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Why Rayphen Clamps and Connectors

Improve Your Business with Rayphen Clamps and Connectors

Reliable manufacturer Rayphen, manufactures a wide array of excellent quality electrical wire clamp connectors for your projects and business. Check it out!

PG Clamp

Rayphen PG clamp is made of aluminum, copper, or bimetal (aluminum-copper). The PG clamp is widely used for connection two-conductor in parallel. You can find a PG clamp in a transmission line or overhead power line. Our PG clamp(parallel groove clamp) is obtainable in standard and customized sizes according to your specifications.

Split Bolt Connector

Depending on your different needs. Rayphen offers a brass split bolt connector, copper split bolt connector and aluminum split bolt connector. The split bolt connector has good electrical performance. The split bolt connector manufactured by Rayphen is very popular in the market.

Copper C Clamp

Rayphen copper C clamp is with a reasonable structure. According to your specifications, We offer different sizes of copper C clamp. Just contact Rayphen sales, and tell all the copper c clamp requirements to get a free quotation for your project.

H Tap Connector

Rayphen H tap connector can be installed on the cable with standard crimping tools. And the H Tap connector is suitable for copper tap and parallel connections in aluminum or copper stranded Conductors. As a professional manufacturer, Rayphen has enough experience to support you choose the right H tap connector.

Hot Line Clamp

At Rayphen, The hot line clamp is specially designed to protect the mainline conductor from damage caused by arcing. Hot Line clamp is constructed based on international quality standards. Just send us your inquiry, We will support you to the select ideal hot line clamp for your project.

Let Rayphen Help You Boom Your Business

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    Rayphen Clamps and Connectors

    You can truly rely on Rayphen! Rayphen has over 14 years of expertise in the clamps and connectors industry. Rayphen, a professional clamps and connectors supplier, has gained ISO quality system certification, ISO environmental management system certifications, and SGS.

    Rayphen company provides a variety of clamps and connectors which can meet your various demands. We are genuinely willing to cooperate with your business to reach progress.

    We fully guarantee you that each of the clamps and connectors is produced from the highest quality raw materials and quality-checked before the shipping process.

    Rayphen Clamps and Connectors

    Rayphen clamps and connectors are constructed especially for cable connection systems, including aluminum, ACSR, Copper, Solid, and Stranded conductor. These are suitable for overhead distribution connections or overhead line connectors projects of various voltage levels.

    Rayphen is your one-stop shop clamps and connectors solution. We take a wide range of Rayphen electrical wire clamp connectors for connection applications. Variety of Rayphen clamps and connectors include  PG clamp, split bolt connector, copper C clamp, H tap connector, hot line clamp, etc.

    Rayphen connector clamps are constructed with excellent grade materials like aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and others. Rayphen offers different production processes. There are profile extrusion, casting, forging, welding, and so on.

    As a world-class manufacturer and supplier, Rayphen fabricates a lot of clamps and connectors for different industrial applications. Rayphen clamps and connectors are perfectly suited for the power distribution systems, low-voltage overhead cable connection, grounding system, street light distribution system, etc

    Durably constructed, Rayphen clamps and connectors are functional and have a unique feature. You can use clamps and connectors to connect copper -copper, aluminum-aluminum, or copper- aluminum.

    Rayphen has 14 years of experience in producing various electrical wire clamp connectors. We are capable of providing high-class services to the cable lug clamp industry. Our company is furnished with full-automatic machines and various advanced machines.

    In connector clamp production, we have a well-established production line from quantity production, assembly, mold development to packaging, and final exportation.

    In addition, according to your different conductor specifications, Rayphen also provides different clamps and connectors sizes for your choice, and your customized clamps and connectors are also acceptable.

    For your questions or any concerns as to Rayphen clamps and connectors, Just contact Rayphen sales, and tell all the clamps and connectors requirements to get a free quotation for your project.

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