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Rayphen provides one-stop solution for all your explosion proof cable gland needs. Find out the best explosion-proof cable gland that suits your requirements.

Explosion Proof Cable Gland - Metric Thread

Rayphen explosion proof cable gland can be used in hazardous areas. It is manufactured from brass, brass nickel-plated or stainless steel. You can get our explosion proof cable gland at budget-friendly prices.

Explosion Proof Cable Gland - PG Thread

Explosion proof cable gland is an excellent electrical product for fixing cables such as armored cables and shielded cables. Rayphen offers a full range of PG Thread ex cable gland. And we will provide you with a one-stop solution for your explosion-proof cable gland. Contact us for more details.

Explosion Proof Cable Gland - G Thread type, NPT Thread Type

Our G thread type and NPT thread type explosion proof cable gland are easy to install. It has a safe structure, reliability, and superior waterproof characteristics. As a professional manufacturer, Rayphen has enough experience to support you choose the right explosion proof cable gland.

EXD Cable Gland - Single Seal

Rayphen explosion proof cable gland is marked Exd IIC GB, So it is also called ex cable gland, exd cable gland, ex d cable gland, or ex proof cable gland. The cable gland is suitable for high-temperature and atrocious environmental conditions.

EX Cable Gland - Dould Seal

Rayphen cable gland explosion proof became popular in the marketplace. You can avail of our nickel-plated brass explosion cable gland at affordable rates. Also, it provides IP68 protection against water and dust. Contact us for 100% guaranteed quality at the best prices.

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    Rayphen Explosion Proof Cable Gland

    Rayphen is a leading cable gland manufacturer and supplier in China. Our range of cable glands has protection concepts such as flameproof and explosion-proof types. We manufacture quality cable glands with more than 7 years of expertise.

    Rayphen explosion-proof cable glands are devices designed for fixing and gland unarmored cables and armored cables. It has plastic and rubber insulation with a round section when laying into mobile, stationary, or portable electrical equipment.

    Sell to over 500 Global Clients

    Rayphen Explosion Proof Cable Gland has been exported to over 500 global clients and installed on an electric power project in the world.

    Use quality raw materials

    Rayphen Explosion Proof Cable Gland is manufactured with high-quality raw material.

    7+ Years' Experience

    Rayphen has over 7 years of Explosion Proof Cable Gland manufacturing experience.

    Strict quality control

    Explosion Proof Cable Gland manufactured by Rayphen is 100% strictly inspected before shipment.

    Rayphen Explosion-Proof Cable Gland

    At Rayphen, You can find ex d and ex e cable glands in Rayphen typically made from corrosion-resistant nickel-plated brass, passivation, brass, or stainless steel. Their arrangement categories and climatic versions are all tropical (T1.5) and climatic (V1.5).

    You can use Rayphen explosion-proof cable gland for armored cable and unarmored cable, cable in the metal hose, and pipe laying. Rayphen explosion-proof cable gland consists of an O-ring, fitting, and a cap nut. grounded ring, and PVC shrouds.

    You can get a single seal or double seal ex proof cable glands,  The following are the advantages of using Rayphen explosion-proof cable gland:

    • Fixing armored cables and unarmored cables
    • Prevent dust and moisture ingress such as the effect of a strong water jet
    • Ingress protection level IP66 based on GOST 14254-2015
    • Withstands low temperature

    Rayphen explosion proof cable gland manufactured in China is as per advanced international technical standards DIN, IEC, BS standards. Also, it is inspected by Ex, ATEX, and more.

    Rayphen explosion-proof cable glands have been a market leader for 7 years. Given the level of experience in this field, Rayphen is capable to offer a high degree of technical support and advice in this area.

    Rayphen provides you with a sustainable solution that helps you effectively manage hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical power more efficiently, more safely, and more reliably.

    If you want to order any of the Rayphen cable glands explosion-proof, please feel free to contact us.

    Explosion Proof Cable Glandthe Complete FAQ Guide

    Are you puzzled about how to connect your electric products to the explosion-proof equipment in your machine operation, drive technology, motor, or in hazardous areas?

    Doing wiring in hazardous areas is a colossal task that needs exceedingly care when executing the process.

    Moreover, selecting any type of cable and utilizing it in hazardous areas might be costly and lead to damages or harm in case of a fire outbreak.

