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General Requirements For Grounding Wire Connection Installation (part 1)
Aug 21, 2018

General requirements for grounding wire connection installation (part 1)

No matter what type of connection is adopted, the following basic requirements should be met when connecting the ground wire.

1. The inside and outside surfaces of the connecting pipes should be smooth and clean without defects such as sand holes, bubbles and cracks.

2. The connection of the guide wire should not be twisted or broken.

3. Guide and ground wire with different specifications, different metals and different direction of wring shall not be connected in the same tension section.

4. The grounding wire must be connected by the supporting continuous tube provided by the current standard of electric power fittings. The strength of the grip after the connection must be reached or exceed 95% of the breaking force calculated by the connected ground line.

5. When cutting wire aluminum, it is strictly forbidden to hurt the steel core. After the connection, the line stock near the nozzle should not be damaged by obvious loosening or over winding treatment standards.