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High-End Mid Span Joint in transmission line to Grow Your Business

Rayphen is providing the best types of mid span full tension joints all over the world made with expertise. Check it out!

JY-LY Compression Splice Full Tension

Rayphen JY-LY compression splice full tension midspan joint is tubular that comes with an insulation cover. The product is designed for full tension overhead line splicing. They work best for aluminum conductors.

This mid span joint is with having high grip strength, It make a long-lasting impression. Contact us to get a reasonable price now.

Full Tension Mid Span Compression Joint

Specifically made for aluminum conductors, Rayphen full tension midspan joint is a hydraulic compression type. It works exceptionally well with AAC and has a seamless extruded tubular connecting pipe.

You get a pre-filled jointing compound with full tension mid span compression joint. We are confident enough to meet your special requirements for any mid span joint needs.

JY Full Tension Splice Sleeve for ACSR Conductors

Rayphen full tension splice sleeve for ACSR suits all aluminum conductor steel-reinforced (ACSR) conductors. The inner sleeve is hot-dip galvanized steel whereas the connecting tube is a seamless aluminum alloy extruded tube.

You get the best mid span joint for ACSR at an affordable price with the excellent feature of individual packaging.

Full Tension Splice Sleeves for ACSR (Hydraulic Overlap Joint)

Particularly designed for full tension splicing of overhead transmission line for all the ACSR conductors. Rayphen individually packs all types of mid span joint in plastic bags that are fully sealed for protection and safe delivery.

Rayphen full tension splice sleeve has good energization performance. Tell us your requirements. We believe you will get a satisfactory answer from us.

JY/BG Mid Span Joint in transmission Line

Made with high-quality aluminum alloy, Raypehn JY/BG mid span joint series is reliable to connect aluminum conductors in transmission lines. The series is specified with unique features and the best properties.

Depending on your various applications, Rayphen JYD/BG mid span compression joint supports adequate power and makes a reliable connection. As a full tension mid span joint manufacturer, Rayphen is focused on making this product durable.

JYD-N Midspan Joint

As mid span joint suppliers, Rayphen put extra effort into making JYD-N mid span joint in transmission lines as a high-end product. You can get this for aluminum conductors.

Rayphen JBD-G mid span compression joint series is unique and excellent in its working with aluminum conductors. Based on specifications, there are multiple options available for you to select.

Customized Full Tension Mid Span Joint

Rayphen offers customized mid span joint for conductor, Based on your application, you can choose the mid span joint with one sleeve or two sleeves. As per standard requirements, For ACSR mid span joint series is exceptionally good with a hot-dip galvanized steel inner sleeve. The outer one is of aluminum alloy supporting aluminum conductor easily.

The is simple with quick and easy installation.

If midspan joint your project is special, send your specifications and let us provide you with the perfect solution.

More Details about Rayphen Overhead Line Fittings

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    Let Rayphen Your Support to Take Your Business to the Heights You Imagine

    Mid span full tension joint by Rayphen provides you not only reliable but fast and highly convenient installation methods on overhead lines.

    All the Rayphen mid span joint in transmission line is fully sealed and provide long-lasting conductor connections.

    You can conveniently access mid span joint for ACSR through the website and connect them with standard compression/crimping tool having appropriate dies.

    The Rayphen mid span tension joint has all the excellent features and properties that make the conductor connection safe and easy.

    Various types of midspan joint are available at Rayphen so you can choose the best one that suits your application the most.

    We supply the best mid span full tension join with our expertise throughout the globe that is compatible with all-aluminum conductors including the steel wires.

    Sells to Over 200 International Clients

    Rayphen mid span joint are being exported to more than 200 global clients and are part of transmission line conductor joining.

    Use of Best Raw Material

    Rayphen mid span tension joint is made with excellent high-quality raw materials to ensure better quality.

    Experience of 14+ Years

    Rayphen has experience of 14+ years in manufacturing and supplying mid span joint for conductor.

