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Why Rayphen Compression Lugs

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Enhance Your Compression Cable Lugs Business with Rayphen

We manufacture high-quality compression type lugs for secure wiring connections having easy installation features. The cost of installation is pretty low for such electrical compression lugs. They are available in different sizes and types as Rayphen satisfies every customer’s demands. Here are some of the most favorite types of compression cable lugs. Check them out!

One Hole Compression Lug

This Rayphen compression lug has a single hole in the palm with a long barrel. It can perfectly terminate the copper wires. These electrical compression lugs have a layering of electro tin plating that prevents them from getting corrosion. It means they are water-repellent and do not rust. You can use them for low to high-voltage conductors. The installation of the Rayphen compression type cable lug is quick and you do not need extra tools for it. You can also ask for shorter length barrel. Both are resistant to stress and strain. If you want to know more details of the product, contact us!

2 Hole Compression Lug
2 Hole Compression Lugs

As clear from the name, this compression type cable lug comes with two palm holes. The barrel is a long one with a strong gripping property. These Rayphen compression lugs are temperature tolerant and connect the conductors with accuracy without any loose ends. It has corrosion-resistant nature that makes it a favorite to use in different wiring setups. The electro tin plating gives a shiny appearance and burr-free finish. Its barrel has a properly smoothed finish. For questions and information, you can visit our website now!

Customized 2 Hole Compression Lugs
Customized 2 Hole Compression Lugs

This compression cable lug is a custom double hole, Connector type is the straight barrel. Rayphen electrical compression lugs surface is tin electroplated to prevent overheating and corrosion. Such lugs require minimum care, and maintenance is pretty convenient. There is no need for special instruments and tools for their mounting. You can find more information regarding this type on our website!

Allow Rayphen to Take Your Electrical Compression Lugs Business to New Height


One Hole Compression Lug

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2 Hole Compression Lugs

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Allow Rayphen to Take Your Electrical Compression Lugs Business to New Height

Rayphen is the leading manufacturer of compression type cable lugs and has gained immense popularity in the industry.

As we have more than 14 years of experience in the manufacturing and supplying industry, all our products are trusted by the clients.

All Rayphen compression cable lugs have unique features that make them stand out among other competitor products.

Our compression lugs join electrical wires to different conductors like copper and tinned copper with a high level of precision.

There are different types available at our place because we believe in fulfilling the needs of different clients.

If you are searching for a genuine compression type lug cable lug, Rayphen is your place to shop and spend.

Rayphen uses the best raw material for the manufacturing of compression lugs since the quality and reliability of the product depend on this.

You can contact us with your queries, and we will address them right away!

Sells to More than 200 Clients

Rayphen supplies top-notch electrical compression lugs to more than 200 customers internationally with sincerity.

Finest Raw Material

We guarantee that we use the finest quality raw material for making all types of compression cable lugs.

Experience of 14+ Years

We can never go wrong with what we provide in terms of value and authenticity because we are experts in our field.

Strict Quality Control

Our products have complete quality compliance, and every step in the manufacturing and supply is monitored carefully.

Why Rayphen Compression Lugs

Are you a retailer who wants to step up your compression type lugs business? Or someone who is looking for a trusted companion to improve your compression type cable lug sales?

Well, Rayphen is the right place for you!

We are manufacturers of the best quality compression lugs with experience of 14 years in the market and manufacturing industry.

It is our pride that we are the suppliers to more than 200 international clients. All of them are very satisfied with the service we provide.

All Rayphen compression type cable lugs are certified and have the approval of different international manufacturing standards such as DIN, BS, NFC, and many others.

And the copper compression lugs are annealed so the hardness is up to standard, perfect for your application.

The compression cable lugs by Rayphen make reliable copper to copper or copper to tinned copper wire connections.

There are 2 to 3 holed, slotted, and other types in stock for you that serve the right purpose for your wiring problems.

Being anti-corrosive and temperature tolerant, the Rayphen compression type lugs are ideal for every type of wiring setup whether indoors or outdoors.

Rayphen ships the products with great care and safe packaging to limit any breakage in the product inside and delivers in relatively less time as compared to other manufacturers.

If you want to order in bulk or want to try a sample, we can happily deliver that because customers are one of the top priorities of Rayphen.

We are supplying not only in China but to other regions of the world which makes us a highly reliable brand in the market.

Do you have any queries? Or want to give feedback and suggestions for the products we make? You can!

We always listen to them carefully so that we can incorporate them into our products for better results and client satisfaction.

Our customer care team is available 24/7 for your service. You can ask for various services related to your compression cable lugs even after you get your package.

Send us your quotations as soon as possible since we are waiting for building a healthy professional relationship with you!


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