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Boom Your Business with Rayphen Aluminum Lugs

Rayphen aluminum lug is a top choice of so many electrical professionals all around the world. We offer a wide range of aluminum lugs with great and advantageous features.

DL Aluminum Lug

For any particular need, Rayphen can manufacture DL Aluminum Lugs to meet your special requirement. You can avail of our products at an affordable price.

ALD Aluminium Cable Lugs

Rayphen ALD Aluminium Cable Lugs is according to the DIN46329 standard. It is suitable for from 16 to 500, and different mounting holes for your choice.

HDL Aluminum Cable Lugs

Rayphen HDL Aluminum Cable Lugs is tin-plated. It is used for the DIN conductor. And we will supply you with high conductivity Aluminum Cable Lugs to protect your electrical panels and switchgear.

SJE Aluminum Compression Lugs

Rayphen SJE Aluminum Cable Lugs is with a reliable connection. Also, we can customize your ideal terminal lug at a budget-friendly price.

RJA Aluminum Terminal Lugs

For any particular need, Rayphen can manufacture RJA Aluminum Terminal Lugs to meet your special requirement. You can avail of our products at an affordable price.

DL2 Aluminum Lug

Rayphen DL2 Aluminum Lug is with two holes. we have a wide range of cross-section for your choice. Also, we can customize your ideal DL2 Aluminum Lug at a budget-friendly price.

RJA2 Aluminum Compression Lugs

Rayphen RJA2 Aluminum Compression Lugs is made with quality raw materials for its long functional life. You can rely on us for your RJA2 Aluminum Compression Lugs needs.

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    Rayphen aluminum lugs are manufactured with aluminum of a purity equal to or greater than 99.5%. We can expertly manufacture aluminum lugs designed to terminate aluminum conductors.

    With respect to the specifications, It is connecting the aluminum conductors include DIN EN 60228 and aluminum cables DIN EN 50182.

    Our range of Rayphen aluminum cable lugs is perfect for connecting MV and LV aluminum cables, 11kV-33kV, up to 630sqmm.

    As a leading manufacturer, we designed oxidation resistance aluminum lugs with specific grease included and an exceptionally high dropping point for you.

    Sell to over 200 Global Clients

    Rayphen Aluminum Lug has been exported to over 200 global clients and installed to electric power projects in the world.

    Use quality raw materials

    Rayphen Aluminum Lug is manufactured with high-quality raw material.

    14+ Years' Experience

    Rayphen has over 14 years of Aluminum Lug manufacturing experience.

    Strict quality control

    Aluminum Lug manufactured by Rayphen is 100% strictly tested before shipment.

    Rayphen Aluminum Lugs

    Rayphen aluminum terminal lugs are durably constructed and are water-blocked without inspection holes. Because of that, aluminum terminal lugs are suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications on pole-mounted installation or transformer up to 33kV.

    Additionally, Rayphen aluminum lug is manufactured for different industrial applications such as switchgear and electrical panels. They are commonly mounted using bolts.

    Aluminum lug’s bolt through the tang and the bus bar is a very efficient way to ensure excellent electrical contact and mechanical security.

    As an expert manufacturer, we produced aluminum lugs with great features. All of our aluminum lugs are dual-rated for AL/CU conductors.

    They come with seamless splices, pure, one-piece aluminum construction with tin-plating. This could assure maximum conductivity.

    Rayphen aluminum lugs provide easy cable insertion because of their generous entrance chamfer. Plus, all of the Rayphen aluminum lugs are conforming to industry requirements.

    Rayphen has been in aluminum lug manufacturing for over 14 years. We take every order seriously. Our expert team is very much attention to detail and into total project management services.

    As a leading supplier, Rayphen aluminium lugs became popular in the market and distributed to Southeast Asia, South America, Mid East, Africa, and North America.

    We supply our products all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies.

    For your Aluminum Compression Lugs needs, you can always trust Rayphen company as we obtained a lot of quality certifications.

    At Rayphen, you can be sure that your aluminum lugs are delivered with zero defects at very optimum prices.

    Rayphen always feels that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. We are hoping that you will find what you are looking for. If not, we will be happy to provide you with a solution.

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    Mechanical lugs serve as a tool for connecting electrical cables. It also comes in different shapes and materials. Among the lugs which perform better is this aluminum lug. However, to know everything about the aluminum lug, check out this FAQ guide. This guide contains vital information on the uses, features, and how to select the appropriate aluminum lug.