    Strict Quality Control Compliance

    Mid span compression joint by Rayphen undergoes strict quality control checks for 100% quality evaluation.

    Rayphen Mid Span Joint

    Rayphen electrical mid span joint for conductor includes two basic components that are made under strict quality control measures.

    Depending on your application, Rayphen supplies various types of mid span joint your way so that your business can grow in no time.

    Each and every Rayphen mid span joint in transmission line has a specific function according to the modified features in them.

    Rayphen manufactures the mid span joint for ACSR conductor specifically for better performance and ACSR connection up to the mark.

    Our mid span full tension joint has versatility and it can perform brilliantly with various other brands.

    Also, Rayphen mid span tension joint is compatible with multiple conductors and supports a wide range of dimensions.

    When you tell us your demands of mid span compression joint, Rayphen makes sure you get the best products as we have expertise in the mid span joint manufacturing industry.

    Rayphen will be your ultimate supplier of mid span joint for conductor as per current and latest versions of it.

    All our mid span full tension joint inventory is updated and we use the latest technology to make the products even more high-end for you.

    Rayphen mid span joint for ACSR is subjected to various quality tests multiple times before the delivery so, you get access to best-in-class mid span full tension joint with longer service life.

    We, at Rayphen, produce mid span joint with easy but modern cable installing features that ensure maximum grip strength and longevity.

    When it comes to mid span compression joint, Rayphen is always your No 1. Choice as we have knowledge of the industry and wide experience to shine in the market.

    Visit our website and get recommendations plus quotes regarding mid span joint in transmission line for your business!

    Mid Span Joint FAQs—The Complete Guide 

    Accessories of transmission lines—you have probably heard and seen many of these.

    Out of many overhead electrical accessories, mid span joint is a prominent one.

    If you are trying to grow a business through mid span joints, you must know its basics.

    There is a lot of distracting information on the internet when you search the keyword ‘mid span joint’.

    Therefore, we spent a lot of time gathering the selected and specific knowledge you need to know regarding mid span joints.

    Here is an FAQ guide telling what is midspan joint, what are its applications, how it works, the installation guide, compatibility with various conductors, and much more.

    So, let us take you on the journey of secret revealing in a very conversational tone to make you feel at home!

    Q1. What is Mid Span Joint? 

    Rayphen mid span joint is an electrical transmission line accessory for conductor joining.

    It joins to conductor cables together in the transmission line.

    Mid Span Joint                                                                     Figure 1 Mid Span Joint

    You all know that it is strictly forbidden in electrical wiring to link two conductors directly.

    For making a connection, you have to use accessories such as mid span joints.

    They keep the cables intact and forms a reliable connection that reaches the maximum safety level.

    A midspan joint has multiple applications in various fields especially for conductors of transmission lines.

    They have many sizes and you can get them according to the joint you want to make of the conductors.

    The installation procedure of mid span joints is understandable and not that complex.

    Once you have mastered it, there is nothing difficult in it.

    Q2. What is the Function of Mid Span Joint? 

    The midspan joint is mainly used for joining the pieces of two conductors together.

    For all the conductors having a diameter greater than 14.16 mm, Rayphen mid span compression joint is used.

    These compression joins not only provide a reliable connection but also give mechanical and electrical continuity to the conductors.

    Q3. What are the Key Features of Mid Span Joint? 

    Any accessory is defined by the features it possesses.

    Likewise, there are some key features of the Rayphen mid span joint that make the overhead fitting unique and competent.

    Its elemental features are as follows:

    • They have maximum dimensional accuracy.
    • Their finish is durable and burr-free.
    • Such mid span joints have good conductivity.
    • They themselves are lightweight.
    • The barrel is prefilled with antioxidants (inhibitors).
    • The markings on these mid span joints make it easier for installation.

    Q4. How Many Parts of Mid Span Joint Exist? 

    As far as components are concerned, there is a variation in design and parts of mid span joint according to the type of conductor.

