no. This guide will provide all the knowledge you want to gain about the brass cable gland.

    It includes everything. By everything, we literally mean it. You will find what exactly is brass cable gland, its features and cost, uses and applications, types and installation, and whatnot.

    Come along and know the basics of brass cable gland so that you will choose the right product before buying.

    Q1. What is Brass Cable Gland? 

    A brass cable gland is an electrical accessory to use for making secure and reliable connections between the cables/wires ends with some electrical gadget or equipment.

    The brass cable gland basically seals securely the area of contact between the wire and equipment.

    It provides relief from stress or strain and makes connections 100% more reliable.

    Brass Cable Gland                                                              Figure 1 Brass Cable Gland

    You can get them in different varieties, including different sizes and forms.

    The manufacturing material also varies, but brass cable glands are among the top-selling and most reliable among users.

    Brass cable gland has other common names such as brass cord grip, brass cable connector, brass strain relief, and brass cable fitting.

    You can easily use them for both armor and non-armor cables.

    Q2. What are the Uses of Brass Cable Gland?

    The brass cable gland has multiple uses.

    Here are some of the very common and primary uses of the brass cable gland.

    1. The brass cable gland provides ultimate protection from dust and water with the help of a cable sheath present on its outer surface.
    2. For metallic materials, it gives ground continuity for the armored wires and cables.
    3. It offers protection to the cable that is attached to the equipment from pulling out of the connection.
    4. In case more security is required, the brass cable gland provides adequate protection at the point of entry of cables.
    5. The brass cable gland is particular in its fitting; hence, it offers a higher degree of reliable connections perfectly fit for the specific equipment or accessory.
    6. It also gives environmental safety or protection.

    Q3. What are the Components of a Brass Cable Gland?

    A single brass cable gland has 3 -7 parts or components.

    Parts of Brass Cable Gland                                                         Figure 2 Parts of Brass Cable Gland

    Here we mention the common ones, which are generally more than 3.

    These components are specific to a particular brass cable gland.

    We will discuss the components of single compression and double compression cable gland separately.

    Parts of Single Compression Brass Gland

    It has the following parts.

    1. Brass cable gland body
    2. Nut for brass cable gland
    3. Washer
    4. Seal (rubber)
    5. Locknut
    6. Neoprene

    Parts of Double Compression Brass Cable Gland

    It contains the following parts.

    1. Main brass cable gland body
    2. Nut for brass cable gland
    3. Cone
    4. Cone ring
    5. Check nut
    6. Neoprene seal

    All these components are high quality and provide all the necessary safety to make a super safe and secure connection.

    Q4. What are Some of the Applications of Brass Cable Gland?

    The brass cable gland is an accessory that provides protection as well as reliability to the connections of cables with certain equipment.

    Brass cable gland is used in various applications, including

    • Cleanrooms

    The brass cable gland makes an excellent connector in a humid environment of a cleanroom.

    It gives protection from dust and also helps in maintaining the pressure to a positive level.

    • Aerospace

    It is perfect to use for space crafts as well as aircraft for connecting cables and wires for multiple purposes.

    • Industries

    It can be frequently used in mills, factories and, plants for manufacturing and processing different items.

    Brass Cable Gland in Industrial Fittings                                                            Figure 3 Brass Cable Gland in Industrial Fitting

    The brass cable gland provides extra security to the cable connections with other components.

    • Railway

    You can use brass cable glands in railways for quick installation procedures and different tasks on trains.

    • Fire Protection

    It is used to prevent the propagation of fire across barriers and bulkheads.

    • Telecommunications

    Brass cable glands are suitable for conduit and telecommunication cables.

    • Enclosure or Panel

    It provides genuine penetration for panels and enclosures of electromagnetic assembly.

    Brass Cable Gland & Enclosure                                                           Figure 4 Brass Cable Gland & Enclosure

    • Marine

    Brass cable glands are designed typically for ships, drilling and mining setups, and so many other marine-related applications.

