Rayphen – Your Reliable Electrical Lugs Manufacturer and Supplier
Rayphen – Your Reliable Electrical Lugs Manufacturer and Supplier

Why Rayphen Electrical Lugs

Improve Your Business with Rayphen Electrical Lugs

We offer flexible solutions for your specific applications.

Copper Electrical Lugs

Rayphen electrical lugs are commonly made from high-grade electrolyte copper. The purity of copper is as high as 99.9%. It is processed by annealing. At Rayphen, We have many kinds of copper electrical lugs for your needs. Send us your inquiry now.

Aluminum Electrical Lugs

At Rayphen, We provide aluminum electrical lugs with a ring shape, flat shape, single hole, or double holes. And the aluminum electrical lugs provide reliable permanently crimped connections. They are available in all sizes that are matched for each conductor size.

Aluminum Copper Electrical Lugs

Constructed durably, Rayphen copper aluminum electrical lugs are widely used for aluminum -to-copper wire connections. They are designed for high-strength wire connectors for industrial electrical applications, specially designed to connect one wire to another device or terminate wire safely.

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    Rayphen Electrical Lugs

    Rayphen electrical lugs are a sparkling metal between your wires or at the end of your cables. They are essential tools for connecting cables to other cables, electrical appliances, mechanisms, or surfaces.

    At Rayphen, We offer various materials, configurations, shapes, and sizes for your needs. so you will find narrow palm lugs, compression lugs, heavy-duty cable lugs, high voltage cable lugs, etc.

    Rayphen has all you need when it comes to electrical lugs products. Check us out to get more info!

    Why Rayphen Electrical Lugs

    Rayphen offers electrical lugs which are useful in connecting cables into your electrical appliances, surfaces, other cables, or mechanism. They are very popular in the industries and have been used every day in different appliances and places.

    For multiple connections, The electrical lugs are suitable for underground cable, power distribution industry, automation, control panel, overhead transmission line, etc. and according to different connection methods, if you want to terminate or connect 2 cables. Rayphen provides parallel or butt electrical lugs and connectors.

    The common materials for Rayphen electrical lugs are copper and aluminum. They are available in color silver and gold. Custom color for your electrical lugs is also welcome in Rayphen. Just send us your specifications.

    Through our advanced manufacturing process, we can offer tin-plated electrical lugs or acid cleaning electrical lugs upon your request. Its characteristics are anti-oxidation, anti-tarnishing, prolonged anti-rust.

    In Rayphen, you will find an electrical lug available in different surface treatments and all sizes to meet your preferences. If you can`t find the exact finish and sizes you want for your electrical lugs, let us know and let our team assist you.

    Rayphen electrical lugs are resistant to corrosion and oxidation. To any applications that need corrosion resistance and strength, Rayphen electrical lug is the best solution.

    In China, we are a well-known supplier and distributor of quality electrical lugs, a worldwide manufacturer of OEM, custom, and standard electrical lugs. Our range of electrical lugs allows us to satisfy the needs of our dear customers. It comes from every probable size at competitive prices.

    Rayphen strives to manufacture an outstanding electrical lug that will meet your size requirements. Because here in Rayphen, we are committed to our customers’ satisfaction.

    We do our best to provide speedy, friendly, and helpful customer support. We are only supplying high-quality electrical lugs to avoid customer`s disappointment.

    To get started on your electrical lugs project, please call us today! Also, expect on-time delivery with us!

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