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Why Rayphen Copper C Clamp

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As a professional supplier of Copper C Clamp, whether it is with tinned or without tinned, or even custom-made Copper C Clamp, Rayphen will make every product with our heart, and choosing us will give you peace of mind.

Copper C Clamp

Rayphen copper c clamp is made of special highly corrosion-resistant copper materials. the copper purity is 99.9%.  so the C tap compression connector is with good electrical conductivity. For your c tap connector need, You can find them in all sizes to suit your projects. Contact us for more details regarding the copper C tap.

Tin-Plated Copper C Clamp

Rayphen tin-plated copper c clamp is a kind of non-bearing-force conductor connection device. It has a reliable connection. At the same time, the copper C clamp has superior electrical contact performance. As a professional copper C tap connectors supplier, You can get Rayphen C tap connectors at very competitive prices.

Custom C Clamp Connector

Along with our advanced machine equipment, We can custom your copper c clamp to your desired specifications. The copper C clamp can be customized according to design, drawings, samples. Definitely, Rayphen copper c clamp is manufactured to satisfies your need.

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Copper C Clamp
TypeSuitable section of the conductor


CCA-216~16 16~3520152238.3
CCA-325~25 25~35 35~3524.716.72249.4
CCA-416~50 25~50 35~5027.82023610.3
CCA-516~70 25~70 35~7026.72024411.7
CCA-625~95 35~953123.525513.2
CCA-750~50 50~70342124810.8
CCA-970~95 95~9537.426.325.5614.5
CCA-1070~150 95~150 70~185 95~1854634.730.57.519.6
CCA-1195~120 120~12042.631.529716.6
CCA-12150~150 185~185543932.59.819
Copper C Clamp
Type NoSuitable section conductor (mm²)Main Dimensions(mm)
CCT-288141-28844.534.734.14522.3 7


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Rayphen Copper C Clamp

Rayphen is your preferred manufacturers and supplier of copper c clamp in China. We have nearly 14 years of cable connection industry experience supplying a standard and custom copper C clamp worldwide.

Rayphen copper c clamp or copper crimp connectors are made of high-conductivity anti-corrosion copper. They are designed and constructed to satisfy the NEC250-81 and 250-91 requirements for connecting to the grounding electrode system.

The copper c clamp from Rayphen brings numerous advantages and features to suit your specific applications. Contact us now and get a quick quote from our expert staff.

More than 200 Clients Worldwide

Over 200 clients  Worldwide use Rayphen’s copper c clamp, which has been unanimously praised.

Best Raw Material

The copper c clamp use high-purity copper to ensure the safe operation of your project

Experience of 14+ Years

At Rayphen, Over 14 years of copper c clamp manufacturing experience.

Quality control compliance

All copper c clamp from Rayphen is strictly inspected before leaving the factory.

Why Rayphen Copper C Clamp

A copper c clamp is also called copper crimp connectors, or copper c crimps, C clamp connector or c tap connector, and copper c tap. It is a conductor connection device.

Rayphen copper c clamp is a well-known tool for making parallel or tap copper connections from different sizes of conductors. Here at Rayphen, you can get the highest quality copper c clamp made from high conductivity copper alloy.

Rayphen has rich experience in providing copper c tap worldwide that brings a lot of advantages and features to your applications. For example, the Rayphen c tap connector runs into easy crimping, Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and high-temperature resistance.

The c tap compression connector from Rayphen is widely used for different applications. Typically, you can use our copper crimp connectors for transmission and distribution lines, high-speed rail, grounding electrode system, Photovoltaic, wind energy as well as 600V applications.

There are different sizes of copper c clamp available in Rayphen. We manufacture a wide range of sizes and specifications for copper c clamp to complete your projects. If any size requirements, we can custom copper C crimps connectors based on your specifications and configurations. Just send us your own idea.

Rayphen maintains professionalism and improved manufacturing which solved most of our customers’ design and production problems. Our copper c clamp assures all-around compression, positive with high pullout values, and low resistance.

There is a broad option for copper c clamp in Rayphen. It’s an electro-tin plated that makes the Rayphen copper c clamp prevents oxidation and corrosion. They are very popular in the marketplace worldwide for their long-lasting connection.

We can offer manufacturing services that include casting, sawing, polished, etc., which assist to meet your needs. Rayphen truly supports you from designing to delivery in order to finalize your projects right on time.

We have rich experience in exporting our copper c clamp products throughout the countries and earned a high reputation for over 14 years.

Our team is looking forward to placing a long-term business with you. Contact us now!

Copper C Clamp – The Complete FAQ Guide

Copper C Clamp is a kind of clamp that is used to connect or splice the conductors in power lines. Here is an FAQ guide regarding Copper C Clamps. This will answer all your

queries regarding a Copper C Clamp.

It includes definition, uses, classification, features, structure, maintenance, and much more, so let’s dig into it!

Q1. What is a Copper C Clamp?

Copper C Clamp is a “C” type parallel groove clamp (PG Clamp). It is used to join two conductors with each other.

Copper C Clamp is a type of power connection fittings. It is a kind of conductor connection clamp for splicing.