    Q1. What is Aluminum Lug?

    Aluminum Lug

                                                                      Figure 1 Aluminum Lug

    Aluminum Cable Lugs are mechanical devices for terminating electrical wires to different distribution boxes. Irrespective of the type and sizes of the electrical cables, the aluminum lug is used to release it for effective connectivity. For all mechanical equipment with a high level of vibration, the aluminum lug is the best connector.

    As for the installation, it is straightforward and effortless to construct. To do this, follow the producer’s step-by-step instructions carefully. With this, you are suitable to install this tool without any difficulties. That’s not all! If you are looking for any easy-to-maintain connector, an aluminum lug is perfect for you. Aside from this, the aluminum lug is designed for ease of cleaning and use.

    Aluminum lugs works with the aluminum conductor because of their related features. Since its existence, the aluminum lug is widely used for connecting medium or low-voltage aluminum electrical wires. However, it is not advisable to use copper cables with aluminum lugs to prevent cable termination and connection failure.

    Users can either crimp or solder the aluminum lugs, depending on their choice. But in the electrical world today, crimping the aluminum lug is more beneficial. More importantly, the hole on the lug connects the screw while the end part of the aluminum lug connects the exposed cables. Any connector that terminates electrical wires to a bus is regarded as an aluminum cable Lug. It is perfect for all activities.

    Q2. What is Aluminum Lug Made Of?

    Aluminum Lugs are made from superior aluminum or metal materials. The materials are primarily used in construction, equipment, and packaging companies. Also, aluminum materials produce high thermal and electrical conductivity. For any application with critical vibration, aluminum material is an excellent choice.

    Also, aluminum materials are long-lasting. Any products made from aluminum can last for an extended period. Another part of this solid material is that it is recyclable. In fact, it does not lose its original qualities.

    Aluminum materials are highly resistant to deformity and suitable for any harsh environment. Also, it is rust-resistant. Likewise, the materials can be reshaped with their elasticity rating by any industrial process, extrusion, etc. What’s more? It comes with a lightweight design.

    Users don’t have to worry about fire outbreaks. Aluminum materials are fireproof, can withstand heat, and do not burn regardless of the fire condition. That’s why aluminum material is classified as a non-combustible material.  Also, these materials require low or minimal maintenance.

    Aluminum materials are more expensive than steel materials but more affordable than copper materials. Since you want a material with unique characteristics, you should be ready to pay more for it. It is worth the money and effort.

    Q3. Uses of Aluminum Lug?

    Use of Aluminum Lug

                                                            Figure 2 Use of Aluminum Lug

    Aluminum Lug is used in an electrical system to connect electrical conductors to electrical appliances. These devices are primarily used with different electrical panels and switch gears. Aluminum Lug distributes and terminates current between cables. Generally, a wire binding bolt or screw connects the lug to the exposed wires. This connection is to ensure high electrical conductivity and temperature.

    You can quickly terminate one or two electrical wires to a bus or even multiple cables on a single port with the lug. Aluminum cables distribute power across all the components of the devices. That’s not all! Users can also use it to ground different mechanical instruments and appliances.

    One big draw of this aluminum cable is that it is dual-rated. You either use copper or aluminum conductors with an aluminum lug. Also, it is perfect with different stranding wires such as solid cables, semi-rigid conductors, compacted and compressed stranded wires.

    Meanwhile, the aluminum cable comes in different sizes. The kind of aluminum lug you opt-in for is determined by the electrical wires types and sizes. But it is suggested to choose an aluminum wire to decrease the value of electrical systems. With the aluminum lug, not only are cables easy to maintain, but they are also effortless to mount and repair.

    What else? Aluminum lugs can connect fuse sockets, power lines, and others. One end of the aluminum lug is for connecting wires to the device. At the same time, connect the smooth part to the terminal of the electric devices. Likewise, the aluminum lug is used in wiring industries, automation, Mining Aeronautics, Satellite and Communications, and many more.

    Q4. What are the sizes of Aluminum Lug?