    • Power and Utility

    They are an excellent accessory for use in the transmission of power, high power equipment, and public utilities.

    Q5. How Does a Brass Cable Gland Work?

    The brass cable gland attaches and secures the cable’s ends to the electric equipment or device to which the cable is connected.

    They are not a single-piece accessory rather made of multiple components.

    These tiny parts securely hold the cable to make sure that the gland assembly is fixed 100% to the attached device.

    The brass cable gland not only ensures secure connections but also gives earthing, insulation, strain relief, grounding, and bonding.

    They are perfect to use for sealing the cables that pass via plates of gland bulkheads.

    They work pretty effectively and ensure the safety and security of the connection.

    Q6. What Are Some Types of Brass Cable Gland?

    There are different types of brass cable glands depending on several factors.

    Here we will discuss a few commonly occurring types of the brass cable gland.

    On the basis of compression, they have the following categories:

    • Single Compression Brass Cable Gland

    As the name suggests, a single compression brass cable gland is meant for unarmored or lightly armored cables.

    They provide a little less security as compared to the other type.

    Single compression brass cable gland can allow entry of moisture or corrosion to the cable attachment point but taking care reduces the risk significantly.

    Single compression brass cable gland                                                       Figure 5 Single Compression Brass Cable Gland

    That is why it is intelligent to use them on bright sunny days or when the climate is less humid.

    These can be made safer to use with the help of shrouds, especially PVC.

    Single compression brass cable gland is suitable for almost every cable up to the size of 1000mm2.

    They are perfect for controlling cables having 61 cores.

    These brass cable glands do not have cone rings and cones as their component.

    A neoprene seal is present only that provides the necessary mechanical and tensile strength to the cable entry site.

    You can use them for both outdoor and indoor setups.

    • Double Compression Brass Cable Gland

    According to its name, the double compression brass cable gland provides extra security and a more reliable connection in comparison to the single compression brass cable gland.

    The double compression brass cable gland is ideal for heavy armored cables and wires.

    They have double sealing instead of one.

    Double compression brass cable gland                                                     Figure 6 Double Compression Brass Cable Gland

    It offers compressions at two points; sheath and the armor of the cable.

    These brass cable glands are more likely to resist harsh climatic conditions and corrosion.

    They do not let any moisture enter and prevent corrosive damage.

    Such cable glands are suitable for all sorts of cables and wires of larger sizes and cores.

    On the basis of type of cables, brass cable glands have two types.

    • Armored Brass Cable Gland

    These brass cable glands connect the armored cables to the devices.

    • Unarmored Brass cable gland

    These brass cable glands join the unarmored cables to electrical gadgets and devices.

    Q7. How to Install a Brass Cable Gland for Unarmored Cable?

    The installation procedure varies from type to type.

    Before moving to the steps of installation, here are a few things to remember first.

    1. Read the manufacturer’s manual carefully to ensure you are fully complying with the necessary practice code.
    2. Turn off the live wiring and all electrical switches so that no current passes in and out.
    3. Keep the loose edges of the wires safe from any external damage while installing.
    4. Ensure that the brass cable gland does not come in contact with any chemical, solvent, or other liquids before installing.

    Now, let us get to the installation part.

    Here is a general protocol to be followed while installing a brass cable gland.

    1. Detach the brass cable gland from its nut by opening the gland.
    2. Peel off the cable sheath with the help of a tool.
    3. Peel until you reach the exact size of the brass cable gland.
    4. If the inner metallic armor is present, expose it.
    5. Now, through a spanner or some suitable tool, tighten the nut again.

    Make sure you are using the right tools for the installation procedure and following the proper protocol.

    Q8. How to Accurately Install a Brass Cable Gland for Armored Cable?

    Installation of a brass cable gland for armored cable is not a very difficult process but a little complex than unarmored cable.

    Now, we will tell you about the fitting of armored cable through brass cable gland.

