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We manufacture a wide range of mechanical lug for your projects!

Why Rayphen Mechanical Lugs

Outstanding Mechanical Lug for Your Business

Rayphen manufactures a wide range of mechanical lug for your projects!

Single Barrel Mechanical Lug Electrical

Rayphen single barrel mechanical lug is suitable for one hole, two holes, and switchgear mounting. This dual-rated mechanical lug is used for small conductors or big conductors. Also, we can customize your ideal single barrel mechanical lug according to your needs. Just send us your detailed requirements.

Double Barrel Mechanical Lugs

The double mechanical lug produced by Rayphen is made from high strength 6061 aluminum alloy. Depending on your specific applications, we have the right double-barrel mechanical lug for you. Such as long plam mechanical lug, Wide plam mechanical lug for choice. Contact us for more details regarding the double-barrel mechanical lugs.

Three Barrel Mechanical Lugs

At Rayphen three barrel mechanical lug has two holes mounting and four holes mounting. This mechanical lug is available in a wide range of conductor sizes and specifications. There are no special tools required to ensure easy installation. You can rely on us for your mechanical cable lug needs.

Four Barrel Mechanical Lugs

Rayphen four conductors mechanical lug is made from high-strength extruded aluminium alloy. It is with electro-tin plated for low contact resistance. There is no burr, scratches or deformation on the mechanical lug surface. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor. Contact us for 100% guaranteed quality at the best prices.

Stacked Mechanical Lugs

At Rayphen we have 250 mcm mechanical lugs, 350 mcm mechanical lugs, and 750 mcm mechanical lugs, etc. which are stacked or combined. The aluminum dual-rated stacked mechanical Lug provides low contact resistance. As a professional manufacturer, Rayphen has enough experience to support you choose the right stacked mechanical lugs.

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    Rayphen Mechanical Lug

    Get an outstanding quality mechanical lug in Rayphen. Our well-experienced and professional engineers will manufacture mechanical lug according to your specifications. Let Rayphen help you grow your business!

    Rayphen mechanical terminal lug brings maximum conductivity because this is usually fabricated from high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. They are dual rated that makes them suitable for copper and aluminum conductors.

    For your specific applications, we provide an electro tin-plated mechanical lug for corrosion resistance and low contact resistance. For easy installation, you can use our Rayphen mechanical lug featuring chamfered wire entry.

    Regarding such features, Rayphen mechanical lugs got appreciated in both domestic and overseas markets. Get in touch with us to know more about Rayphen mechanical lug products and prices.

    Why Rayphen Mechanical Lugs

    Rayphen mechanical terminal lug also known as electrical lug is a heavy-duty lug that makes them ideal use in construction and electrical applications. They are designed to fit in with a wide range of connectors.

    The mechanical lug is a kind of screw lug connector. According to the design, the mechanical lug has single barrel mechanical lugs, double barrel mechanical lugs, three-barrel mechanical lugs, stacked mechanical lugs, etc. According to the application, the mechanical lug has a mechanical ground lug, electrical ground lug, mechanical wire connectors etc.

    Constructed from aluminum, the Rayphen screw lug connector is suitable for larger cables and wires. You can find from Rayphen a wide range of mechanical cable lugs available in a wide range of sizes.

    In addition, Rayphen mechanical cable lug is fashioned from high-strength extruded aluminum alloy. You can easily install our Rayphen mechanical lug along with its slotted crews. Rayphen mechanical cable lug is popular in the marketplace for its corrosion resistance and low contact resistant.

    Generally, Rayphen mechanical lug is manufactured and developed to permit connection to a terminal. For any application, you can easily mount a mechanical lug to any post, chassis, o stud. At Rayphen, you can easily find the right mechanical lug for your applications because they are obtainable in different sizes and shapes.

    As your leading one-stop supplier, Rayphen supplies a different type of mechanical lug for your business necessities and for the completion of your projects. It includes a bolted mechanical lug & slotted screws mechanical lug. These lugs guarantee advantages and excellent features for your projects.

    Thousands of mechanical lug selections are found in Rayphen, all in good conditions and quality. Let Rayphen be your go-to mechanical lug provider now. Don’t hesitate to rely on our 14 years in this field. We are a trustworthy supplier and manufacturer working in China.

    According to different standards, Rayphen uses different materials to produce various high-quality non-standard mechanical lug such as DIN, ANSI, JIS, GB etc.

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