    Sizes of Aluminum Lug                                                                   Figure 3 Sizes of Aluminum Lug

    There are different Aluminum shapes and sizes on the market today. So the type of aluminum lug you choose depends on the stud sizes and electrical conductors. Generally, these aluminum sizes range from 2.5 Mm- 120 Sq Mm. Some aluminum cable lugs are perfect for connecting Lv and Mv aluminum conductors 11kV -33kV up to 630sqmm. Aside from this, aluminum lugs of different sizes are ideal for electrical conductors with 25 Mm2 to 300mm2.

    Nevertheless, some aluminum-bodied lug sizes include large cable sizes from 25mm2, 35mm2, 50mm2, 70mm2, 95mm2, 120mm2, 150mm2, 185mm2, 240mm2, 300mm2, 400mm2, 500mm2 and 630mm2. For example, an aluminum cable lug with 2.5mm2 size is perfect with 3.7 stud sizes.

    Also, an aluminum lug with 25mm2, 50mm2, and 70mm2 is ideal for 8.2, 10.2, and 10.7 stud holes. Likewise, an aluminum lug for terminating cable of 120mm2 and 150mm2 size works with 10.2, 12.7, and 16.2 stud sizes. In addition to this, each aluminum-bodied cable lug is ideal with different stud hole sizes.

    Aluminum Lug is designed with the budget and interest of users in mind, and it is available in various specifications. To purchase the one that suits your taste, you can always contact Rayphen!

    Q5. How sustainable is Aluminum Lug?

    Most manufacturers on the shelves build aluminum lugs to stay with you for years. As the copper cable lug, it is durable. Aside from the fact that it is rust-resistant, it is also resistant to wear.

    What makes this aluminum lug durable is its long lifespan. It is designed to last you for an extended period. The durability feature, in turn, saves time and money. Irrespective of the temperature, the aluminum lug can withstand heat up to 70%. Other than that, it has low energy consumption.

    The fantastic thing about this lug is that it is recyclable. It still maintains its original appearance after recycled.  Whether you use this aluminum lug with one cable or multiple electrical conductors, be sure to hold your wire for life. Once the lug is fastened well, you don’t have to worry about repairing it often.

    More often than not, aluminum materials have a high level of performance and efficiency. With the materials, be sure to have your lug for as long as you want. The aluminum lug is durable and sustainable.

    Q6. Why is Aluminum Lug used for Power Lines?

    Overhead Line Transmission

                                                                         Figure 4 Power Lines

    Aluminum lugs are compatible with power lines. It provides high electro-conductivity on the power wire. The aluminum lug connects power lines responsible for power transmission and terminates high-voltage transmission power lines from long distances. Also, an aluminum lug is used for wiring power grids with overhead power transmission lines.

    Technicians use aluminum lugs because of their portability. Moreover, users on a low budget can always invest in aluminum lugs, unlike copper cable lugs. All power lines connected with aluminum materials are less costly, and the aluminum lug is not left out. Also, aluminum lugs are perfect for all weather conditions.

    On the flip side, power lines are cables to transmit and distribute electrical energy. Also, installing aluminum lugs to the power lines requires professional electricians.

    Besides, the aluminum lug is resistant to fire hazards. The lug cannot burn during any fire outbreak. Instead, it keeps the electricians safe from any harm.

    For construction, an aluminum lug is used because of its malleability features. You can easily bend and reshape the lug to your taste to hold the power line steadfastly. Likewise, an aluminum lug designs for lifetime use and requires minimal maintenance.

    Q7. Is Aluminum Lug Resistant to Moisture?

    Yes! Corrosion-resistant is an essential feature of an Aluminum lug. Generally, aluminum materials can withstand any form of moisture, dust, and debris. That is why it is used in most industries. Even in any harsh environment, an aluminum lug can withstand any kind of hazard.

    That’s not all! Unlike other materials, aluminum lug does not deteriorate over time. Be it summer or winter, the aluminum cable lug is weatherproof and can last for a long time. The oxide layer of the aluminum materials makes the aluminum lug an excellent corrosion-resistant product.

    Also, the aluminum lug is resistant to rust and wear. It can withstand any chemical, acid, or electrochemical reaction with adverse elements. An aluminum lug corrosion resistance feature increases electrical cables or wires’ strength and performance.

    In addition to this, it allows the cable lug to withstand a high level of heat and temperature. An aluminum cable lug cannot be damaged easily because of its moisture resistance.

    Q8. How to Install Aluminum Lug?