    1. Unscrew the parts of the brass cable gland and place them in the correct order onto the cable.
    2. Peel off the insulation from both outside and inside, along with stripping off the armor layers.
    3. Beneath the armoring and inner cable insulation, fix a cone.
    4. Core wire splaying is done in this step.
    5. Ensure that they lay on the fixed cone instead of entering it as it can damage the insulation from the inside.
    6. Pull over the armor gripping ring.
    7. Tighten the lock nut with the cone so that the gripping ring will force up the cone and hold the wire in position.
    8. Use a wrench or spanner to fit all parts of the brass cable gland.
    9. Seal the ends of the gland with the help of a sealing nut.
    10. This will compress the outer insulation against internal insulation, and the gland will be watertight.

    Q9. How to Choose Accurate Brass Cable Gland for Buying?

    It is pretty vital to buy the right product to increase your business and to get the genuine brass cable gland for different applications.

    There are some key characteristics of the brass cable gland that makes it a unique and highly reliable product.

    Always verify the following things before buying a brass cable gland.

    • Type of Cable

    Consider the type of wire or cable for which you are using the brass cable gland.

    Check whether you are using it for armored cable or unarmored cable; choose accordingly.

    • The material of the Cable

    Look for the material of the cable, its dimensions, and its construction.

    • Application

    For which application you are buying a brass cable gland is also imperative to consider.

    Remember to grab those cable glands that are ideal for the application you have in mind.

    • Site of Application

    This is an important factor to consider.

    Check for the environmental conditions, electromagnetic field, or other limitations for the place of installation.

    Select single compression and double compression brass cable glands accordingly.

    • Performance

    The additional accessories increase the performance of the brass cable gland.

    You can have them separately as well, as they come with cable glands at extra cost.

    Check for the right accessory to have a positive impact on the performance of the brass cable gland.

    • Resistant to Water

    Always buy a brass cable gland that is waterproof because these are also used for marine applications and underwater, so it has to be totally water-resistant.

    • Explosion Proof

    Consider buying a brass cable gland that is fire and explosion-proof.

    It is always wise and safe to choose such a cable gland that has explosion-proof properties.

    Q10. Why is Brass Cable Gland Earthing Required?

    Brass cable glands sometimes need earthing for extra protection, especially at insulated enclosures.

    It is necessary to make an earth terminal for different threaded setups or fittings.

    It is supposed to make a link around the brass cable gland.

    It verifies that the continuity of earth is present between the device and the brass cable gland.

    Electrical current continuity is achieved through the assistance of a screwed entrance on the metallic boxes.

    If there is a clear hole, directly make contact (metal to metal) between the glands.

    So, in that case, an earth tag is used between the brass cable gland and enclosure.

    Earthing reduces the risk level of electricity leakage where high amperage is transmitting, such as in industries.

    Q11. What Makes Brass an Excellent Material for Brass Cable Gland?

    Brass is one of the most top demanding and preferred manufacturing materials in different industries.

    Cable glands and other electrical tools and accessories are made of brass these days.

    It is mainly because of the combining and unique properties of the material.

    It offers high mechanical and electrical strength and machinability.

    It is malleable, an excellent thermal and electrical conductor, corrosion-resistant and rigid.

    Brass is pocket-friendly and economical, which makes it a great material for manufacturing cable glands.

    Q12. What Exactly is the Difference Between A1 and A2 Brass Cable Glands?

    These brass cable glands are famously known as stuffing glands.

    They come in two forms; A1 and A2.

    A1 type brass cable gland retains to the cable.

    On the contrary, the A2 brass cable gland not only retains but holds and secures the cable too.

    Q13. Can You Purchase Brass Cable Gland in Different Sizes?

    Yes, you can Purchase brass cable glands in various shapes, forms, and sizes.

    There is no specific size to mention as they vary according to the size and type of cable you are using.

    On the whole, they range from a few millimeters to a few inches.

    You can ask the perfect brass cable gland after comparing the diameters of the gland and the wire or cable.

    This is how you will avoid getting into any trouble.

