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Luowei always provide you high quality cable lug connectors.

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Luowei manufactures and supply different types of cable connector lugs to support your business, you just need to send us your detailed project needs, we will send you our best price within 7 working hours.

Bimetal Lugs

Bimetal lugs are often used for different wire connecting, we have finished over 500 projects with Luowei Bimetal lugs.

Aluminum Lugs

Aluminum Lugs

Copper Lugs

Copper Lugs

Copper Crimp Connectors

Copper Crimp Connectors

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Luowei Lug Connector

Luowei Lug Connector

Sell to over 100 Global Clients

WeeTect Lug Connectors have been exported to over 100 global clients and support over 1000 power projects.

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14+ Years’ Experience

luowei has over 15 years lug connectors manufacturing experience.

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