    Installing Aluminum Lug

                                                                Figure 5 Installing Aluminum Lug

    Installing the aluminum lug to any electrical device, cable, or conductor is simple. However, you need to follow the essential steps to have a hassle-free installation process. The first significant step to take is disconnecting electrical devices or cables from their current connectors.

    The most important information to keep in the book is to avoid using the wrong wire and cable lug. Ensure you use the aluminum lug with the appropriate cable size and material. For instance, it is risky to use aluminum wire alongside copper lug.

    Afterward, you clean your cable or connector. Often, contractors employ wire brushes at this stage. The wire brush eliminates oxide and any other harmful material on the conductor.

    Next is to connect the conductor or cable to the aluminum lug’s open-wire port. At this stage, it is vital to use a single line per an aluminum lug port. Once you have successfully inserted the cable in the aluminum lug, the next step is to tighten up the screws using a torque screwdriver or any related tool.

    Q9. How to Select Aluminum Lug?

    Since there are many aluminum cable lugs on the shelves today, choosing the most appropriate lug for your aluminum cables might be a daunting project. However, to make it easy for you, here are some crucial factors to consider when investing in an aluminum lug.


    Size is one of the features you must look for before selecting the best aluminum lug. On the market today, aluminum cable lug comes in both smaller and larger sizes. The quantity of the cable lug you select depends on the dimensions and extent of all electrical conductors. Other than that, this aluminum lug is compatible with different stud hole sizes. For good connectivity, ensure you check for the best measure of the lug for the right size of cables.

    Installation process

    The installation procedure of the aluminum lug is another essential factor to consider. In the electrical world, installing an aluminum lug on power lines requires a professional and knowledgeable technician. This is because of the complicated setup procedures. Also, there are some areas where you only need to follow the manufacturer’s step-by-step guide. As a matter of fact, the installation process varies because of its application areas.

    Since you don’t want to waste much time setting up the devices, check for an aluminum lug that will save you time and effort. There are two different cable lug installation processes, including soldering and welding methods. But it is better to crimp an aluminum lug. Before going for any aluminum lug model, check for a simple to use and install aluminum lug.

    Energy Efficient

    This is one of the crucial factors to consider when buying an aluminum lug. A lug with a high level of energy consumption and electrical conductivity will save up the cash. You don’t even have to spend much on the repair and maintenance of a lug with high thermal efficiency. So if you are investing in these devices, don’t forget to also check for their performances and strength.

    Electrical cables

    Selecting the best aluminum lug requires you to consider the conductor class. Different aluminum lugs are perfect with varying cables of aluminum. An aluminum lug is ideal for 185 conductor sizes and many more.

    Nevertheless, securely use the aluminum connector with stranded compacted conductors. Also, you can use a solderless aluminum terminal with 2 and 5 conductor classes.

    Owing to this, regardless of the type of conductor of aluminum bodied-lug you choose, It is safe to use crimping tools to connect wires than using the soldering equipment. If you don’t know the suitable conductor class for the aluminum lug, you should contact your technicians.


    Though you might consider this unnecessary, it is also essential in choosing the appropriate aluminum lug. Without losing count, there are over hundreds of aluminum lug producers in the world today. Nevertheless, buying an aluminum cable lug from reputable brands is beneficial. This is because no renowned brand will want to put its high reputation at stake.

    Besides the fact that buying from a reputable brand can guarantee you lifetime use, it can also save you money. Of the producers on the shelves today, Rayphen stays ahead of the park. You can always trust our brand with any type of electrical device, including the aluminum lug.

    Q10. Can I Use An Aluminum Lug With a Transformer?

    Aluminum Transformer Lug

                                                                    Figure 6 Aluminum Transformer Lug

    The aluminum lug is a mechanical connector compatible with transformers. You can either use compression or an automatic aluminum lug to connect conductors to designated transformers. All the technicians need to mount an aluminum lug to the transformer with convenient crimping tools. Since the lug terminates cables where fluctuation is critical, it is an excellent choice for transformers.

    Aluminum cable lugs are not only perfect for connecting cables to the transformer, but they are compatible with other electrical appliances. The segments include other electrical industries such as control panels, circuit breakers, and others. Also, the aluminum lug is used in projects and industrial for electrical applications such as shipping, steel, fertilizers, cement and textile, and chemical electronics.

    Since the transformer doesn’t come with a clod, you have to purchase it separately for high connectivity. To mount the aluminum lug, get the perfect conductor size with the correct aluminum cable lug.