    Rayphen mid span compression joint construction is quite simple.

    It has an aluminum tube.

    You need one simple tube for AAAC type conductors.

    On the contrary, an inner steel tube is present for ACSR conductors.

    The main purpose of this middle steel tube is to grasp the strands of the steel-reinforced conductor.

    That is why a heavy-duty and high-end hydraulic compress machine is used for its installation.

    Overall, there are two parts of the mid span joint namely:

    • Compression connector body
    • Hot dip galvanized steel splice ferrule/splice tube

    Q5. How Does a Mid Span Joint Work? 

    Rayphen mid span joints are excellent for making conductor connections.

    You must know by now that the ends of the connector tube are open.

    The mid span joint works by letting the strands of both connectors.

    One from each end into the main connector body.

    Then, with a heavy-duty compression tool, you just compress the tube from the ends.

    Leaving the central knurl untouched.

    Finally, the conductor cables are joined together without any current discontinuity.

    Mid Span Joint Working                                                            Figure 2 Mid Span Joint Working

    Q6. What are the Types of Mid Span Joint for Conductor?

    Speaking of types of mid span joint, there are two types mainly.

    • Full Tension Compression Mid Span Joint

    Interior of Full-Tension Mid Span Joint                                                       Figure 3 Interior of Full-Tension Mid Span Joint

    These Rayphen mid span joints in the transmission line are meant to be installed at high values of tension.

    Such compression joints are made from aluminum extrusion having the same mechanical strength as the conductor.

    They have tapers; externally and internally.

    Tapers prevent stress caused by compression and high torque along with reducing the discharge due to corona.

    • Non-Tension Compression Mid Span Join

    Interior of No-Tension Mid Span Joint                                                   Figure 4 Interior of No-Tension Mid Span Joint

    As the name suggests, these mid span joints are operated at low tension values.

    Similar to full tension mid span joints, they are made from aluminum extrusion too.

    Q7. What are the Advantages of Mid Span Joint? 

    There are various advantages of the Rayphen mid span joint.

    • Rayphen mid span joint gives a burr-free and smooth connection.
    • The installation is not tricky so they are efficient in their working.
    • These mid span joints join two conductors in the transmission line.
    • It is an economical overhead line fitting.
    • They are compatible with multiple aluminum conductors.

    Q8. Where to Use Mid Span Joint? 

    Mid span joints are reliable overhead fittings having several applications in different fields of life.

    They are used in transmission lines for power distribution and ACSR conductors.

    These joints fill up the connection gap in making two conductors together quite reliably.

    Q9. Which Types of Conductors are Suitable for Mid Span Joint? 

    The conductors suitable for mid span joint are aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR), all aluminum conductors (AAC), all aluminum alloy conductors (AAAC).

    Rayphen mid span joint in transmission lines is equally compatible with aluminum conductor alloy reinforced (ACAR) conductors too.

    Basically, they work brilliantly with aluminum-based conductors.

    Q10. What is the Appropriate Range of Mid Span Joint Makes It Applicable?

    There are three applicable ranges of Rayphen round mid span joint.

    • For galvanized steel strand connection to mid span joint by explosive pressure or through hydraulic pressure on the overhead transmission lines.
    • Lap burst pressure
    • Burst or butt hydraulic pressure

    Q11. What are Mid Span Joint Technical Requirements? 

    Every electrical accessory is made under certain technical features that need to be in mind while manufacturing them.

    The technical requirements of mid span joint are as under:

    • The mid span joint body must be tubular.
    • It must have a smooth and glossy appearance.
    • The conductor and the mid span compression joint dimensions must match each other.
    • There should be proper markings of which compression dies to use for mid span joint installation.
    • They should follow all quality control standards during each and every step of the manufacturing procedure.

    The manufacturers should consider them for a better quality of mid span joints.

    Q12. What are the Manufacturing Materials of Mid Span Joint? 

    The manufacturing material of Rayphen mid span joints is aluminum and its alloy.