It can also be used in a wide variety of fields like

  • Household appliances.
  • Electrical industry.
  • Mechanical equipment factories.
  • Shipyards
  • Power distribution boxes.
  • Power distribution cabinets.
  • Electrical lightning protection and many others.

C type copper clamp is also referred to as Copper earth C clamp, Grounding Clamp for earthling, Copper C-Tap connectors, C Tap copper, etc.

Rayphen Copper C Clamp comes in various sizes according to the work you want to perform. A Copper C Clamp will never disappoint you.

As innovation hits the world, manufacturers try to bring more effective ways to increase the efficiency and function of a Copper C Clamp.

Copper C Clamp

                                                                 Figure 1 Copper C Clamp

Q2. What are the uses of a Copper C Clamp?

Copper C Clamps by Rayphen have a wide range of applications. They are used for transmission and distribution lines, high-speed rail, grounding electrode systems, photovoltaic, wind energy, as well as for 600V applications.

Q3. How do you use a Copper C Clamp?

  • Crimping type:

The pressure clamp equipped with a suitable crimping mold is used to put the wire into the groove of the corresponding ruler of the selected Copper C clamp.  An external force is applied to the pressure clamp to shrink the Copper C clamp and wrap it around the wire.

For crimping, high-quality hydraulic clamps are used. The hydraulic clamp has the ability to automatically release the pressure rapidly so that constant and uniform pressure can be applied during installation. Moreover, uneven construction, uneven physical strength, and quality of construction recruits can cause hidden damage. This damage is avoided by using hydraulic clamps.

  • Wedge articulated:

The hinge structure and the fixing element of the wedge clamp compress the wire between the clamp housing and the wedge. The fixing element overcomes the shortcomings of

multiple corrections are required by the nut sliding to the left and right sides when the screw is tightened. It also reduces the influence of human factors during installation.

The wire is not damaged during installation and disassembly; it can be reused many times.

Likewise, the clamp has a long life span, can reduce labor intensity, and improve work efficiency. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving tool.

Wedge Clamp made of Aluminum Alloy

                                                    Figure 2 Wedge Clamp made of Aluminum Alloy

Q3. What are the different types of Copper C Clamps?

On the basis of the way of fixing the wires, Copper C Clamps are divided into two categories:

1. Crimping Clamp Type:

These types of clamps can be used in electrical lightning protection grounding projects that require firm and non-detachable connections. For example, power grounding grids, lightning protection grounding grids, etc. They can also be used to connect grounding strands, grounded round solid conductors, copper grounding rods, power cables.   

Generally, according to the different grooves, they can be divided into further categories.

2. Wedge Articulated:

This type of clamp are used for T-connection and parallel connections in non-tension positions

such as steel core aluminum stranded wire, overhead insulated wire, aluminum stranded wire,

aluminum-clad steel wire and copper wire on transmission and distribution lines.

Tin-coated Copper C Clamps

                                                                   Figure 3 Tin-coated Copper C Clamps

Q4. Why Should Copper C Clamps be preferred over other material C Clamps?

Copper C Clamp should be preferred over other material C Clamps because Copper itself has a lot of properties which make its wider usage in hand tools.

Some of these properties are given below:

1.      Hardness

Copper is a hard metal. That’s why it gives strength to the C Clamp, so it’s not easily breakable.

2.      Corrosion Resistance

Copper is resistant to corrosion which adds to its durability and good outlook.

3.      Ductility and Malleability

Copper is ductile and malleable, which helps to make different shaped tools out of it. Hence, it gets its C shape.

Copper C Clamp is used for the copper conductor. At Rayphen, you can find a variety of clamps, including aluminum C Clamp, aluminum-alloy C Clamp, and tinplated copper C clamp.

Q5. What are the characteristics of Copper C Clamps?

The crimping is firm, and the connection joint is incorporated if you choose the Copper C Clamp for the conductor current connection. After crimping, the bushing covers the conductor securely, and the current conduction is uniformly distributed.

Rayphen Copper C Clamps have stable and good contact performance. They avoid overhaul, reducing maintenance costs. They also save energy by reducing energy consumption.

  • Copper C Clamps are corrosion resistant.
  • Has aging resistance.
  • Has high-temperature resistance.
  • It has high tensile strength.
  • The resistance is negligible, only micro-ohm.
  • The efficiency of Copper C Clamp to reduce the failure rate is more than 80%.
  • The simple structure of Copper C Clamp makes it easy to clean them.
  • Copper C Clamps occupy a small space.
  • Copper C Clamps have a simple structure, so they are very easy to use.
  • Rayphen Copper C Clamps are available in different sizes for different sorts of work.
  • They are used for making parallel or tap copper connections.
  • Easy installation and disassembly.
  • Suitable for high-altitude operations.
  • The material used is made of high-strength special materials where no electromagnetic loss can occur.

Different Copper C Clamps

                                                            Figure 4 Different Copper C Clamps

Q6. What are the significant features of Copper C Clamp?

