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We design and supply durable fuse cutout for overhead lines against overload and fault at a reasonable price.

Rayphen Fuse Cutout Suitable For

  • Fuse Cutout for South Africa Eskom
  • Fuse Cutout for Philippines NGCP
  • Fuse Cutout for Vietnam EVN
  • Fuse Cutout for Bangladesh DESCO
  • Fuse Cutout for Sri Lanka CEB
  • Fuse Cutout for Zambia ZESCO

The Foremost Rayphen Fuse cutout to Take Your Business up a Notch

When it comes to outdoor expulsion drop out fuse cutout, Rayphen offers diverse options you can choose effortlessly. All power line fuse cutout produced are of outstanding quality. If you need more, check them out!

11kV Drop out Fuse

Rayphen made this top-notch 11kV expulsion drop-out fuse with premium materials. The upper and lower contacts of the Rayphen 11kV expulsion drop-out fuse have good alignment. No special-shaped adjustment is required during installation, and the operation is convenient. This electrical fuse cutout is designed according to the IEC 600282-2 standard. if you have special fuse cutout requirements, just contact us!

15kV Fuse Cutout

Rayphen 15kV drop out fuse cutout is composed of epoxy glass fiber fused tube, silicon rubber or porcelain insulator, etc. This cutout fuse can be moisture-proof, anti-aging, high interruption ability, anti-deformation, anti-ultraviolet, and other advantages. Meanwhile, the dropout fuse cutout has good line fault-breaking capacity and protects fault damages to the cables. For your needs, contact our team now!

Fuse Cut Out 20kV

This well-designed Dropout Fuse Cutout 20kV is mainly for outdoor high voltage distribution lines. So, it is also called a high voltage fuse cutout. The contact material of Rayphen fused cutout switch is made of copper and copper alloy, and the surface is plated with silver, which can effectively reduce the resistance, thereby improving the conductivity and reducing the temperature rise.

With Rayphen, an extensive array of reliable Fuse Cut out 20 kV is available for you at an affordable price. Therefore, you can purchase the model that best fits your budget.

Drop Out Fuse 22kV

Regardless of your requirement, we produce long-lasting electric drop out fuse 22kv to suit your taste. This product is ideal for safeguarding transformers on rural electrical distribution lines. All drop-out fuse 22kV from Rayphen are with excellent features.

In the meantime, The electric cutout fuse has a long creepage distance, which can meet your needs. So send in your queries. We live for this!

33kV Drop Out Fuse

Step up your business with Rayphen 33kV drop out fuse. We made this model control circuit electricity flow on transformer distribution branch lines and distribution lines. It is perfect for most application areas with high-network distribution transformer subsidiary stations.

In addition, the Rayphen fused cutout switch is light in weight, small in size, and easy to install. Contact us for more info!

Cut Out Fuse Holder

Rayphen offers a wide variety of cut-out fuse holders for all users according to their choices. Cut out Fuse Holder, also known as insulating fuse tubes. They are composed of both copper contact and fiberglass fuse tube. It is used to reduce the risk of cutout failure.

Rayphen cut-out fuse holder has different sizes and specifications. With Rayphen, you got a high-quality cut-out fuse holder.

Cut Out Fuse Link

Cut out Fuse Links are mechanical and electrical circuit protection devices known as fuse elements. It is placed in the fuse tube to achieve the cut-off effect of the drop-out fuse. Rayphen fuse link cut out to protect fuses from electrical failures.

Rayphen provides a K-type fuse link and T-type fuse link, as well as different amperes for you to choose from.  Irrespective of the design you want, contact us for your demand!

More Details about Rayphen Drop Out Fuse 22kV

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    Fuse Cutout

    Let Rayphen be Your Best Associate to Elevate your Business

    For excellent and efficient distribution cutout, you can always trust Rayphen for the best. Rayphen made this product with a combination of a fuse and a switch to provide heavy-duty safety against the power surge on transmission lines and ensure effective cutting operations.

    All items from us are produced from superior porcelain or silicon rubber technology to ensure compelling performances to resist high temperature and thermal shock. This model is designed from standard materials that can last for lifetime use. Rayphen fuse cutout has a robust construction that prevents transmission line fault in harsh weather conditions.

    More importantly, it does not cost a fortune to add this model to your transmission line. So it is pretty much affordable. Besides, if you want a fuse cutout that is perfect for altitudes not exceeding 1000m, you can never go wrong with Rayphen products. Our items are highly resistant to all forms of humidity, heat, and frost due to their stainless-steel rain cover.

    Rayphen got you covered for different drop out fuses you can ever think of. Beyond this, it is available in variant designs and modifications. We build this product to suit your interest. Just check our page, place an order and get a fantastic electric fuse cut out at your threshold. We manufacture and supply this unit across the globe. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the expulsion drop out fuse. We offer you the best you can get.

    Sell to over 300 Clients

    Rayphen mass-produces and delivers the ultimate fuse cutout for transformers overhead lines to more than 300 Clients across the globe.

    Use of top-notch raw materials

    Rayphen uses excellent materials in manufacturing all kinds of high voltage fuse cutout.

    14 Years’ Experience

    Rayphen has over 14 year’s broad experience in dealing with first-class distribution cutout.

    Strict Quality Control

    All drop fuse cutout from Rayphen undergoes a strict standard test for superior production and quality control.

    Rayphen Fuse Cutout

    Rayphen expulsion drop out fuse is the top product with unique features for controlling electricity flow distribution lines. It comes with copper and stainless steel materials that provide safety against connection failures and ensure longevity and comfort. Our drop fuse cutouts are made with quality galvanized steel with excellent conductivity.

    Rayphen made this product accessible to all its customers worldwide for all application areas. With the products’ qualities and characteristics in multiple worlds, Rayphen drop out fuse stays ahead of the park. This fuse cutout is quick, effective, and easy to install on the distribution line branch with our advanced production facilities.

    But, it doesn’t stop there! We made this model with a sleek user-friendly design to ensure all product from us undergoes quality compliance from renowned and reputable standards. So, be sure our distribution cutout is strictly checked and approved before exporting. What more! With over 14 years of extensive knowledge, we have become the overall cut out fuse manufacturer in China.

    Rayphen designs variant dimensions of high voltage fuse cut out including 11kV drop out fuse, 15kV fuse cutout, fuse cut out 20kV, drop out fuse 22kV, 33kV drop out fuse, cut out fuse holder and cut out fuse link. These items are compatible with all kinds of transmission electrical wires. Irrespective of the one you want to invest in, Rayphen never fails you. We provide designs according to your customs and options. Send your request now! Rayphen constructs a top power line fuse cutout list.

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