    Both of them are considered the best manufacturing materials for most electrical overhead fittings.

    The aluminum alloy has a perfect amount of heavy metal impurities in it giving it all the good properties to be an excellent material for mid span joint.

    Aluminum is non-toxic and non-magnetic.

    It has a lower density as compared to other metals but has adequate hardness to support weights mechanically.

    The anti-corrosive property of aluminum alloy makes it perfect for outdoor setups just like overhead transmission lines.

    Being non-sparking, the aluminum alloy is one of the safest materials for mid span compression joints for conductors.

    It is quite malleable and can be forged into tubes such as mid span joints.

    Q13. Which Installation Tools are Needed for the Installation of Mid Span Joint? 

    You need certain tools and gadgets for electrical installation.

    The tools required for installation of mid span joint are:

    • Conductor cutter

    Conductor Cutter                                                   Figure 5 Conductor Cutter

    • Hydraulic compression tool

    Hydraulic Compression Crimping tooli                                                             Figure 6 Hydraulic Compression Press

    • Wire brush

    Wire Cleaning Brush                                                                  Figure 7 Wire Cleaning Brush

    Apart from them, a filler compound (inhibitor) comes along with the mid span joint package.

    It is filled inside the mid span joint tube through its filler holes.

    This keeps the connector tube safe from corrosion and other external harm.

    Q14. How to Install a Mid Span Joint Correctly? 

    The correct installation of Rayphen mid span compression joint is very important.

    If the Rayphen mid span joint is not properly installed, it will not be able to perform its function.

    Here is an instruction guideline to follow for accurate connector installation.

    • Start by cleaning and wire brushing the place of the conductor that needs to be covered by mid span joint.
    • Ensure that there are no residue particles remaining on the conductor surface.

    Clean the Conductor Surface with Wire Brush                                                           Figure 8 Clean the Conductor Surface with Wire Brush

    • Remove the plugs from both ends of the mid span joint and inspect the interior of the compression connector.
    • Inspection is essential to be sure that there are no defects in the compression connector.
    • Measure the entire length of the mid span joint with measuring tape.
    • Mark half this length on the conductor from the ends.

    Marking of the Appropriate Length                                                         Figure 9 Marking of the Appropriate Length

    • Measure the half length of the galvanized steel tube from its end.
    • On the conductor, mark a point one inch greater than the half length of the center tube/core splice.
    • Now, carefully cut the conductor cable to expose the aluminum core of the strand. Try not to damage the aluminum strands during this.
    • Secure the strands with tape or hose clamp so that it can make a good insertion.
    • Slide the mid span joint all the way to the conductor cable but expose the marked area and strands.
    • Remove the tape from cable strands and insert the core splice to the marked point.

    Attachment of Core Splice with Conductor Cables                                        Figure 10 Attachment of Core Splice with Conductor Cables

    • Repeat the same with the other conductor and join it with the core splice tube.
    • Make sure that the core splice is placed centrally.
    • As per the mid span joint, insert the appropriate compression die.
    • Place the assembly into the press and make sure that the core splice is well attached to the strands of both connectors.
    • Compress (crimp) the core splice starting from the center and then moving to both sides.

    Compression of Core Splice                                                   Figure 11 Compression of Core Splice

    • The splice curvature should be cut to the minimum and the dies must be compressed to the maximum.
    • Now, slide the mid span joint over the core splice so that it covers the ends of both conductors to the marked point.
    • Inject the inhibitor filler compound through filler holes on the mid span joint.

    Applying Antioxidant Filler Compound                                                     Figure 12 Applying Antioxidant Filler Compound

    • Stop filling the compound when you see it seeping out from the ends of the mid span joint.
    • Now, with the appropriate die, compress (crimp) the mid span joint from all over the connector except the central portion.

    Insertion of Small Steel Balls with Hammer                                                   Figure 13 Hydraulic Compression of Mid Joint Span

    • Check for the smoothness of the connector and the installation process is completed here.

