Rayphen – Your Superb Lugs and Ferrules Manufacturer
We are capable in manufacturing thousands of lugs and ferrules that meet your requirements.

Why Rayphen Lugs and Ferrules

Improve Your Business with Rayphen Lugs and Ferrules

We are capable of manufacturing thousands of lugs and ferrules that meet your requirements.

Copper Lugs and Ferrules

Rayphen provides standard-duty copper lugs and ferrules that are widely used for wires and cables in most commercial, industrial, and domestic applications. At Rayphen, We offer copper ferrule lug, ferrule type lugs, or ferrule cable lug for your choice. Send us your requirement. Obtainable at a very affordable price.

Bimetal Lugs and Ferrules

Rayphen bimetal lugs and ferrules are widely used in specialized applications like low, medium and high voltage electrical reticulation systems. We can OEM bi metal lugs for your business. We designed and developed bi metal lugs for aluminum conductors and mating copper to resist dissimilar metal corrosion.

Aluminum Lugs and Ferrules

Rigidly constructed, our aluminum lugs and ferrules can be used in electrical reticulation systems. Custom and standard lugs and ferrules are available in Rayphen. Whether you need a cable lug ferrule type or a cable lug palm type, you can find it here. Contact us for more

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    Rayphen Lugs and Ferrules

    Rayphen is a competent manufacturer and a worldwide supplier of OEM, custom, and standard lugs and ferrules. Our range of lugs and ferrules is manufactured and developed to complete your needs.

    Rayphen lugs and ferrules are connecting devices essential for joining and terminating wire and cable conductors in electrical equipment and installations.

    As a leading supplier worldwide, Rayphen can help you customize all kinds of lugs and ferrules products. We truly give you a workable and reliable solution. Contact us now for more information about Rayphen lugs and ferrules.

    Why Raypphen Lugs and Ferrules

    If you’re looking for an outstanding manufacturer and supplier of your lugs and ferrules need, Rayphen can do the job! In China, Rayphen is one of the most competent in supplying thousands of lugs and ferrules that meet all your requirements.

    Rayphen lugs and ferrules are designed to fix your wire and cable by inserting the conductors into the barrel of your device. In addition to this, wires and cables can be fixed by crimping the barrel onto conductors to form a secure electrical and mechanical joint.

    Constructed from high conductivity copper, the Rayphen lugs and ferrules have many different designs to suit various wire and cable types. In Rayphen, you can find reliable lugs and ferrules, guaranteed to meet your specific installation requirements.

    Considering the right lugs and ferrules for your applications is not that easy. Don’t worry about that, our team is always ready and willing to help our dear clients. That’s why we are engaged in deep research with our products and it comes with a lot of options.

    There are many options for lugs and ferrules available in Rayphen to complete your projects. No matter what your requirements are, we can provide standard duty copper lugs and ferrules, heavy-duty lugs and ferrules, aluminum lugs and ferrules, copper & aluminum shear bolt lugs, and bi-metal lugs. These options can bring a lot of features and advantages to your applications.

    Rayphen ferrule type lug is well-known in electrical reticulation systems and equipment industries worldwide. It’s easy to use, corrosion-resistant, and wide range of mounting holes that make them preferable in most residential and industrial businesses.

    In China, Rayphen is recognized for being a dedicated, reliable, and excellent manufacturer and provider of lugs and ferrules products. Our range of products has earned and appreciated by many clients in different countries like in America, Africa, Mexico, etc.

    Rayphen integrates a high-level in-house quality testing lab, professional QC inspection team, and 100% inspected lugs and ferrules before shipping. These will guarantee the product’s best quality and ends your concerns.

    Get in touch with our team now to know more about lugs and ferrule fabrications.

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