    Q14. Are There Any Earthing Accessories Available for Brass Cable Gland?

    Yes, fortunately, you can get an earthing accessory for your brass cable gland.

    Brass cable gland has additional accessories that make it safer and reliable to use.

    These accessories are earth tags.

    Earth Tags Made of Brass                                                                   Figure 7 Earth Tags Made of Brass

    These tiny and simple accessories can be of brass, copper, or aluminum.

    They are also available in the plated or coated form.

    Note: For brass cable gland, brass earth tags are ideal and compatible with others.

    Q15. What is the Price of Brass Cable Gland?

    The price of brass cable gland varies depending on the material, size, type, application, and performance.

    The exact price of the brass cable gland depends on the quality of the gland.

    Compare the quality and consider other factors before buying to get an affordable but high-quality product.

    Q16. Are Brass Cabe Glands Waterproof?

    Yes, brass cable glands are waterproof.

    Companies put so much effort into making brass cable glands water-resistant.

    Through advanced industrial technology, a water-repellent brass cable gland is manufactured.

    Waterproof brass cable glands are excellent for marine applications and general applications.

    They, through their water-repelling quality, reduce the risk of corrosion.

    Q17. Can You Use Brass Cable Gland for High Voltage Cables?

    Yes, you can use a brass cable gland for high amperage cables as well.

    Their extra protection through accessories and construction makes them perfect for low, medium, and high voltage conducting cables.

    Their primary function is to provide sealing security at the point of attachment to connect cables with electrical devices.

    Hence, there is no issue if they are being used for high voltage or low ones.

    Q18. Is Brass Cable Gland Suitable for Armored Cables?

    Yes, they are suitable for armored wires.

    There is a whole individual type of brass cable gland for this, namely the armored brass cable gland.

    For armored cables, mostly double compression brass cable glands come in use.

    The installation procedure is simple and easy.

    Appropriate tools are necessary for proper installation.

    Q19. Is It Safe to Use Brass Cable Gland for Marine Applications?

    Yes, it is safe and 100% secure to use a brass cable gland for marine applications.

    They can be used for underwater electrical equipment.

    Yes, imagine an underwater electrical connection, Scary right!

    Well, the brass copper gland has neoprene rubber sealing which prevents leakage of electricity and makes it a safe product to use.

    Because of their small size and corrosion-free body, the brass cable gland is accessible to ships and other marine watercraft.

    Q20. Can You Get Weather Resistant Brass Cable Gland?

    Yes, the brass cable gland is weather resistant.

    They are made of high-quality brass that prevents corrosion.

    All types of brass cable glands are weather-resistant, making them ideal for usage.

    The double compression brass cable gland offers an advantage in this regard over a single compression cable gland.

    It provides mechanical support and tensile strength to the connection between the device and cables.

    Q21. Can You Use Brass Cable Gland for Single Core Cables?

    Brass cable glands are ideal for not only single-core but also multi-core cables.

    Single-core brass cable gland

                                                                 Figure 8 Single-Core Brass Cable Gland

    Multi-core brass cable gland

                                                              Figure 9 Multi-Core Brass Cable Gland

    Multicore cables are usually thick in diameter than single-core cables.

    For them, double compression brass cable glands are ideal to use.

    For use, you need to strip off the insulation to fit the gland and then proceed further according to the installation procedure.

    Q22. Where to Buy Authentic Brass Cable Glands?

    Rayphen has a variety of authentic, high-quality brass cable glands.

    They believe in customer satisfaction and provide high-end products.

    You can ask for different shapes and sizes of the brass cable gland.

    They also manufacture other best-quality electrical accessories and products.

    You can also buy authentic brass cable glands through other websites or visit the local stores in your area.

    Q23. Is Single Compression Brass Cable Gland Similar to Double Compression Brass Cable Gland?

    They both are compression cable glands, but they are not alike.

    Their purpose is the same but how they are performing that function is different.

    They have different components or parts.