    Successfully Installed Mid Span Joint                                                    Figure 14 Successfully Installed Mid Span Joint

    Q15. Is Crimping Required for Mid Span Joint Installation? 

    Yes, the connection is only made through crimping the Rayphen mid span for installation.

    A hydraulic compression press is used for making the mid span joint tube compressed against the conductors.

    The purpose of crimping is done through compression press tool with appropriately sized dies.

    Heavy-duty compression press with appropriate dies must be used for full-proof conductor connection through mid span joint.

    Q16. What is Mid Span Joint Price? 

    The price of mid span joint is about US$0.12-US$5.80.

    Its pricing depends on various factors.

    Depending on manufacturers, manufacturing material, and size, the price can be varying.

    Also, it depends on the quality of mid span joint.

    Q17. Can You Use Mid Span Joint for ACSR? 

    Yes, you can use Rayphen mid span joint for ACSR conductors.

    Some of the designs are specially made for aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR) conductors.

    They are perfectly suitable for ACSR conductors of specific dimensions making the lines continuous and firmly connected.

    Q18. What are the Considerations You Need to Look at Before Purchasing a Mid Span Joint? 

    Selecting an appropriate mid span joint for your business must be your utmost priority.

    Choosing the right mid span joint is tough because of the multiple options you have.

    Here are some of the considers you can look for before buying a mid span joint for cable connections.

    • There must be conductor and Rayphen mid span joint compatibility in terms of material and dimensions.
    • Must get an appropriate hydraulic compression press for installation purposes.
    • The dies must be of the correct size to firmly press the joint tube.
    • Think for the application you are getting the mid span joint.
    • Look for mid span joints with filler compounds to keep them safe from corrosion and rust.
    • Make sure that good quality aluminum alloy is employed in its manufacturing.

    Q19. Can You Use Mid Span Joint for High Voltage Lines? 

    Yes, you can use mid span joint for high voltage lines.

    The Rayphen mid span joints are designed for transmission lines ranging as high as 500kV.

    They are meant to be used in transmission lines.

    Many transmission lines are high voltage lines.

    It means there is a good chance of using mid span joints for high voltage along with low voltage lines.

    Q20. Are Mid Span Joints Full Tension Joints? 

    Yes, there are two types of midspan joints; full-tension and no tension mid span compression joints.

    The full-tension compression joint is installed and operated at high tension values.

    They are suitable for aluminum conductors and ACSR.

    You can get a full-tension midspan joint from reliable manufacturer Rayphen at a market competitive price.

    Q21. Is it Possible to Get Mid Span Joint in Various Sizes? 

    Yes, you can get various sizes of mid span joint.

    These sizes are available according to the dimension of the conductors you want to join together.

    Mid Span Joint in Different Sizes                                                      Figure 15 Mid Span Joints in Different Sizes

    Different sizes in several types of mid span joint are available at Rayphen.

    You can always select the size of mid span joint you think fits best for the conductors.

    Q22. What are Some of the Parameters to Inspect the Quality of Mid Span Joint? 

    There are some parameters to check and inspect the quality of mid span joint for conductors.

    You can check the quality visually based on the following points:

    • Dimensions are appropriate the way you ask.
    • The connecting pipe surface and the gasket must be clean, crack-free, smooth, defectless, and undamaged.

    The lashing and ending mid span joint grooves must be rounded.

    • The strength of mid span joint grip is compatible with conductor’s grip.
    • Check the tensile strength of the mid span aluminum tube.
    • Ensure that seamless steel pipes of mid span joint have adequate tensile strength.
    • The markings of mid span joint and its packaging is up to the mark.

    Q23. What are the Alternative Accessories of Mid Span Joint? 

    No, there is no such alternative present to connect two conductors of overhead lines.

    The mid span joints are meant for making conductor connections smoothly.

    They serve the purpose quite well.

    That is why there is no need of using any alternative to such a reliable overhead fitting.