    That’s to means: an explosion-proof cable gland is the perfect solution to any type of electrical cable wiring specifically in hazardous areas.

    If you want to dig more about explosion-proof cable glands, here is what you’ll learn:

    Q1. What Does Explosion-Proof Cable Gland Mean?

    Explosion-proof cable glands are devices used for connecting and fixing electrical cables such as unarmored, and armored cables which are mainly used in hazardous areas.

    Plastic and rubber are mainly used as insulators when fixing and connecting the explosion-proof power cables found in the explosion-proof equipment.

    Also, an explosion-proof cable gland offers high protection when accessing hazardous areas.

    Explosion-proof cables are produced from super quality materials with strict adherence to the specifications and standards of the industrial.

    Explosion Proof Cable Gland

                                                                    Figure 1 Explosion proof cable gland

    Q2. What Are The Main Features Of Explosion Proof Cable Glands?

    The prime objective of the ex-proof cable gland is to guard the explosion-proof power cables, which are used primarily in machine construction, motor, energy production, and drive technology among others.

    Therefore, these cables have the following features that offer maximum protection against shocks, impacts, and external influences when applied in hazardous areas.

    • The cables are durable and resistant to highly corrosive surroundings.
    • They are designed with optimum capabilities that offer a firm connection to the electrical components.
    • Ex-proof cables are flexible to apply in electrical cable wiring.
    • They are temperature resistant
    • Ex-proof cable gland guarantees you reliable and safe services especially in a vast range of applications.

    Q3. What Are The Materials Used To Make Explosion Proof Cable Glands?

    First, explosion-proof cable glands are produced from high-quality materials following industrial rules, specifications, and standards.

    Metal such as brass and stainless steel are used as gland body materials in explosion-proof cables.

    The reason for using metal as gland body material is because metal has a good performance on corrosion and is explosion-proof.

    Other materials responsible for making explosion-proof cable glands include Copper, Nickel-plated Brass, and Aluminum.

    Types of Explosion Proof Cable Gland Materials

                                                            Figure 2 types of explosion-proof cable gland materials

    Q4. What Is The Sealing Material Used To Make Explosion Proof Cable Gland?

    An explosion-proof cable gland requires a sealing material to restrict the passage, or movement of vapors, flames, and flammable gases.

    Therefore, whether a sealed connector, conduit seal, or cable gland seal, they are essential components when it comes to safe electrical distribution in hazardous areas.

    Neoprene seal is the sealing material used to make explosion-proof cable glands.

    Sealing Materials (Neoprene Seal)

                                                                   Figure 3 Sealing materials (Neoprene seal)

    Q5. What Is The Function Of Explosion Proof Cable Gland?

    These cables are typically designed to fix and connect armored or unarmored cables especially in hazardous areas.

    Aside from connecting and fixing armored and unarmored cables, ex-proof cables are used in the following ways:

    • Safeguard cables from water and dust.
    • They operate by providing an excellent seal on the outer covering of cables.
    • They offer general protection against shock, external influences, and unnecessary impacts.

    Q6. What Is The IP Rating Of Explosion Proof Cable Gland?

    An Ingression Protection Rating commonly abbreviated as IP Rating is used to categorize the various level of effective sealing offered by an electrical enclosure against objects, dirt, and water.

    Therefore, an explosion-proof cable gland has an Ingression Protection Rating ranging from IP 54, IP 66, and IP 68.

    Q7. What Is The Operating Temperature Of Explosion Proof Cable Gland?

    Cables do not generate heat because they are designed as parts of electrical equipment.

    Therefore, they are not allocated a specific operating temperature as opposed to other items designed to be used in hazardous areas.

    That’s to means: it is difficult to gauge heating effects in explosion-proof cable glands.

    Primarily, glands are subjected to a certain temperature range in which the cable must be confined within the set temperature while functioning.

    If it is not indicated in the certification report, the temperature range is always assumed to be -20℃/ +40℃.

    Q8. Where Can Explosion Proof Cable Gland Be Used?

    Explosion-proof cable glands are mainly applied in hazardous areas where a high intensity of ingression protection is needed.

    Moreover, you can use these cables to offer protection to all types of your electrical power, instrumentation, in your enclosure, and machine constructions as well.

    Besides, these cables are typically utilized in areas applied with oil, marine, gas, and other places with increased voltage transmission frameworks.

