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The Basic Type Of The Drawing Line
Aug 18, 2018

The basic type of the drawing line

The basic types of the drawing line can be divided into:

1. common wire (most commonly used)

2.V type cable: two pull lines (up or down), which share a pull wire. The strength of the lower part and the drawing plate should ensure that it can bear two upper tensile forces and is located on the V bisection line.

3.Horizontal drawing line: the pull rod (also known as drawing column) of the horizontal drawing line should be inclined to the tail line of the pull rod, the angle between the ground and the ground is 70 to 80 degrees. The pole and the tail of the rod should be in the same line. This line should be in line with the direction of the line or the vertical line of the line angle.

4. Common cable: refers to the use of a wire rod as a tie rod cable, in order to prevent the tilt of the pole, under normal circumstances should also be installed tail line.

5. back wire: refers to the use of pole itself as a pull rod, is a common type of transmission lines.