Rayphen is Among the Leading Copper Clad Ground Rod Suppliers Across China
At Rayphen, you can get multiple varieties of copper clad ground rods at highly economical prices and you can get custom-made products too. Contact us!

Rayphen Copper Clad Ground Rod Suitable For

  • Copper Clad Ground Rod For Power Transmission Line
  • Copper Clad Ground Rod For Power Station
  • Copper Clad Ground Rod For Wind Energy
  • Copper Clad Ground Rod For Solar Energy
  • Copper Clad Ground Rod For Building
  • Copper Clad Ground Rod For Railway

Shine Your Business with Copper Clad Steel Rod from Rayphen

We are one of the best manufacturers of copper coated ground rods in China. Our products are genuine and have easy installation features. If you want to shine your business, you need corrosion-proof and reliable copper clad rods. And this is exactly what Rayphen is offering. We have a working experience of 14+ years which gives us the right knowledge about how to maintain the quality of copper clad ground rods. If you don’t want to waste your money on poor-quality products anymore. This is a golden chance to take advantage of. Here are some types of copper coated grounding rod, check them out!

4 ft Copper Clad Rod

This Rayphen copper clad steel ground rod has a length of 4 feet. These copper clad rods are perfect for grounding applications. These copper coated ground rods are excellent against corrosion. They are corrosion-resistant and give you the guarantee of long-term usage. You can custom order this 4 ft copper clad steel rod from Rayphen. Contact us for more information related to ground rods!

8 ft Copper Clad Ground Rod

They are similar to the 4 ft copper clad rods. The major difference is in their length. It is 8 feet in length and goes much better on the ground. There are several possibilities where you can use such copper coated ground rod. Rayphen 8 ft copper clad ground rod is relatively easy in its installation. The model can withstand high temperatures and harsh environmental conditions. For queries and information, check out our website!

10 ft Copper Coated Earthing Rod

Rayphen 10 ft copper clad steel ground rod is a reliable solution when the soil is much deeper. Because of its length, the copper coated earthing rod can make a strong strip inside the ground. They are perfect for commercial and residential projects. These Rayphen copper ground rods have a steel core with a copper plating over them. It prevents the earthing rod from getting corrosion. There are customizations available in this model too. For that, send us your dimensions now!

More Details about Rayphen Transmission Line Hardware

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    Copper Clad Ground Rod

    Rayphen Copper Clad Ground Rod is What You Need to Increase Your Sales

    We know finding a reliable and genuine copper clad steel ground rod manufacturer is tough.

    There are so many scams and fake products out there that you cannot decide what is real and what is not.

    But, with Rayphen, this problem is solved.

    How? Because all our copper clad steel rods are according to international quality control standards, including NFC, UL, DIN, ISO, and IEC.

    They have proper labeling making them relatively easy to inspect and take care of.

    In terms of mechanical and electrical strength, Rayphen copper coated grounding rod gives excellent results.

    It works brilliantly with various conductors whether copper or aluminum.

    You can use them for multiple applications, such as cable television, electric power, telecommunication, lightning protection, commercial projects, and residential buildings.

    Our copper clad ground rod is carefully treated to minimize copper oxidation.

    These copper coated ground rods do not require any external clamp as they perform all the activity on their strength.

    Let’s make a deal then?

    Contact us now through our website and ask for all the details!

    Sells to 200 International Customer

    Rayphen has made 200 trustworthy customers around the world who appreciate our products as we offer them customized solutions.

    Use of Best Quality Raw Material

    We pick the best raw material for not only the manufacturing of copper coated ground rod but also other products too.

    14+ Years of Experience

    We are successfully working for 14 years and over the years have launched dozens of products that fulfill your business needs.

    Strict Quality Control Compliance

    Our highly professional team monitors every step of copper clad steel rod manufacturing as we do not compromise on product quality.

    Rayphen Copper Clad Ground Rod

    Are you want to take a rest and save yourself from buying copper coated ground rods that rust very rapidly?

    Well, Rayphen will give you the relief of a pain-free purchasing experience for a secure business that surely increases your sales.

    At Rayphen, you get corrosion-resistant and highest-strength copper clad steel rods that ensure maximum performance.

    There are various sizes and dimensions we have for you; you can buy according to your demands.

    Our copper clad steel ground rods are made with state-of-the-art technology that keeps the tensile strength high.

    Rayphen copper coated earthing rod are compatible with not only copper but aluminum conductors.

    It means these are applicable in different setups, including residential and commercial buildings.

    The copper coated ground rod by Rayphen are easily installed and you don’t need to worry about their durability.

    They are long-lasting so there is no worry about replacing them after some months.

    All these good qualities come from the best raw material we use for the manufacturing of copper coated ground rods.

    We have experience of 14+ years which is genuinely reflected in our products like copper clad steel ground rod.

    Rayphen copper clad rods are certified products that bring ease and comfort to the customers as they can tolerate extreme environmental conditions.

    There is a separate customer care services team at Rayphen that deals with customers’ query and give them better recommendations.

    Our shipping process is safe and we ensure fast delivery which you can find very rare in many copper clad ground rod manufacturers.

    Rayphen incorporates feedback and suggestions to give you the product of your dreams.

    We also provide personalized solutions to those who want changes in their copper clad steel ground rods.

    So far, we are getting positive responses from the clients, if you want to be a part of our family, you are more than welcome.

    Contact us for more information and ask for recommendations!


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