    Q9. What Are The Difference Between Armoured And Unarmoured Cables?

    They primarily work with explosion-proof cable glands are to fix and connect armored and unarmoured cables, which are the popular cables applied in hazardous areas.

    Armoured cables are designed with 2 sealing rings.

    Armoured Cables

                                                          Figure 4 Armoured Cables

    The front sealing ring is responsible for tightening the internal diameter of the explosion-proof cable gland, hence assuring full explosion-proof safety.

    However, the rear ring of the armored cables is used to tighten the external diameter of the ex-proof cables and forestall liquids from passing directly into the cable glands.

    In general, armored cables are used to prevent harm by offering an extra layer to the cable glands.

    This can be braided armor, single wire armor, pliable wire armor, or steel tape armor.

    Contrary, unarmored cables are more basic compared to armored cables.

    Unarmored Cables

                                                                     Figure 5 unarmored cables

    Unarmored cables, therefore, have a single outer seal, lack seal totally, or can have a double seal outer seal.

    Unarmored cables are not openly exposed to mechanical risks or damages.

    Q10. What Is The Purpose Of Explosion Proof Cable Gland?

    When you purchase explosion-proof cable glands, your purpose is to apply them either in motor, machine constructions, drive technology, or areas that need high regression.

    Ex Proof Cable Gland

                                                                     Figure 6 ex-proof cable gland

    The mainstream purpose of explosion-proof cable glands is to ensure that the enclosure wiring specifically, which the cable enters can be kept permanently without unnecessary damages.

    Q11. What Is Explosion Proof Wiring?

    Using electrical cables in hazardous areas can be more life-threatening.

    Therefore, when hazardous mixtures, ignite mistakenly, explosion-proof wiring is designed with seals and conduits responsible for separating the circuit from hazardous areas in case of gases or fire ignition.

    Ex-Proof Wiring

                                                                Figure 7 ex-proof wiring

    Besides, any hot gas escaping will be cooled to make them harmless or unable to ignite any of the other hazardous mixtures, outside the fixtures and conduit of the ex-proof.

    Q12. What Does Explosion-Proof Mean?

    You might think explosion-proof means lack of explosions, right?


    When an enclosure hinders sparks, hot gases, and flames from escaping to the environment, hence causing harm, then the enclosure is said to be explosion-proof.

    Typically, ex-proof frameworks are designed with an elongated internal or external rim that creates a long path for flame with an aim of cooling and containing the ignition.

    Q13. What Are The Various Components Of The Ex-Proof Cable Gland?

    The ex-proof cable gland is divided into various parts that are essential for a particular function when used in hazardous areas.

    These parts include:

    The Earth Tags

    The Earth tag is the main component in the ex-proof cable gland that acts as a protector.

    Therefore, the earth tag is responsible for protecting the cable gland from being powered by electricity.

    Apart from that, earth tags also offer protection for anybody who might come into close contact with messy glands.

    Earth Tag for Cable Gland

                                                                 Figure 8 Earth Tag

    Cable Body

    In most cases, explosion-proof cable gland cable consists of metal as the main part commonly used.

    Metal tends to offer the best results when applied in hazardous areas.

    In addition, metals tend to offer high performance on corrosion and explosion in particular.

    Other materials used to make the cable body of the explosion-proof cable gland include plastic, stainless materials, or steel.

    The Ring

    When cable armor is applied, the corner ring is used to bind the cables and tighten them to avoid leakages that might destroy the environment.

    Also, the ring is used to drum up support to the electrical cable found in the gland body.

    The Nut

    Nuts are fundamentally used at the entrance of the thread.

    Therefore, due to tremendous power that might be following via the cables, the cables may become loose and leak some substances into the environment.

    To seal the unnecessary leakages, nuts are used to make sure cable glands don’t become loose due to the impact of the flowing substances.

    Moreover, nuts are responsible for securing the cable gland in its exact position.


    Often washer is made of stainless steel.

    Before a locknut, the cable gland washer is attached to the electrical equipment internally.

    Generally, the purpose of the washer fitted into the electrical gadgets internally is to prevent the explosion-proof cable gland from loosening when operating.

    Following clause: 6.4.1 of IEC 60079-14, it is important to prevent self-loosening of the ex-proof cable gland.

    Usually, self-loosening can happen even without vibration or can occur due to relative motion happening over time.

