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We offer multiple solutions regarding copper butt connector fabrications.

Why Rayphen Copper Butt Connector

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We offer multiple solutions regarding copper butt connector fabrications.

Crimp Copper Butt Connector

Rayphen copper butt connector is a tube-shaped connector for joining two wires together. The surface of the copper butt connector can be bare copper with acid cleaning or tin-plated copper. According to your specific needs, you can choose different sizes and cross-sectional areas of the copper butt connector.

GTY Tin Plated Copper Butt Connector

Rayphen GTY copper butt connector is easy to terminate. And the copper butt connector is used to splice two conductors together. They are designed to simply strip the wires that need insert and join them to the barrel of the crimp and connector. Contact us now. Avail of our copper butt connector at very affordable prices.

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    Rayphen Copper Butt Connector

    Rayphen copper butt connector is widely used for electric power, communication, aviation, railway transportation, shipbuilding, construction, etc. They are designed with a stripped wire, which ends are inserted into the opening on the connector. Therefore, the wire ends butt against each other inside the splice.

    Rayphen has 14 years in the field of copper butt connector industry. We assure that you will find a wide range of copper butt connector in Rayphen, guaranteed reliable performance, functional, and cost-effective.

    Get your copper but connector in Rayphen at very affordable prices!

    Why Rayphen Copper Butt Connector

    Are you looking for the right manufacturer for your copper but connector needs? Finding the best and supportive manufacturer to support your business and projects is not that easy especially when you’re a first-timer. Don’t work out with a bad fabricator! Find well-experienced, expert fabricators to assist you. In short, choose Rayphen copper but connector! We can do the job for you.

    Rayphen offers a copper butt connector that is useful for joining insulated copper conductors and aerial hard-drawn copper conductors. Undeniably, the range of copper butt connectors is made up of high-conductivity annealing copper.

    Rayphen copper butt connector complies with DIN, IEC, NFC, and other standards, the products produced meet the specified standards including hardness, electrical performance, size, heat-cycle, resistance, etc.

    As a professional copper butt connector manufacturer, Rayphen cable butt connector has uniform tube thickness, small tolerances, and smooth surfaces. The oil-blocking copper butt connector also has a stopper in the middle to prevent the wire from penetrating.

    Usually, Rayphen copper butt connector is used to connect or splice two conductors together to change, lengthen, or repair an electrical circuit. Durably constructed, The copper butt connector comes with crimping marking that is easy for installation. You can use the crimping tool to install it.

    Additionally, the copper butt connector also has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and is not easy to rust.

    We, Rayphen team provide the highest quality and best copper butt connector to meet your preferences and needs. We have nearly 14 years of experience in this industry. What’s more, we can custom-made copper butt connectors and design your own layout.

    Rayphen is equipped with an advanced production line to manufacture copper but connector. We have enough facilities to produce your copper butt connector in any quantity order.

    Whether you purchase or not, Rayphen is always right on your side to guide you. Our engineering staff is available 24/7 for a quick response.

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