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We offer a comprehensive range of substation fittings with full reports.

Why Rayphen Substation Fittings

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Improve Your Business with Rayphen Substation Fittings

Rayphen is your trusted manufacturer for all your substation fitting needs. We offer a complete range of substation fittings to skyrocket your business.

MGG Substation Fitting

Rayphen MGG substation fitting has a fixed type, sliding type, and corner type. The main material is aluminum alloy. The MGG substation fitting is used together with the insulator, Rayphen substation fitting offers wear-resisting, good corrosion resistance. Contact us for more details.

MRJ Substation Hardware

According to conductor quantity, MRJ substation hardware is also named bundle-conductor spacer and three-bundle conductor spacer. As a professional manufacturer, Rayphen has enough experience to support you choose the right MRJ substation hardware.

MGS Substation Accessories

At Rayphen, we have a standard and customized MGS substation accessories according to your specification guaranteed by our top-notch engineers. Every Rayphen substation accessories is highly demanded in the global market and appreciated among customers.

MTS Flexible Copper Connector

Rayphen flexible copper connector is used for transition connection with copper busbar, or equipment contact surface. Rayphen is always your best choice manufacturer of various types of flexible copper connector.

More Details about Rayphen Substation Fittings

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    Let Rayphen Help You Boom Your Business

    Rayphen substation fittings also named substation accessories or substation hardware is manufactured for different industrial applications.

    You can use substation fittings for the rail transit systems and electric power utility. Our range of substation fittings is manufactured with reliability and superior performance.

    No matter what you need for your applications, we can offer you our complete range of substation fittings.

    Sell to over 200 Global Clients

    Rayphen Substation Fittings has been exported to over 200 global clients and installed to electric power project in the world.

    Use quality raw materials

    Rayphen Substation Fittings is manufactured with high-quality raw material.

    14+ Years' Experience

    Rayphen has over 14 years of Substation Fittings manufacturing experience.

    Strict quality control

    Substation Fittings manufactured by Rayphen is 100% strictly tested before shipment.

    Rayphen Substation Fittings

    At Rayphen, you can find substation fittings such as spacer, tee connector busbar, flexible copper connector, bimetal washer, etc.

    All of our substation fittings are manufactured with excellent grade raw materials. Actually, Rayphen substation fittings are designed for voltages up to 765 kV applications.

    Depending on your required installation, our comprehensive substation fittings offering is available for bolted or welded applications, swage in aluminum, or copper materials.

    Our complete range of substation fittings allows you to install more efficiently and faster even without the need for a certified welder.

    Rayphen is more than 14 years in manufacturing excellent quality substation fittings in China. As an ISO certified company, we can offer you substation fittings with full test reports.

    Rayphen substation fittings are tested and designed to meet ANSI NEMA C119 and CC1 standards for installation, performance, and operation.

    This test lab allows Rayphen engineers to perform testing for vibration, strength, fatigue, current cycle, and heat rise.

    Rayphen also offers Engineering support for all your substation needs including customization of any parts for welded, voltage, bolted, or standard compression.

    Aside from cable lugs, we are also experts in manufacturing overhead line fittings, compression sleeves, substation connectors, and many more.

    At Rayphen, all of our substation fittings are produced in a very short time at a reasonable price compared to other companies.

    In addition to this, professional after-sales service is acquired by us to develop and survive in this industry for a long time.

    For more information about our substation fittings, please don’t hesitate to contact our team now!

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