    The loosening can be due to thermal impacts such as high temperature, or fastened materials.

    Q14. Which Connection Does Explosion-Proof Cable Gland Provides?

    Explosion-proof cable glands primarily can be utilized in instrumentation systems and automated process control that ought to run in hazardous environments.

    Besides, these cables offer a reliable connection in the following areas:

    • In other application and computer that requires zone connectors
    • In-process control
    • In transmission and distribution
    • In communication systems
    • Data acquisition

    Q15. Which Zones Can Use Explosion Proof Cable Glands?

    Underneath are the zones where explosion-proof cable gland can be applied:

    Zone 0 Hazardous Area

    The explosive setting in this area is featured by a mix of air of flammable substances that are in gas form, vapor, and mist for a longer duration.

    Zone 1 Hazardous Area

    In this zone, the explosive setting constitutes a combination of vapor, gas, and mist and often occurs in a normal setting repeatedly.

    Zone 2 Hazardous Area

    In this zone, there are flammable substances that are combined.

    Nonetheless, it doesn’t occur in normal operations.

    Similarly, when it occurs, it takes time as well for some time.

    Q16. What Area Is Suitable For Explosion-Proof Cable Gland Installation?

    Areas that require high protection degrees or ingression such as hazardous areas are the most suitable area for explosion-proof cable gland installation.

    Also, machine construction areas, drive technology, motor, and energy production areas among others are the most ideal places to install explosion-proof cable glands.

    Q17. What Are The Types Of Threads Available In Explosion-Proof Cable Gland?

    Explosion-proof cable glands can be found in various types of threads such as:

    • PG
    • Metric
    • NPT

    Also, the sealing protection tends to reach 15 bars and IP68.

    Q18. How Do You Choose Explosion Proof Cable Gland?

    Choosing the best explosion-proof cable gland for your project might be a bit daunting.

    The safety of the environment and human life is the most crucial aspect to consider before selecting an explosion-proof cable gland.

    The last thing you might want to encounter is to choose the wrong ex-proof cable gland for your machine construction, drive technology, or in hazardous areas.

    Therefore, if you want to select the right ex-proof cable gland for your project, here are the points to consider:


    This is the crucial point to deem when you want an explosion-proof cable gland.

    You have to plan what is the best size of your cable fitting before deciding on the cable gland you want to buy.

    Planning the best size of your cable fitting helps you to minimize the mishaps that might occur when you are done with your project.

    Since you are applying the cables in hazardous areas, you must be careful about the best cable size fitting to avoid gases from escaping the explosion-proof cable gland.

    Determine the Type of Materials used

    After you have settled on the best cable size fitting for your project, you should determine the type of material you want to use for your explosion-proof cable gland.

    Different materials are ranging from stainless materials, brass, and metal among others.

    Though different project requires different types of cable materials, metal is considered the best material to use in explosion-proof cable gland.

    Metal provides optimum performance to corrosion and explosion as well.


    The IP rating commonly known as Ingression Progression rating is also another factor that can help you decide on the best ex-proof cable glands.

    Cable glands have different IP ratings to suit your area of application or project.

    Thus, an explosion-proof cable gland has an Ingression Protection Rating ranging from IP 54, 1P 66, IP 68.

    You can select an IP rating that correlates to the needs of your project.


    Cost is another essential aspect to consider before buying an explosion-proof cable gland.

    Each cable gland has a different price depending upon the material used to make the cable gland.

    Generally, ex-proof made of metal seems to be expensive compared to plastic, stainless, or cables made of brass.

    However, the need for your project as well might depend on the type of cable to buy.

    The Environmental Condition

    Since these cables are used in areas with high protection rates, you must consider an explosion-proof cable that offers super protection to the electrical equipment.

    Therefore, you ought to consider the IP rating of the cable to make sure your electrical cables will be safe from the harsh environment.

    Generally, the minimum IP protection off late is IP 66 or IP 68.

    However, metal outweighs other materials in terms of performance and its nature of corrosion-resistant.

    Installation Process

    If you want an optimal outcome, you must embrace correct installation.

    Therefore, explosion-proof cable glands are among the most essential components for making sure the electrical equipment is installed correctly especially in hazardous areas.

    Besides, when you make mistakes during your installations, it can result to harm or cause destruction to the strength of explosion protection.

    Q.19 How Do You Install Explosion Proof Cable Glands?

