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Why Rayphen Copper Aluminum Connector

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Premium Copper Aluminum Connector for Your Successful Business

At Rayphen, all products, including the copper wire to aluminum wire connectors are made with great care. They have uniqueness and characteristic features that made them stand out amongst others. We have a vast range of copper aluminum connectors. You can choose from any of these options depending on your needs. Check out our collection!

GTL aluminum to copper wire connectors

As the name is indicating, it is a bimetallic connector made with extreme precision from both copper and aluminum. These connectors have multiple purposes. You can use them to connect aluminum to copper wires or copper to aluminum wires. Rayphen GTL bimetallic connectors are rust-free and environmental-friendly products. They can withstand high temperature and pressure which makes them highly useful for outdoor wiring connections. This type of Rayphen copper aluminum connector is anti-aging with no staining properties. If you want to know more of the details regarding this amazing product, contact us now!

HBP Copper Wire to Aluminum Wire Connectors

Based on your needs, Rayphen has introduced this amazing bimetallic connector, HBP bimetal connector. Wire installation is made easier with such copper to aluminum connectors. It eliminates free strands in the core of wires and efficiently avoids fraying and breakage of the wire end. They have characteristics like anti-aging and anti-stain properties that make them ideal to fulfill your requirement. Being user-friendly, these connectors are very easy to install. You do not need any special tools for the installation. these connectors are used where the aluminum wire is terminated while the copper one is starting. For more information related to this type, ask us right away!

Pin Type copper to aluminum wire connectors

Rayphen pin-type bimetal connectors are special copper wire to aluminum wire connectors that work efficiently for wire connections. These connectors are specifically made for the terminating cables and wires to circuit breakers. When you ask for low voltage applications, they serve the best purpose. You can request them in various sizes because Rayphen has all sizes available. They make connections super strong without any stray end. If you are asking for eco-friendly and stain-free connectors, this Rayphen connector is the best one. Also, they are resistant to corrosion and serve for a longer time. You can ask for customization by visiting our website now!

MCB aluminum to copper wire connectors

When you ask for the transition connectors, Rayphen MCB bimetal lugs connectors are worth-buying. They are perfect for combining aluminum alloy cables/aluminum cables with copper wires having MCB end, MCCB. It has an average size of 10mm2-120mm2. Being dust-resistant and corrosion-free, you can use them in different electrical setups. They do not shrink until and unless they are at the right temperature. You can install them pretty conveniently because of 99.6% aluminum barrel purity and 99.5% copper palm purity. There are many discount prices at Rayphen available. You can buy affordable copper aluminum connectors from us!

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    Copper Aluminum Connector

    LetRayphenBe Your Exclusive Copper Aluminum Connector Supplier

    We are among the top copper wire to aluminum wire connectors manufacturers and suppliers in the world. And our customers are the proof of our success.

    You can find all sorts of copper aluminum connectors at Rayphen, as it produces these types with great care and perfection. All our products are original and thus favorites in the market.

    Rayphen copper to aluminum connectors is made with the best quality raw materials like 99.6% pure aluminum and 99.5% pure copper.

    For us, our customers are everything, and we only produce top-notch products for them so that their requirements are properly met.

    If you are asking for a copper aluminum connector having all the necessary features and properties, Rayphen can be your ideal pick.

    It is our utmost desire to give solutions to your circular conductors or semi-circular conductors by providing you with the best in the industry.

    Visit our website for detailed information regarding copper aluminum connectors and ask your queries!

    More than 200 Customers

    Our copper aluminum connector speaks for itself since we are the successful supplier of more than 200 customers around the globe.

    Best Raw Material

    Rayphen uses high-quality manufacturing material for the production of copper to aluminum connectors. It is because it has a direct relation to the longevity of the product.

    14+ Years of Experience

    With an extensive experience of 14 years in the industry, Rayphen has the advantage of making the finest copper wire to aluminum wire connectors.

    Strict Quality Assurance

    At Rayphen, strict quality control measures are taken as they can ensure the best quality to the copper aluminum connector.

    Why Rayphen Copper Aluminum Connector


    Are you looking for a reliable supplier of copper wire to aluminum wire connectors for your upcoming project? Rayphen is what you need.

    Rayphen has a wide variety of copper aluminum connector that fulfills all your semi-conductor and conductor needs.

    They are made with genuine aluminum and copper so that maximum working efficiency is ensured by them.

    We do not comprise on the quality of our products. All our products are quality compliant as they are made under ISO9001. Also, the connectors come with a guarantee of various standards like NFC, BS, IEC, DIN, and others.

    As we have state-of-the-art technology, different copper aluminum connectors are produced with fine finishing.

    Rayphen can perform deep machining of various copper wire to aluminum wire connectors, including slotting, coating, hardening, finishing, thread forming, and tapping.

    Our connectors are best for transition cables to circuit breakers and to connect aluminum to copper wires.

    The barrel of the Rayphen copper aluminum connector is sealed with a tight cap to reduce the oxidation of aluminum.

    We believe client satisfaction is the number one factor in determining the manufacturer’s success. Rayphen is a proud seller to more than 200 clients internationally, and all of them are pretty happy with what we manufacture and supply.

    You have an open choice of bulk ordering from us. We will be more than happy to serve you.

    For queries and more information, visit our website, it is free!

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