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Equalizing Shielding Ring
Sep 06, 2018

Equalizing shielding ring

Ring shaped fittings with uniform pressure and shielding effect. In order to simplify the installation conditions of voltage sharing rings and shielding rings on 330 kV and 500 kV transmission lines, most of the two rings are designed as a whole, called voltage sharing shielding rings.

Grading shielding ring classification:

1.Used for 330kV overhead transmission lines

2.Used for 500kV overhead transmission lines

3.For substation.

Generally speaking, the pressure ring itself plays a shielding role besides pressure balancing. The grading ring is the protection for insulators, and the shielding ring is the protection for fittings. Therefore, the shielding ring itself should be shielded, that is, the surface of the pipe should be clean and burr-free, in order to achieve their own corona-free purposes.