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General Requirements For Grounding Wire Connection Installation (part 2)
Aug 22, 2018

General requirements for grounding wire connection installation (part 2)

6.Before connection, the surface of the connecting part of the ground line, the inner wall of the connecting pipe and the surface of the connecting pipe which may be touched when the pipe is worn, and the surface of the lightning conductor should be cleaned with gasoline.

7.For steel conductor with anticorrosive oil, the explosive pressure must be strands, washed with gasoline and dried and dried with cotton yarn.The length of general cleaning is 1.2 times that of the pressure pipe.

8. When using pliers or hydraulic connections, the aluminum strands in the outer layer of the wire should be coated with a thin layer of conductive grease, and the fine wire brush should be used to brush the surface oxide film, and the conductive grease should be retained to connect.

But the use of conductive grease must have the following properties:

(1) neutrality;

(2) the flow temperature is not less than 1500C, and has a certain viscosity.

(3) low contact resistance