    Other than that, it is used to terminate cables and distribute power across the transformer. Aluminum lug is used with a transformer to enhance the electrical conductivity, though copper cable lug does this pretty well. Also, using an aluminum lug with a transformer increases the thermal expansion. More importantly, the aluminum transformer lug is not compatible with a copper power line.

    Nevertheless, installing an aluminum-bodied lug on the transformer is very easy. Also, it requires low maintenance.

    Q11. Can I Solder or Crimp the Aluminum Lug?

    Soldering or Crimping Aluminum Lug

                                                         Figure 7 Soldering or Crimping Aluminum Lug

    Soldering or crimping Aluminum Lug depends on your preferences. Even though both are the installation method of an aluminum lug, the crimping process is the most effective. Users can use the solder lug or electrical solders to mount the lug with the soldering method. To crimp the aluminum lug, use a cable lug crimper or Hydraulic crimping tool. However, the aluminum crimping tool is different from the copper crimping tool. Never use an aluminum crimping tool with other cable lugs.

    Crimping aluminum lug requires a cable. On the other side, the soldering method requires a heated electrical conductor. With the heated metal, it can deteriorate over time, damaging the wires. The problem with soldering is that it can cause the conductors to melt. Also, it can affect the transition of power across all the cables.

    In electrical applications, the crimping method is also known as the welding method. One of the good sides of crimping aluminum lug is that it is budget-friendly. Crimping tools are not only quick to use, but they are also effortless to clean.

    Q12. Can I Use Copper Wire with Aluminum Lug?

    Absolutely! But, it is better to use an aluminum cable lug with aluminum electrical conductors rather than copper cables to prevent shock or connection failures.

    Not only can copper wire melt the aluminum cable lug, but it can also affect its strength and performance. Both copper and aluminum are two different materials with different characteristics. Copper has high electrical conductivity than aluminum materials. So, using copper cables with aluminum will reduce the tensile strain of the aluminum cable bodied lug.

    Whether it is an aluminum wire or aluminum lug, it is not advisable to solder it. On the other hand, copper wires can be solder. This is a big difference between the two materials. So, it is not advisable to use an aluminum lug to connect copper wire for an easy installation process.

    Also, copper materials are weightier than aluminum materials. So, combining copper conductors with an aluminum cable lug is problematic. It reduces the connectivity of the electrical cables. Likewise, it cannot hold the copper wire for a long time. So for long-lasting and secure electrical connections, make use of aluminum wire with an aluminum lug.

    Q13. Can I repair Aluminum cable Lugs?

    Installing aluminum lugs provides your electrical devices extra security with little or no maintenance. Like the copper lug, the aluminum lug hardly shows signs of damages. But whenever it does, technicians can easily replace it. This benefit makes it a choice of many contractors worldwide.

    It is vital to repair the aluminum lug anytime it shows signs of deterioration. Some of these signs can be:

    •         Overheating of the aluminum lug
    •         Burnt wire’s smell
    •         Rust or scratches
    •         Ineffective electrical cable or conductor

    Most times, contractors are forced to repair the aluminum lug when it bends or cuts into two. The best decision to make in this situation to contact a welder who would attach the broken lugs.

    Overheating often results from too much heat from the conductor or cable wire. If the required steps aren’t taken, it could easily lead to a fire hazard. The aluminum lug can also rust or scratch, especially when exposed to water or any harsh weather. To keep the lug practical and attractive, you need to polish or paint it with a durable and strong finish.

    Unlike the copper lug, the aluminum lug can be repaired quickly. However, you mustn’t attempt to repair the lug if you have little or no idea how they work. You can cause an electrical fire or even get electrocuted if anything goes wrong while trying to fix the lug.

    Q14. How to crimp Aluminum lugs?

    How to Crimp Aluminum Lug

                                                              Figure 8 How to Crimp Aluminum Lug

    Welding or crimping aluminum lugs is easy as long as you follow the guide. This method is cost-saving and effective. For high electricity productivity, fit in the conductors perfectly. To kick-off, get your aluminum crimping equipment, the cables, wire stripper, and other tools.

    Smoothly trim and remove the sheath of the exposed electrical wires. Ensure you measure the aluminum lugs to get proper conductor length. Also, use the cutting tool to strip the insulators.