The significant features of Copper C Clamp are:

  • Copper C Clamp is functional and has a unique design.
  • Contact performance: The contact plane between the clamp and the wire is large. The clamping force is large and steady, and the DC resistance ratio is between 0.85 and 0.9.
  • Overload capacity: The overload capacity can reach more than two times the standard current.
  • Firm performance: The connection is stiff and cannot disconnect because it is secured by bolts and high-pressure crimping pliers.
  • Thermal cycle performance: Good thermal cycle performance. It always runs below the DC resistance ratio of 1.
  • Energy-saving performance: The material used to make Copper C Clamp is high-strength which guarantees no electromagnetic loss. It is the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
  • It is made up of high-strength alloy with good electrical conductivity.
  • It is made of high-quality manufacturing material copper.
  • It is highly durable.
  • The strong power grease compound of Copper C Clamp ensures that the wires of different compounds are in good contact. This meets the best requirements for the wire connection.
  • Rayphen Copper C Clamps are designed to satisfy the NEC250-80 and 250-91 requirements for connecting to the grounding electrode system.

All these features make a Copper C Clamp ideal for conductor connection of the continuous current.

Q7. How to choose the correct Copper C Clamp?

Following are some important factors to keep in mind while choosing the correct Copper C Clamp:

We should keep in mind that the Copper C clamp is a non-load-bearing power connection fitting, and it cannot be used as a load-bearing fitting. It can only be used for the connection between the conductor and the transformer and the interface of other equipment.

  1. Conductor material

Firstly, confirmation of the material of the conductor should be done. Only copper, aluminum, or aluminum alloys are used.

  1. Conductor cross-sectional area

The slot size of the Copper C Clamp used is different for different cross-sectional areas. You should keep this in mind while choosing the accurate Copper C Clamp.

  1. Size and design style

The sizes and styles of Copper C Clamps vary from country to country and region to region. There are C-shaped and 6-shaped Copper C Clamps. Rayphen also provides H Tap Connector.

Q8. How to maintain the Copper C Clamp?

Although copper is highly resistant to corrosion due to chemical reactions between it and the environment, there are circumstances for it to corrode.

Following are some tips for maintaining a Copper C Clamp for its longer lifespan.

  • Copper C Clamps can be ruined if not taken care of properly, like with rough handling, irrelevant job selection, and overloading e.t.c.
  • Keep your clamps in racks when not in use rather than throwing them in a pile.
  • Avoid immersing Copper C Clamps deeply in water as it can cause irreversible corrosion.
  • Ammonia seems to be an enemy of metals. It can cause deep penetration into Copper C Clamps and then, in some cases, an undesirable pink hue. So, you should avoid using cleaning agents containing ammonia solutions.
  • To avoid scratches, use a thin and soft cloth to clean a Copper C Clamp.
  • Copper C Clamp should be properly and regularly cleaned and free from rust by oiling for longer service and smoother operation.

Q9. Where can you buy high-quality Copper C Clamps?

If you want to buy high-quality Copper C Clamps, Rayphen is a perfect choice. It uses high-quality copper for its clamps which is durable. The best thing about Rayphen is that it offers a wide range of different-sized Copper C Clamps so that you can choose the perfect size Copper C Clamp according to the work you are going to perform.

Rayphen’s Copper C Clamp has a reasonable structure and elasticity, which maintains permanent contact pressure between the wire and the clamp even when the wire expands or contracts.

Moreover, Rayphen has 14 years of experience in producing various clamps, and they also offer customized variations in your Copper C Clamp.

Rayphen Copper C Clamps are manufactured keeping in mind the durability and maximum strength, which makes it an ideal choice, especially for repetitive use.

In addition, Rayphen ensures to provide you with versatility among Copper C Clamps.

CCT Copper C Clamp

                                                           Figure 5 CCT Copper C Clamp

Various sizes of Copper C Clamp

                                                            Figure 6 Various sizes of Copper C Clamp

Q10. Why Copper C Clamps have the alphabet C in their name?

The reason for alphabet C is that the design of the clamp is C-shaped. It is also called C-shaped Clamp or Copper C Connector; that is, the C-shape connecting terminal belongs to a class of power splicing fittings.

It is also called Copper Crimp Connector, Copper C Crimp, C tap Connector, and Copper C tap.

Q11. How to increase the durability of Copper C Clamps?

There is no need to increase the durability of a Copper C Clamp. You just need to take care of it because Rayphen has already used Copper metal in making its C Clamps which itself is a durable metal because of its resistance to corrosion.

Rayphen’s Copper C Clamps are coated with anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, and hydrophobic conductivity.

Copper maintains its electrical conductivity and generally does not deteriorate or corrode over time. In addition, with the overall heat treatment, its durability is further increased along with greater strength and toughness.

Q12. How to install the Copper C Clamps?

  1. Determine the model:

Firstly, the model is determined whether it is the connection of aluminum-aluminum, copper-copper, or iron-iron.

  1. Determine the size line:

Copper C Clamps are designed to secure different wire diameters. So, the perfect size should be selected.

  1. Put the wires:

The next step is to put the wire into the “C” slot.

  1. Crimp (Crimping tool):

The last step is to use the crimping tool.

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