    Q24. Can You Purchase Customized Mid Span Joint? 

    Yes, you can definitely purchase customized mid span joints from Rayphen.

    In customized order, you need to tell the exact size and application to the manufacturer.

    According to your requirements, the manufacturer makes the midspan joints and delivers them to you.

    Ensure the dimensions you are giving are the right ones so that Rayphen can make better products for you.

    Q25. How to Repair a Deformed Mid Span Joint? 

    You cannot repair a deformed mid span joint.

    After installation through hydraulic compression press, there is no going back.

    If the installation is not done properly, you can simply use another midspan joint.

    Repairing is not an option here.

    The compression causes permanent deformation to the connector tube.

    Also, the Rayphen mid span joints are high0end products.

    They are not easily damaged.

    Most of such midspan joints are long-lasting as they have a filler compound filled inside them for the anti-corrosive property.

    Q26. Is Mid Span Joint Overhead Transmission Line Accessory? 

    Yes, mid span joint is an overhead transmission line fitting.

    Just like tension clamp, mid span joints also belong to the overhead fitting category.

    They both are different though.

    Q27. What Precautions to Follow While Making Mid Span Joint Connection? 

    The clamp of Rayphen mid span joint should take over the stranded bare aluminum conductor.

    Whereas, the core aluminum wire is connected with the crimping tool (circular).

    On the outer side, a heat shrinkable tube is employed as insulation recovery.

    Or, you can simply apply anti-aging and self-adhesive tapes.

    These are some of the precautions you need to consider while making mid span joint connections.

    • First, clean the aluminum pipe inner wall and outer surface with gasoline.
    • Apply a coat of petroleum jelly or grease on the inner wall and outer surface.
    • Always choose the steel mold as per application specifications.
    • All the connections should be made according to the markings of midspan joint.
    • Make sure that the dimensions of both conductors and midspan joints are matching perfectly.
    • There should be stable clamping to minimizes bending and prevents deformation of the pipe. When you are done with clamping, the pipe bent must be less than 3% of the length of pipe with no cracks on the surface.
    • After clamping, connecting pipe DC resistance must be tested and ensure that its value do not exceed the wire resistance having same length.
    • Begin the installation by going through the user manual that comes with the packaging for better understanding.
    • The compression must be done with appropriately sized dies to make the connection more reliable.
    • There should be manufacturing material compatibility of conductors and mid span joints.
    • Apply moisture-proof paint on the both ends of mid span joint connecting pipe.

    Q28. How to Reduce Mid Span Joint Corrosion? 

    It is very important to keep the level of corrosion to a minimum.

    This increases the service life of mid span joint and keeps it safe from damages.

    To reduce the corrosion of mid span joint, there comes a filler compound.

    This compound is an anti-oxidant (inhibitor) that is filled into the connector tube through filler holes of the mid span joint.

    Once you put the compound in it, it will become very much safe from getting corrosion.

    Q29. Can You Utilize Aluminum Alloy Mid Span Joint for Copper Conductors? 

    No, you cannot use aluminum alloy mid span joints for copper conductors.

    As the name indicates, such Rayphen mid span joints are designed for aluminum conductors.

    If they are installed with copper conductors, there will be no conductor midspan joint compatibility.

    Ultimately, the midspan joint will not perform the function.

    Q30. Why is it Important to Improve the Working Efficiency of Mid Span Joint?  

    It is really important to improve the working efficiency of mid span joints.

    The reason is to increase the service life of the mid span compression joint.

    Also, to keep the corrosion check as it affects the efficiency of mid span joint.

    By increasing the efficiency of working, you are directly increasing the mechanical and electrical strength of the mid span joint.

    Q31. Can You Use Mid Span Joint in Indoor Conductor Connections? 

    No, you cannot use midspan joint for indoor conductor connection.

    Rayphen mid span joint is an overhead line fitting.

    It is meant to join two heavy-duty conductors of the transmission line.

    There is no application yet discovered for them being used indoors.

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