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Rayphen Ground Rod Suitable For

  • Ground Rod For Power Transmission Line
  • Ground Rod For Power Station
  • Ground Rod For Wind Energy
  • Ground Rod For Solar Energy
  • Ground Rod For Building
  • Ground Rod For Railway

The Best Quality Rayphen Ground Rod

If you are having difficulty in finding the perfect electric ground rod for your business, then you came to the ideal place. Rayphen is the manufacturer and supplier of 200 clients all over the world. We have been in the manufacturing industry for quite a long time now, hence know the demands of customers. You will find various types and sizes of the lightning ground rod at Rayphen. All these products are unique and market-competitive. Check out our latest collection, enjoy!

Copper Bonded Ground Rod
Copper Bonded Ground Rod

Rayphen copper ground rod is made with the high-quality copper and performs brilliantly in different electrical setups. We use a one-of-a-kind production method that comprises shaping the steel rod to the appropriate size before starting the copper bonding processing. As a result, the steel core is smoother and tougher, allowing easier installation. Rayphen follows a continuous electroplating technique over the steel core to create a permanent molecular bonding that will last for years. Our ISO-certified production facility produces a consistent, high-quality final ground rod that is utilized in thousands of installations worldwide. It resists corrosion, therefore, making itself long-lasting. Contact us for more details!

Galvanized Ground Rod
Galvanized Ground Rod

Apart from the copper-bonded ground rods, Rayphen galvanized ground rod is the second most reliable type of such product. It is composed of galvanized material and has a protective zinc layering on its outer surface. This layer provides extra protection against moisture. Thus, keeping away the danger of rust and corrosion. Also, such an electrolytic ground rod can take away the dangerous electricity and neutralize it into the ground. That is what the primary purpose of a ground rod is. Rayphen galvanized ground rod is easy to install without expensive tools and gadgets. You can also ask for customization in size. Visit our website for more information!

Threaded Ground Rod
Threaded Ground Rod

As clear from the name of the product, this electrolytic ground rod is with thread. You can choose thread one end or both thread end. Rayphen electric ground rod is perfect for your business as it is reliable and easy to install. You will find the product corrosion-resistant and temperature-tolerant. There are many sizes of this particular product by Rayphen. They can effectively link the grounding of most electrical systems with earth ground. This earth ground rod is a good electricity conductor. For customization, contact us now!

Pointed Solid Copper Ground Rod
Pointed Solid Copper Ground Rod

Based on your specific application, Rayphen also has this solid copper ground rod. It is purely made of high-quality copper which makes it a reliable product. It is ideal for earthing because of its pointed end. Rayphen lightning ground rod has good tensile strength and up to 500-600N/mm². The surface copper layer of this ground rod is not easy to oxidize. For that, contact us now and send us your demands!

More Details about Rayphen Ground Rod

Ground Rod Ends

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Copper Bonded Ground Rod/ Copper Bonded Earthing Rod3/8″9824000.254







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Let Rayphen Ground Rod Boom Your Business

Rayphen is the industry’s top maker of threaded ground rods, with a huge following.

All of our electric ground rods are trusted by our clients because we have over 14 experience years in the producing and supplying sector.

Our electrolytic ground rods have distinct qualities that set them apart from the competition.

At our location, we provide a variety of options since we believe in meeting the needs of all of our customers.

Rayphen is the place to shop and spend if you’re looking for a genuine grounding rod.

Our company manufactures earth ground rod with the highest quality raw materials since the product’s quality and dependability are dependent on it.

You can email us with any questions or concerns, and we will immediately respond!

Sells to 200 Clients

The company has more than 200 clients of grounding rod, and the number is growing every day.

High-Quality Raw Material

All Rayphen electrical ground rods are made with amazing quality raw material.

Experience of 14+ Years

Rayphen has 14+ years of experience in threaded ground rod manufacturing and supplying.

Strict Quality Control

We monitor processing and supplying following the latest quality control parameters to guarantee the safety of products and workers.

Rayphen Ground Rod

Are you a retailer looking for different types of high-quality earth ground rods to sell? Or a business owner who needs custom-sized electric ground rods for your business?

Well, you are at the perfect place because we are proud manufacturers and suppliers of premium electrical ground rods.

Rayphen is a one-stop solution to all your electrolytic ground rod problems, supply, and whatnot.

Now, you can get the product of your need conveniently from us.

The ground rod is also called to earthing rod. As grounding rods are essential electrical hardware, we make them with love and care with the finest raw material.

The purity of the earth rod is up to 99.9% electrolytic copper. They are excellent and compatible with copper conductors and easily ground the electricity when there is an overflow.

Our threaded ground rods keep the moisture away for safety because they have pure raw material which makes them corrosion-resistant.

All Rayphen lightning ground rods have good tensile strength and are good conductors of electric current.

We have stepped into this market 14 years ago and have learned quite a lot over the years that how to improve the quality of the products.

That is why we have developed state-of-the-art technology to manufacture grounding rods with unique features.

Over 200 customers trust Rayphen with its threaded ground rod because the product is safe to use and easy to install.

Our electrical ground rod is certified and under international engineering standards.

Rayphen has friendly terms with all its clients as we treat them as our family and listen to their suggestions and feedback.

We always keep in mind customers’ demands so that they can get the most appropriate earth ground rod.

You can custom order from Rayphen, and the company will deliver the product to your doorstep within a few days.

Send us your quotations and be a part of the Rayphen family!


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