    Also, a single compression brass cable gland is used for unarmored cables, and a double compression brass cable gland is meant for armored cable.

    Q24. Can You Use a Single Brass Cable Gland for Both Outdoor and Indoor Settings?

    Yes, gladly, you can use brass cable gland for both indoor and outdoor setups.

    For outdoor use, sealing is necessary, which is not essential in the case of indoor use.

    These cable glands are brass-made, so they are ideal for every environmental and climatic condition.

    You can use single, double, armored, and unarmored brass cable glands for indoor and outdoor.

    Q25. How Do BW and CW Brass Cable Glands Differ?

    They differ in terms of the site of their application.

    What we mean to say is that the BW-type brass cable gland is for indoor applications because they don’t have additional waterproof outer sealing.

    On the other hand, CW type brass cable gland is excellent for outdoor applications where water repellent sealing is necessary to use.

    However, the functionality, performance, and material of both these brass cable glands are the same.

    You can get both these brass cable glands at affordable prices from authentic manufacturers like Rayphen.

    Q26. Is Brass Cable Gland with a PG Thread Available to Buy?

    Yes, PG brass cable glands are readily available to buy from different websites and stores.

    PG is a prefix name after Panzergewinde, which is basically a nominal value assigned to a specific cable diameter.

    The maximum value of diameter is for that cable that is to pass through some conduit.

    You can say that these brass cable glands are for cables with specific sizes in terms of the diameter that you are going to attach to some electrical device.

    PG brass cable glands are used for different applications like packing, automation technology, marine applications, manufacturing of equipment and machines, and offshore setups.

    Q27. Is Brass Cable Gland with Strain Relief Feature Available to Buy?

    Yes, you can easily purchase brass cable glands with strain-relief properties.

    Brass cable glands provide strain relief in every type of connection.

    They facilitate the connections between cables and equipment by providing strain relief.

    This reduces the tension of the cable.

    Also, the strain relief feature of the brass cable gland securely seals any loose connection and prevents the current leakage at the point of attachment.

    Q28. Can You Use Brass Cable Gland in New Energy Vehicles?

    Cable glands have made their way into the new energy vehicle technology.

    Brass cable glands are excellent electrical gadgets that are perfect for use in new electrical vehicles.

    They can make suitable charging equipment and for automation purposes in the automobile industry.

    New Energy Vehicle Employing Brass Cable Gland                                                Figure 10 New Energy Vehicle Employing Brass Cable Gland

    Rayphen brass cable glands are fully compatible with the power, stability, and safety of signal cable essential for new vehicles.

    These cable glands also play a significant role in the manufacturing of such vehicles.

    They speed up the process of vehicle production by providing quick and reliable cable connections to manufacturing devices.

    Q29. What are Some of the Classifications of Brass Cable Gland?

    The brass cable gland has diverse categories.

    We will mention the general classes of brass cable gland here.

    1. Compression Glands

    Compression glands are of two types, namely single compression, and double compression brass cable glands.

    They provide compression on the outer insulation as well as the inner insulation.

    Both have different parts or components.

    1. Explosion Proof Glands

    Explosion-proof glands reduce the chances of an explosion that occurs from electrical mishaps.

    Through their neoprene sealing gives extra support and protection.

    1. Armored Cable Glands

    These brass cable glands are for armored cables.

    They require additional sealing for a secure connection.

    1. Unarmored Cable Glands

    Brass cable glands for unarmored cables are named unarmored cable glands.

    They do not need sealing.

    1. EMC Cable Glands

    EMC cable glands offer protection to equipment against the interference of electromagnetism if present between the cable and equipment.

    Q30. Is Brass Cable Gland Explosion Proof?

    Yes, all types of brass cable glands are explosion-proof.

    They provide high-end security from external harm and are resistant to shocks and current leakage.

    They give extra-secure connections and strain relief features.

    Through their sealing safety, brass cable glands fill the loose ends and gaps that reduce the chances of explosion.

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