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Rayphen Lightning Arrester 22kV Suitable For

  • Lightning Arrester 22kV for South Africa Eskom
  • Lightning Arrester 22kV for Philippines NGCP
  • Lightning Arrester 22kV for Vietnam EVN
  • Lightning Arrester 22kV for Bangladesh DESCO
  • Lightning Arrester 22kV for Sri Lanka CEB
  • Lightning Arrester 22kV for Zambia ZESCO

The Best Quality Lightning Arrester 22kV for Your Business

We are offering unique lightning arrestors at market competitive rates with your trust in us. Rayphen has a wide range of zinc oxide lightning arresters for your applications. Choose whatever product suits you the best as per your specifications. Here is our collection of lightning arrester 22kV lines. Check it out!

Polymer Lightning Arrester 22kV

Polymer lightning arrester is a great product by Rayphen that offers you reliability and electrical safety. Based on your applications, there are various Rayphen LA lightning arresters with anti-aging and high mechanical stability. Being resistant towards acids, alkalis, pollution, this MOV lightning arrester series by Rayphen is top-notch in performance. Rayphen zinc oxide lightning arrester is easy to install and are resistant to leakage. A silicon rubber material is encapsulated around the polymer body making the zinc oxide arrester shock and heatproof. For more information about the product, contact us.

Specifically made from the polymer is an overvoltage suppresser with good protection performance. These Rayphen series include zinc oxide arresters having zinc oxide varistor core. This makes them temperature tolerant, low maintenance, and lightweight. These Rayphen zinc oxide lightning arresters are utilized for the protection of transformer connectors and cables of mains. Rayphen with its two sealing technology manufacture lightning arrestors for 22kV lines with a simple structure but with a large current flow capacity. Ask for recommendations and more.

More Details about Rayphen Lightning Arrester 22kV

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    Lightning Arrester 22kV

    Let Rayphen Become Your Ultimate Lightning Arrester 22kV Partner

    Rayphen produces the most reliable metal oxide lightning arrester with quality features and characters.

    There are various forms of 22kV lightning arrester at Rayphen that are easily accessible to you through our website.

    Our famous lightning arrester 22kV series includes polymer lightning arresters that are made with perfection.

    Both these electrical arresters are anti-aging, corrosion-free, and with a smooth shiny burr-free appearance.

    As far as their electrical safety is concerned, Rayphen polymer lightning arrestor(surge arrester) provides maximum security to the cables from the harms of overvoltage and lightning effects.

    Both these have a metal oxide varistor core, MOV arresters, while the rubber is encapsulated around the polymer.

    Also, Rayphen has zinc oxide varistor cored lightning arrestors for 22kV lines as they have a bigger capacity of the flow.

    With the latest technology, we are manufacturing the MOV lightning arrester with the perfection that provides standard solutions to you.

    Being lightweight, Rayphen la lightning arresters are more efficient as compared to other lightning arresters because they have a strong grip.

    Rayphen electrical arrester is compatible with various cables of the overhead transmission and distribution lines.

    Visit us through our website and ask for your specific product.

    Sells to 200 Customers Internationally

    Rayphen supplies lightning surge arresters to greater than 200 international customers with care and high-quality products.

    Use of Genuine Raw Material

    Rayphen MOV lightning arrestors are manufactured utilizing good quality raw material since it is an important factor to consider.

    Experience of 14 Years

    Rayphen has vast experience of 14+ years in lightning arrester 15kV manufacturing and supplying.

    Quality Control Compliance

    Rayphen does quality control tests for all 22kV lightning arresters.

    Rayphen Lightning Arrester 22kV

    Still, looking for an authentic high voltage lightning arrester for your business? Rayphen is the solution to your problems.

    With our advanced two sealing technology, the MOV lightning arrester is resistant to corrosion, heat, and stain.

    They are perfect for overvoltage and lightning with electrical safety and reliability.

    Rayphen is making reliable products for the past 14 years and is supplying to over 200 customers across the globe.

    We have a repute in the la lightning arrester manufacturing industry, that is why customers trust us with the zinc oxide arresters we produce and supply.

    The packaging of Rayphen high voltage lightning arrester is top-notch as we know the technicalities and demands of the modern world.

    Rayphen metal oxide lightning arrester comes in polymer body with zinc oxide disc and metal oxide varistor (MOV) core, hence are appropriately called MOV lightning arrestors.

    Based on your applications, Rayphen produces quality products that give the maximum output and easy installation.

    Made with high mechanical intensity, the electrical arrester by Rayphen is hydrophobic and provides great support against humidity and other climatic factors.

    There is little to no maintenance required for Rayphen high voltage lightning arresters because they are resistant to pollution and do not require annual cleaning.

    Being lightweight, these Rayphen zinc oxide lightning arrestors are acid and alkali-resistant and have a longer life span.

    Rayphen series of la lightning arresters guarantee safety for operation and have a large flow capacity as compared to competitors’ products.

    All the Rayphen lightning arresters 22kV are accompanied by silicon rubber that makes the lightning arresters easy to handle and install.

    Our zinc oxide lightning arresters are made with fine technology and high-quality raw material for your convenience.

    We never compromise on our quality and reputation, so Rayphen metal oxide lightning arrester shows superior performance and aging-resistant properties.

    They are trace resistant and also resistant to leakages.

    We believe in customer care; hence our customer care service is available all the time and you can reach us from anywhere; we will be happy to serve you.

    If you are asking for the MOV lightning arresters that give complete reliability against the environmental factors, Rayphen is the lightning arrester company you can contact.

    There is an option of customization at Rayphen where you can tell us your dimensions and we will deliver the product right away to you.

    Your suggestions and feedback are welcomed here at Rayphen and we appreciate your support to us.

    This is important for the growth of your business as well as our improvement in lightning arrestor manufacturing procedures.

    You can contact us through our website, our after-sales tea will respond quickly and solve your la lightning arrester issue in no time.

    Send us your quotations and ask for recommendations at Rayphen!

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