    The following procedure might help you install and use an explosion-proof cable gland effectively:

    1. Based on the need of your project, clean out the outer covering of the cable to a sizable length to disclose the armored layer of the ex-proof cable gland.
    2. Reserve a sizeable length of the excess cut armored layer and treat the cable
    3. Pass the processed cables via parts 6 and 5, where part 6 is versed with a sealing ring and sheathed on the cable.
    4. Pass the parts of the metal armoring through 4 and do the cable grounding to treat the cable. And then after passing the cable core through 3, turn it immediately to 2.
    5. Mix two supporting sg-100 packaging materials to form the suitable packing, then around the cable core and wire, add the filling material to the gap to make the inner diameter of part 2 closer to its size. Then add enough amount of packing in the part 3 cavity.
    6. Place the taper part of part 3 in the armoring and set part 2 on it.
    7. Fasten part I on the inlet hole. Place the cable via parts 2-6 into part 1, onto parts 1 and 5, screw them.
    8. Fasten part 6 onto 5 and tighten the sealing ring in part 6 on the outer covering.
    9. After you have installed your explosion-proof cable gland, see to it that the sleeve packing is full of stuffing and has no bubbles. This improves the performance of the cables.

    Q20. What Are The Factors That Determine Explosion-Proof Equipment Installation?

    EN 60079 is the IEC/EN standard for most of the explosion-proof equipment.

    On the other hand, the SANS 60079 series is the standard of explosion-proof electrical equipment in South Africa.

    Therefore, you can’t pick any ex-proof electrical equipment and install it in a hazardous area. You must consider several factors such as:

    1. The amount that is highly flammable in hazardous zones
    2. The frequency and duration of substances that react highly especially in these hazardous zones
    3. The impact accompanied by an explosion
    4. The intensity to which these zones need to be protected

    Hence, the risk of explosion is well determined by the number of flammable substances produced at hand.

    Q21. What Are The Benefit Of Using Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment?

    To avoid injuries in industries that deal with machine construction or other hazardous areas, explosion-proof electrical equipment plays a pivotal role to protect the workers.

    Explosion Proof Cable Gland

            Figure 9

    Apart from protection, here are other benefits of using Ex-proof electrical equipment:

    Reduce Cost Expenses

    One of the reasons for using ex-proof electrical equipment is to reduce medical costs that might result because of sudden explosion.

    That’s t to mean: ex-proof electrical equipment will help cut the unnecessary cost when everything is in pristine condition.

    You must be aware not all ex-proof electrical equipment is beneficial.

    Therefore, your product in use must be certified and ascertained to be effective in guarding abrupt ignition against vapors, flames, or gases.

    Leads to Positive Reviews in an Organization

    When you work with other potential clients, their life is paramount as well.

    When you don’t implement ex-proof electrical products in your machine construction organization among others, probably, you’ll be threatening the life of many including your customers.

    Therefore, some might leave negative reviews when they find out their life was in danger.

    That’s to means when you use, certified ex-proof electrical products, customers will trust your services and refer others to do business with you.

    As they say, safety is paramount.

    You need to ensure the life of others is intact by using ex-proof electrical cables especially when your organization is dealing with highly flammable substances.

    Provide Protection in Hazardous areas

    When you are working with your staff members in an area with high ingressions, safety is one of the features ex-proof electrical equipment assures you with.

    Meaning, no staff member wants to die or be exposed to unsafe surroundings.

    However, when ex-proof products are used, employees find peace of mind and concentrate on their job since they are assured the right products are used.

    Ex-proof products provide protection against abrupt ignition from gases, vapor, or flames from reaching the environment.

    Q22. What Are The Bodies That Approve Explosion-Proof Equipment?

    For your company to use Ex-proof electrical equipment, the electrical equipment must be certified or approved to be effective for minimizing the risk or damages to the environment.

    Therefore, two bodies offer ex-proof certification in the world.

    They include:

    1. IEC/IECEx
    2. ATEX directives

    Q23. What Are the Advantages of Explosion Proof Equipment?

    The prime reason for buying explosion-proof equipment is to use in hazardous areas, motor, or in construction machines.

    They tend to perform better because of their favorable IP rating as well.

    When you decide to purchase explosion-proof equipment, keep in mind the following major functions:

    1. Can be used with other high power equipment
    2. They are simple and easy to design
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