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Undamped Spacer
Aug 28, 2018

Undamped spacer

The non-damping spacer rod can be divided into bolt type and pre-twisted type according to the gripping method of wire clip and wire.

The bolt way is divided into pre twist type and spring type.

Pre-twisted wire type tightening method: in the wire is gripped with good weather resistance and good conductivity of rubber, in the structure of pre-twisted instead of tightening bolts.

Spring type: Holding the wire part is the same as bolting, but it obtains a stable axial force by spring pressure and absorbs the creep of the wire by spring flexure.

This type of spacer rod is far less effective than the damping spacer rod, and can only be used to compensate the lines in areas prone to vibration, such as hidden areas in mountain areas, forest areas, or as a jumper spacer rod.

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