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Rayphen is a leading manufacturer and supplier of CW cable gland for more than 7 years.

Why Rayphen CW Cable Gland

Excellent Quality CW Cable Gland to Support Your Business

If you are looking for an excellent quality CW cable gland, Rayphen is always the best place. We can supply you with our trusted CW cable glands for your applications. Check it out!

CW Cable Gland - Metric Thread, NPT Thread

Rayphen CW cable gland is a kind of explosion-proof cable gland.and it is a single compression cable gland. In fact, we are expert in exporting CW type cable glands to different companies around the world. Depending on your specific applications, we have the right metric thread, NPT thread CW cable gland for you. You can purchase cable gland CW type at a very affordable price.

CW Cable Gland - with or without nickel plated

Rayphen offers CW cable gland is with nickel plated or without nickel plated. We have the CW type cable gland from CW20S to CW75L. and the CW cable gland can be customized according to your desired sizes, designs, and finishes. Please do not hesitate to contact Rayphen sales to get the best price for your CW cable gland.

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NPTOuter diameter cable(mm)Thread length L1(mm)EX-markProtective level
Outlet Aincoming line B
M16×1.5—–87-1515Exd IIC GbIP66
M40×1.5G1 1/4NPT1 1/42719-3319
M50×1.5G1 1/2NPT1 1/23124-4119
M75×1.5G2 1/2NPT2 1/25538-6421


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Rayphen CW Cable Gland

Rayphen CW cable gland is made from high-quality durable materials. CW cable gland is an outdoor and indoor cable gland intended for use with all types of SWA (single wire armor) and AWA (aluminum wire armor) cable. They can provide an environmental seal on the outer sheath of the cable.

You can find from Rayphen a CW cable gland with lock nuts, earth tags, and PVC shrouds as standards. They are available as a low smoke nonhalogen version (LSNH) or an ordinary PVC version depending upon the cable being terminated.

Rayphen CW cable gland is widely used for armor wire clamping to ensure mechanical retention and electrical continuity of the cable. You can use Rayphen CW cable gland with steel wire armored cable for indoor application when a waterproof seal is not required.

Sell to over 500 Global Clients

Rayphen CW Cable Gland has been exported to over 500 global clients and installed on an electric power project in the world.

Use quality raw materials

Rayphen CW Cable Gland is manufactured with high-quality raw material.

7+ Years' Experience

Rayphen has over 7 years of CW Cable Gland manufacturing experience.

Strict quality control

CW Cable Gland manufactured by Rayphen is 100% strictly inspected before shipment.

Rayphen CW Cable Gland

At Rayphen, you can find different designs CW type cable gland, such as CW63S, CW50S, CW40S, CW32S, CW25S, and CW20S cable glands. Other designs for the CW cable gland are available upon your request.

You can find the CW cable gland in Rayphen at various finishes, sizes, and colors. All sizes of the CW cable gland in Rayphen are available. According to the finishes, there is a nickel-plated CW cable gland, without a nickel-plated CW cable gland, and a polished CW cable gland.

Rayphen is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of the CW cable gland in China. We are committed to providing the highest quality cable gland and professional customer service.

According to CW cable gland functions, It can be sealed on the outer sheath of the armored cable, armored specific clamping function, and electrical connection between the armored cable and gland.

No matter what your requirements, Rayphen strives to ensure that all of the CW cable glands in Rayphen can be met cost-efficiently and effectively.

Rayphen is the world’s leading supplier of cable and connection solutions in China. We are one of the biggest cable gland suppliers and manufacturers in China with more than 7 years of experience.

For more information about Rayphen CW cable gland, please contact us directly.

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