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Why Rayphen Cable Accessories

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Elevate Your Business with High-Quality Rayphen Cable Accessories

Rayphen is a leading brand in manufacturing the best quality cable accessories. Take a look at the products we offer. Check them ASAP.

Bimetal Lug

The bimetal lugs by Rayphen are made with high-quality aluminum and copper. Based on various designs offered by Rayphen, these cable accessories can perform perfectly for multiple applications. As Rayphen bimetal lug is compatible with copper and aluminum conductors, it supports multiple dimensions. You can contact us for the customization of these bimetal lugs.

Copper Lug

Specifically designed for copper conductors, the Rayphen copper lug is an excellent choice for you. Rayphen copper lugs are cable accessories made for joining cables to electrical devices. They are available in various conductor sizes and forms at Rayphen. Ask for the best dimension of Rayphen copper lugs that suits perfectly for your application.

Aluminum Lug

Rayphen made the product specially for all aluminum-based conductors for cable joints to electrical appliances and devices. Rayphen aluminum lug is among the best products in the market with unique features. Such cable accessories are made with expertise and standard DIN, NFC, ISO, and IEC. Please contact us for further information about various cable accessories we have through our website.

Shear Bolt Lugs

Based on application, Rayphen shear bolt lugs are designed for power distribution devices, connecting wires, and connecting power cables. Having easy and quick installation, Rayphen shear bolt lugs are one of the best products anyone can get. For design features, you can visit our website.

Bimetallic Connectors

As indicated by the name, Rayphen bimetallic connectors are one of the top-notch power line accessories having great advantages. Being unique in designs and installation methods, these Rayphen power cable accessories have diverse functions. Made under sophisticated and latest technology, Rayphen is presenting this product at the best affordable deals. Connect with us for more information regarding our bimetallic connector collection.

Copper Butt Connector

Specially made following the national standards NFC, ISO, DIN, and IEC, Rayphen copper butt connectors are 100% genuine. They perform their functions brilliantly as cable accessories and overhead transmission line accessories. Such Rayphen copper butt connectors are weather-resistant and corrosion-proof cable accessories. For more information regarding the installation of the copper butt connector, contact Rayphen immediately.

Aluminum Compression Connector

Rayphen aluminum compression connectors are cable accessories made with pure aluminum. the conductor cross-sectional area is mentioned on the product and they come with printed crimping marking for easy recognition. Based on cables, multiple series of Rayphen aluminum compression connectors are available. Ask for your specific design.

Shear Bolt Connector

Having unique hex shear bolt technology, Rayphen shear bolt connectors are excellent in their performance with aluminum and copper conductors. These cable accessories can be designed for medium voltage. Made with the best raw materials, the Rayphen shear bolt connector fulfills the need for a cable conductor. Want to order? Contact us for details.

PG Clamp

Among cable accessories, Rayphen PG clamps are worth mentioning. There are different models and types of PG clamps at Rayphen. With corrosion-proof and high-temperature resistant properties, the PG clamp by Rayphen is market competitive. All the cable accessories are open to you. You can choose whatever suits you most.

Split Bolt Connector

Rayphen split bolt connector is accessible with a number of good characteristics. Electric cable accessories like split bolt connectors are perfect for you as they follow standard conditions and undergo various quality tests. For installation instructions and custom orders, you can visit Rayphen and ask for your specifications.

Copper C Clamp

Rayphen is the certified copper C clamp manufacturer in China with all the expertise. Easy installation tools, standard application, wide dimensional range, multiple benefits are some of the qualities of these power distribution cable accessories. They are made with the best copper as raw material using the latest technology in manufacturing. Rayphen has different sizes, contact for their availability.

H-Tap Connector

These cable accessories are widely popular for their applications as overhead transmission line accessories. Rayphen designed the H-tap connector according to the updated requirements and double groove process technology. These electrical pole cable accessories are the best among cable connectors with unique H shape hardware. Connect for more information.

Hot Line Clamp

Among electrical pole accessories, Rayphen hot line clamp contains specificity in its design. This Rayphen product is meant for line tap distribution connections. Made with hard-drawn copper, these electric pole accessories are a wonderful addition to Rayphen cable accessories. Ask for unique designs from the manufacturer for power cable accessories including, a hot line clamp.

More Details about Rayphen Cable Accessories

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    Cable Accessories

    Let Rayphen Become Your Cable Accessories Partner in Business

    There are different varieties of cable accessories that you can find at Rayphen with the best features.

    Rayphen has a vast range of utility pole accessories, transmission line accessories, electric pole accessories and substation accessories too.

    All these power cable accessories are made with care under national standards including, NFC, IEC, ISO, and DIN.

    Rayphen delivers its cable accessories and power line accessories all over the globe with a good reputation.

    For genuine cable accessories, you can ask Rayphen for size charts, drawings, models, and other information.

    For 200 International Customers

    Rayphen supplies cable accessories to over 200 clients internationally with highly good remarks and repute.

    Use The Best Raw Material

    All cable accessories are made of Rayphen’s high-quality raw materials it directly affects the functioning.

    Experience 14 Years

    Rayphen has vast experience of 14 plus years in cable accessories manufacturing and supplying.

    Quality Control Compliance

    Rayphen cable accessories went through various quality control tests for the complete safety and efficiency of the product.

    Rayphen Cable Accessories

    Searching for reliable cable accessories manufacturer and supplier across China and beyond? Rayphen can be the best solution to this.

    Rayphen cable accessories include an array of products such as H-tap connector, shear bolt lugs, and shear bolt connector, PG clamp, aluminum and copper lug, bimetal butt connector, aluminum compression connector, copper C clamp, hot line clamp.

    All cable accessories have unique characteristics that made them distinct from others.

    The installation methods for all the cable accessories are quite easy, reliable, and fast requiring minimum but standard tools.

    Our power cable accessories are versatile and are designed to work efficiently with various brands.

    Rayphen cable accessories can support multiple dimensions of almost all aluminum conductors and copper conductors.

    When you talk about the best cable accessories, Rayphen makes sure you get the best experience.

    Rayphen cable accessories are genuinely made with the best raw materials ready to be exported to local and international clients from all over the world.

    With advanced technology and the latest updating of features and characters, Rayphen power cable accessories make a name in the market.

    You can get amazing deals for different cable accessories at Rayphen.

    Having vast experience in cable accessories manufacturing, the manufacturer, Rayphen, has a good reputation in the industry and that’s why clients trust them for their products.

    For customized orders, visit our website and ask for your specifications.

    Rayphen customer care is open 24/7 where you can ask for recommendations and expert opinions along with making cable accessories orders.

    Hurry up, contact us now for an amazing experience!

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