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All Rayphen mechanical connectors guarantee a 100% inspection during the manufacturing method.

Why Rayphen Mechanical Connector

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At Rayphen, We have different types of mechanical connectors with holes to make sure your requirement is complete.

Mechanical Connector

At Rayphen, We have a full range of mechanical connectors. There are single conductor mechanical connectors, two conductors mechanical connectors, three conductors mechanical connectors, and four conductors mechanical connectors. This kind of mechanical connector is suitable for one, two, or three holes. Just send us your detailed requirement. You will get the ideal mechanical connector.

Mechanical Shear bolt Connector

Rayphen mechanical shear bolt connector is available for terminating and joining aluminum or copper conductors in applications for LV, MV cables, including 11kV – 33kV. The shear bolt connector enables fewer connector types to cover most cross-sections. There are 2 bolts, 4 bolts, and 6 bolts for your choice. Depending on your specific applications, We will choose the right mechanical shear bolt connector for you.

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    Rayphen Mechanical Connector

    Rayphen is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of mechanical connectors. We are dedicated to providing mechanical solutions at a very affordable price.

    We are offering a wide selection of mechanical connectors, mechanical lug connectors, mechanical wire connectors, mechanical connectors electrical, mechanical cable connectors, shear bolt connector, and bolted connector.

    For nearly 14 years, we have been manufacturing mechanical connectors with various features and advantages that will surely work for a wide range of applications.

    We have a complete end-to-end engineering, professional design, and a manufacturing solution of mechanical lug connector and mechanical connector.

    If you want to know more regarding Rayphen mechanical connector, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Why Rayphen Mechanical Connector

    Rayphen has approximately 14 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. We are specialized in developing, designing, supplying, and manufacturing mechanical connector, bolted connectors, shear bolt connector, mechanical cable connectors, and mechanical wire connectors.

    The mechanical connectors produced by Rayphen is heavy-duty lug. It is used to join multiple wires, ground electrical installations, or even running wires using an airway or HVAC duct. The conductor connectors are in charge of carrying the electric current among the cables and other electrical equipment including transformers, overhead lines, and switchgear. and it is also used in construction applications.

    At Rayphen, The mechanical connector is manufactured from high strength 6061 aluminum alloy. It is electro-tin plated to inhibit corrosion. This mechanical connector is to ensure permanent electrical contact between the conductor and the connector

    Rayphen all mechanical connectors are equipped with crimping screws .screw is a hexagon. You can install the bolt connector with a standard hexagonal hand wrench. It is a good practice to tighten up the screws increasingly from one to another till all are tight.

    The shear bolt connector is also named a bolted connector. Rayphen bolted connector features screws that tighten up to contact the conductor. This shear bolt connector adopts stepless shear bolt technology. so you can easily and quickly connect and terminate cables without using compression tools and dies.

    Rayphen shear bolt connector is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with a tin-plated surface. and the bolted connector is produced according to ANSI 119.4 and IEC 61238-1 Class A standards which require a maximum continuous conductor temperature not exceeding 90 °C. Meantime the shear bolt connector provides the highest contact quality to achieve the longest application life.

    At Rayphen, The shear bolt connector is an ideal bolted connector for metric to imperial, transition cable jointing, dissimilar sized, and type conductors up to 630sqmm.

    The torque of each shear bolt connector is produced according to the standard. After reaching the shear torque, it stretches and breaks axially. In this way, the aluminum conductor can obtain a higher contact pressure, even the thin stranded wire will not be damaged.

    Purchase your own mechanical connector and shear bolt connector now at Rayphen! We accept small or large amounts of your orders of the mechanical connector. Just get in touch with us.

    You can find the best quality mechanical connectors and shear bolt connectors at Rayphen! We offer them at a cost-effective price. You will surely be satisfied with our mechanical connectors.

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