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Why Rayphen Copper Bonded Ground Rod

  • Copper Bonded Ground Rod For Power Transmission Line
  • Copper Bonded Ground Rod For Power Station
  • Copper Bonded Ground Rod For Wind Energy
  • Copper Bonded Ground Rod For Solar Energy
  • Copper Bonded Ground Rod For Building
  • Copper Bonded Ground Rod For Railway

Premium Copper Bonded Ground Rod for Your Successful Business

By creating a wide range of copper bonded ground rods, we have established a recognized status. Our ground rods are made with extreme precision under the supervision of our skilled technical specialists using the finest grade copper. These rods are ideal for earthing in a variety of industries. Furthermore, we provide these Copper Bonded Steel Ground Rods in a variety of sizes and at reasonable rates. Rayphen copper earthing rod stand out from the crowd because of their individuality and distinguishing characteristics. Depending on your requirements, you can select any of these choices. Take a look at our products!

Threaded Copper Bonded Ground Rod

Its cut threads are weaker than cold-rolled threads with continuous, unbroken grain flows which preserve the copper coating. When bent or driven, the copper coating will not split or rip. When driving, rods with a high carbon steel core and tip give higher strength. Hence making it super reliable to use for various applications. There are different sizes in this Rayphen ground rod copper model. When combined with copper and steel, the molecules overcome electrochemical corrosion when buried in the soil, resulting in significant corrosion resistance and a life span of over three decades. Visit our website for details!

Pointed Copper Bonded Ground Rod

This Rayphen copper bonded ground rod is made with electrolytic copper plating with a purity level of 99.9%. The core and tip of these rods are made of high-carbon steel, which gives them greater strength when driving. When bent or driven, the copper coating does not break or rip. They have easy installation as they do not require extra tools. Copper bonded ground rod provides copper conductivity as well as steel’s high tensile strength (up to 580 N/mm2). Ground rod copper can be easily driven into depths of up to 20 meters or more into the ground during building operations. This will save a lot of time and money during building and installation. For more information related to this type, ask us right away!

More Details about Rayphen Transmission Line Hardware

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    Copper Bonded Ground Rod

    Let Rayphen Be Your Exclusive Copper Bonded Ground Rod Supplier

    We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of ground rod copper.

    And the foundation of our success is our customers.

    Rayphen has a wide range of earthing rod copper since it manufactures them with great care and precision.

    All of our items are unique, making them market favorites.

    We can be your excellent choice if you need copper bonded rods with all of the necessary features and properties.

    It is our greatest aim to provide you with the best in the business to solve your grounding problems.

    If you require technical assistance or specification information on selecting the proper copper earthing rod to maximize earthing performance, we are here.

    Visit our website for more information about copper bonded rods and to ask any questions you may have!


    More than 200 Clients

    Since we are the successful provider of more than 200 customers throughout the world, our copper bonded ground rods speak for themselves.

    Highest Quality Raw Material

    For the fabrication of ground rod copper, Rayphen uses advanced manufacturing materials. Because it is directly related to the product’s lifetime.

    More than 14 years of Experience

    Rayphen has the benefit of creating the finest copper bonded ground rods because of its 14 years of experience in the business.

    Strict Quality Control

    At Rayphen, extensive quality control processes are implemented to ensure that the copper bonded earthing rods are of the highest possible quality.

    Rayphen  Copper Bonded Ground Rod

    The copper bonded ground rod is called a copper bonded earthing rod. And Rayphen is a copper bonded earth rod manufacturer.

    Are you searching for trustworthy copper bonded ground rods for your upcoming project?

    Rayphen is exactly what you require.

    Rayphen offers a wide range of copper bonded rods to meet your semi-conductor and conductor requirements.

    They are constructed of pure copper to ensure maximum working efficiency.

    Rayphen’s ground rods are extended by design and utilized with copper couplers to interconnect many rods to achieve the desired driving depth — the rod couplers give permanent electrical conductivity.

    Whereas the longer copper earth rods reach lower resistance soils at lower depths.

    These rods are very beneficial for earthing any surface or an environment.

    Installing copper ground rods is a common practice in densely populated places, and it should be done with attention and safety precautions to avoid damaging subsurface utility services such as 11kV/33kV high voltage cables.

    As each part is erected, the rods are driven vertically into the ground, and the earth resistance is measured.

    Our grounding rods are the most effective for grounding application.

    The outer layer of the Rayphen copper bonded ground rod has a 99.9% pure electrolytic copper coating.

    They have a thickness of 0.254mm or more.

    Rayphen copper bonded ground rod’s transmission frequency is greater than 1.67 MHz which is fully equivalent to the conductive properties of solid copper.

    To maintain the pure quality of copper used to create grounding rods, the barrel of the Rayphen copper bonded rod is sealed in a container.

    Copper conductivity and steel tensile strength are combined in these products.

    The copper layer is not readily peeled off and will not crack when bent in operation because the copper layer and the steel substance are bound together by a binding molecule.

    Client happiness, we believe, is the most significant component in determining a manufacturer’s success.

    Rayphen is a proud supplier to over 200 clients worldwide, all of whom are pleased with the products we manufacture and deliver.

    You have the option of ordering in bulk from us. We would be more than happy to serve you.

    Our customer care service is available 24/7 for your assistance.

    We are just one call away, contact us and get all the necessary information about the earthing rod copper.

    Send us your quotations now!

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