    Next, scratch and remove the oxide on the aluminum wires for high connectivity. This is because the aluminum lug oxidizes quickly and results in a non-conductive layer. Permanently remove all forms of dirt or particles before connecting conductors.

    Apply an oxide breaker to prevent oxide from surfacing on both the aluminum cable lug and electric conductors. Note that this is very important when crimping aluminum lugs. Carefully insert the crimp barrel of the aluminum cable lug on the end of the cables. Ensure the wire fits in the connector ideally to prevent circuit problems.

    However, do not over crimp the aluminum lug to prevent damaging the electrical wires. Also, to avoid reducing the heat resistance features, check the manufacturer’s guide for the correct crimping times. Carefully apply pressure and hold steady till the crimping process is complete. With this, you have successfully crimped the cables on the aluminum conductors.

     Q15. What are the Safety Precautions for Crimping Aluminum Lugs?

    Welding becomes more complicated with aluminum lug due to aluminum materials characteristics. It is better to take safety precautions than putting your life at significant risk. Since the aluminum lug does not change its appearance under any circumstances, it does not change its look even if the lug is heated. So, to safeguard you from getting injured, it is better to indicate the heated aluminum lug.

    Also, crimping aluminum lugs can lead to electrical shock. Carefully weld aluminum lug to protect you from this.  Ensure you wear long-sleeved clothing to reduce your exposure to aluminum materials. Use a protective glass to safeguard yourself from explosion, liquid, dirt, and others.

    It doesn’t stop there! Use safety boots to protect your feet. Ensure you cover your ear due to the noise aluminum lug produces during welding or crimping. Likewise, protect your nose to avoid convulsing as a result of fire hazards. However, to know more about the aluminum lug safety precautions, contact Rayphen!

    Q16. What differentiates Aluminum Lug and Copper Lug?

    Aluminum Lug vs Copper Lug                                                   Figure 9 Aluminum Lug vs. Copper Lug

    Even though these two lugs are highly effective for connecting cables to electrical appliances, they also have their differences. In terms of budget, the aluminum lug is more affordable than the copper lug. If you decide to invest in a lug with a low budget, and aluminum lug is an excellent choice.

    Both copper lug and aluminum lug can withstand the forces of nature. Also, the aluminum lug cannot compete with the copper lug in terms of durability. Copper lugs have high durability rating than aluminum lugs. Both are designed with the interest of users in mind. Most users want a lug that can last a lifetime, and a copper lug fits in the category.

    For users in search of a portable lug, an aluminum lug is an excellent option. It comes with a lightweight design. Also, the aluminum lug has more thermal expansion than the copper cable lug. What else! Aluminum cable lugs require little or no maintenance.

    Q17. How to produce Aluminum Lug?

    Generally, manufacturing cable lugs require specific steps. Either you want to make a cable lug out of copper materials or aluminum materials, all you need is to follow the production process; then, you are good to go. Users can either make an aluminum lug out of an aluminum rod or an aluminum tube.

    Cutting and Punching

    Starting off the list of aluminum lug manufacturing processes is cutting and punching. Get the aluminum conductors and aluminum tube. Proceed to measure both ends of the aluminum tube for adequate connection. Carefully cut and strip the length of the line.  After cutting, make holes on the flat end of the tube by punching the box with punching tools.


    To do this, you can either make use of a flaring or swaging tool, depending on your preferences. This is to cold shape the lug for the conductor insertion. Ensure you are careful with this process to prevent spoiling the aluminum tube.

    Lathe round and Forging

    Like the copper lug, the aluminum lug also passes through lathe rounding and Forging. Lache round allows you to fill up the holes made during the stretching process. On the other hand, forging the aluminum lug involves rolling, pressing, and hammering. Forging is done to shape the lug into the desired taste of the users. This is where the aluminum lug is shaped to different sizes. Likewise, forging increases the conductivity of the aluminum lug.

    Surface treatment

    Surface treatment is next after shaping the aluminum lug. This process involves the use of chemical or acid treatment to increase the look of the lug. Also, surface treatment is done to enhance the moisture resistance of the aluminum lug. Since the aluminum materials are highly resistant to corrosion, with this process, be sure the aluminum lug can withstand any harsh environment.

    Inspection package

    Before supplying the aluminum lug to end-users, there is a need for inspection. An inspection package is done to check for any fault on the lug and make adequate adjustments.

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