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General Requirements For Grounding Wire Connection Installation (part 3)
Aug 23, 2018

General requirements for grounding wire connection installation (part 3)

9. After the connecting pipe and the tension clamp clamped, the appearance quality should be checked.

(1) use the vernier caliper with accuracy of not less than 0.1mm to measure the size of the press, and the deviation must comply with the relevant regulations.

(2) flare, burr and surface damage that should not exceed the allowable damage should be leveled and sandpaper polished.

(3) crack or perforation after explosive pressure must be cut off.

(4) The degree of bending should not be greater than 2%. The bending should be straightened obviously. After straightening, the connecting pipe should be strictly prohibited from cracking, and should be cut off and reconnected if it fails to meet the requirements.

(5) anti rust paint should be applied to the peel of zinc peel after pressure.

10. In one span, only one connecting pipe and 3 repair tubes are allowed for each wire or lightning protection line. When the tension is applied, it should not exceed 2 repair tubes and should be satisfied.

(1) the distance between all kinds of pipes or tension clamps should not be less than 5m;

(2) the distance between the connecting pipe or the repair pipe and the suspension clamp shall not be 5m;

(3) the distance between the connecting pipe or the repair tube and the spacer shall not be less than 0.5m;

(4) reduce the continuous tube caused by damage.