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Rayphen Lightning Arrester 24kV Suitable For

  • Lightning Arrester 24kV for South Africa Eskom
  • Lightning Arrester 24kV for Philippines NGCP
  • Lightning Arrester 24kV for Vietnam EVN
  • Lightning Arrester 24kV for Bangladesh DESCO
  • Lightning Arrester 24kV for Sri Lanka CEB
  • Lightning Arrester 24kV for Zambia ZESCO

The Reliable Lightning Arrester 24kV for Your Successful Business

Rayphen is delivering the high-quality lightning arrester 24kV with anti-aging and anti-pollution properties. We are offering a wide range of electrical arresters for your convenience. Here is our Rayphen zinc oxide arrester collection.

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Polymer Lightning Arrester 24kV
Polymer Lightning Arrester 24kV

This series of Rayphen polymer lightning arresters is characterized by pollution resistance and stain resistance. They have a metal oxide varistor core that makes the zinc oxide lightning arrester much more reliable to use (MOV lightning arresters). Rayphen offers this polymer arrester with easy installation and resistance towards alkali and acid along with other chemicals. Rayphen la lightning arrester has a silicon rubber encapsulation on the polymer lightning arrester 24kV for temperature toleration and shock absorbance. It provides excellent results against lightning impulse and current overvoltage impulse. With the two sealing technology, Rayphen polymer lightning arrester 24kV is high performing electrical arrester that gives you complete durability. Tap to see the details of the product.

Porcelain Lightning Arrester 24kV
Porcelain Lightning Arrester 24kV

Rayphen porcelain lightning arrester for 24kV power distribution lines is well structured and uniquely designed product. It includes high-end features such as anti-stain, anti-corrosion, and pollution free. The layout of the la lightning arrester is many customers friendly. Rayphen put the effort into making the zinc oxide arrester to suppress the overvoltage and lightning effect that could prove damaging to the cables and power distribution lines. These electrical arresters by Rayphen can be your ultimate solution to current overvoltage and high voltage impulse. The zinc oxide lightning arrester has a strong core of zinc oxide varistor giving them high mechanical stability. Visit us for customization and recommendations.

More Details about Rayphen Lightning Arrester 24kV

Lightning Arrester TypeMOA Rated VoltageMCOVCurrent Impulse Residual Voltage2ms Rectangular current impulse withstand4/10μs High current impulse withstand
1/4 μs Lightning current impulse8/20μs Lightning current impulse30/60 μs

Switching current impulse

kV(rms)kV(rms)kV(crest)kV(crest)kV(crest)AkA (crest)
Lightning Arrester TypeMOA Rated VoltagePower frequency discharge voltage1.2/50 μs Impulse discharge voltage

8/20 μs Lightning impulse residual voltage

2ms Rectangular current impulse withstand4/10μs High current impulse withstand
kV(rms)kV(rms)kV(crest)kV(crest)AkA (crest)

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Lightning Arrester 24kV

Let Rayphen Be Your Success Partner in Lightning Arrester 24kV Business

Rayphen manufactures top-notch MOV lightning arresters as per the quality and manufacturing standards.

We made a huge range of lightning arrester 24kV for your applications having specific dimensions and features you ask for.

The la lightning arresters are easily accessible to you from the Rayphen website and you can custom order from us too.

Rayphen 24k lightning arrestor series consists of porcelain and polymer metal oxide arresters that are made with the latest technology.

They are characterized by anti-corrosive and anti-stain property along with showing resistance to environmental pollution.

Talking specifically about the electrical safety of these Rayphen MOV lightning arrestors, they show maximum results against the overvoltage and high voltage impulse to make the cables of power distribution lines safe.

Rayphen high voltage lightning arrester has a reliable metal oxide varistor core and silicon rubber is present around the lightning arrester body for two-way sealing and resistance against acids and alkalis.

Also, the Rayphen zinc oxide lightning arrester for 24kV lines has a larger flow capacity which adds to the plus side of our products.

Our high voltage lightning arresters are lightweight and hydrophobic hence, dealing with the humidity quite well.

You can visit our website for our metal oxide lightning arrester collection.

Selling to 200 International Clients

Rayphen has been supplying and manufacturing lightning surge arresters to greater than 200 clients globally with after-sales services too.

Using Best Raw Material

Rayphen makes use of standard raw materials for all MOV lightning arrestors because it has a direct impact on their performance.

Experience of 14 Years

The manufacturer has vast experience of 14+ years in lightning arrester 24kV manufacturing and supplying.

Quality Control Assurance

The Rayphen lightning arrester 24kV was put through a series of quality control tests to ensure that it was completely safe and efficient.

Rayphen Lightning Arrester 24kV

Are you struggling to find the perfect lightning surge arrester for the growth of your business? Well, not to worry anymore.

Rayphen is providing you with the ultimate solution to all your high voltage lightning arrester problems as they are heat and stain-resistant.

Made with the latest technology, Rayphen, the lightning arrester company, provides an electrical arrester that uses reliable raw material.

The polymer made Rayphen the MOV lightning arrestors are more accurate in their functioning because they have anti-aging and anti-pollution performance.

Rayphen porcelain lightning arrester 24kV lines have a high flow capacity but they are safe to use as they provide electrical safety against overvoltage and lightning impulse.

They are both trace-resistant and leak-resistant MOV lightning arresters.

With an experience of 14 years, Rayphen is delivering to more than 200 clients all around the globe with its trusted products.

Our reputation is quite good as the lightning arrester company and we deliver the la lightning arrester with full responsibility from manufacturing to the shipment.

We present the MOV lightning arrester at affordable and market competitive rates also, we provide easy access to the products.

With our two sealing technology, the Rayphen lightning surge arrester is more competitive than other products as it has high mechanical stability and anti-stain quality.

The installation of Rayphen zinc oxide arrester is very convenient and you need only dew simple tools and gadgets for the whole procedure of installation.

Rayphen MOV lightning arrestor requires little to no maintenance and the product has a burr-free shiny appearance that makes it worth buying.

As far as the packaging is concerned, we guarantee the maximum reliability and safety of your order.

At Rayphen, you have the option of customizing your product by telling us your specs and we will deliver it to you right away.

We value customer service; thus, our customer service department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you may reach us from anywhere; we will be pleased to assist you.

We welcome your thoughts and criticism at Rayphen, and we appreciate your support.

This is critical for both your company’s growth and our lightning arrestor production operations to improve.

You can reach out to us via our website, and the after-sales team will swiftly answer and resolve your la lightning arrester concern.

Send us your quotes and inquire about Rayphen’s recommendations!

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