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No matter what your project is, Rayphen offers the best nylon cable gland solution for you.

Why Rayphen Nylon Cable Gland

Boom Your Business with Rayphen Nylon Cable Gland

Rayphen offers a complete range of nylon cable gland with full reports. Check it out.

Nylon Cable Gland - Metric thread

Rayphen IP68 waterproof nylon cable gland is of excellent quality and highly reliable. nylon cable gland is made from sturdy, robust raw materials. Featuring completely sealed against dust, metric threaded, and excellent water-resistant. Avail now our IP68 waterproof nylon cable gland at very low rates.

Nylon Cable Gland - PG thread

Rayphen PG Nylon cable gland is well-known in the marketplace for their reliable performance and function. We offers a completely sizes nylon cable gland PG thread in Rayphen, The PG cable gland can be customized according to size, dimensions, colors, and finishes. Just send us your detailed requirements.

Nylon Cable Gland - NPT, G thread

Nylon Cable gland can be available in color black, white, light gray, or beige. Other colors can be available upon your request. Rayphen is sure about your special cable gland requirement will be satisfied with our engineering department.

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    Rayphen Nylon Cable Gland

    Rayphen is a professional cable gland manufacturer and supplier in China for over 7 years. Rayphen cable gland can be nylon, metal, stainless steel, or brass. We offer a wide range of cable glands based on a competitive price.

    Nylon cable gland is also called polyamide cable gland or plastic cable gland, It is suitable for polyamide cable. As a professional plastic cable gland manufacturer, We can supply you with siamese structure and divided structure plastic cable gland.

    Rayphen nylon cable glands or sometimes referred to as nylon cord seals or cord grips are crucial products when it comes to strain relief of cables. Nylon Cable gland can be a metric thread, PG thread, NPT thread, or long thread and that are all rated to IP68 for being waterproof.

    Sell to over 500 Global Clients

    Rayphen Nylon Cable Gland has been exported to over 500 global clients and installed on an electric power project in the world.

    Use quality raw materials

    Rayphen Nylon Cable Gland is manufactured with high-quality raw material.

    7+ Years' Experience

    Rayphen has over 7 years of Nylon Cable Gland manufacturing experience.

    Strict quality control

    Nylon Cable Gland manufactured by Rayphen is 100% strictly inspected before shipment.

    Rayphen Nylon Cable Gland

    Rayphen has an engineering team to design and manufacture the highest quality nylon cable gland to deliver optimum strain relief. You can find in Rayphen various sizes and threads of the nylon cable gland. Rayphen nylon cable gland is ideally perfect for different industrial applications.

    Rayphen nylon cable gland can be available in different colors. You can choose whether white nylon cable gland, black nylon cable gland, gray nylon cable gland, or beige nylon cable gland. Other colors can be available upon your request.

    At Rayphen, we can give you quick access to thousands of stocked cable gland products. We are operating in this field with over 7 years of experience as a leading authorized supplier of automation and electrical products throughout the world.

    In fact, we had exported our nylon cable gland to England, France, the United States, Germany, Japan, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, etc. Rayphen hopes to include you as part of our growing list of satisfied clients.

    Rayphen manufacturing company has a complete solution for your nylon cable gland needs. In fact, we are one of the top suppliers and manufacturers in China for more than 7 years.

    With our top couriers, you will get a brand-new, unopened, and undamaged cable gland shipped. Rayphen also implementing a 1-month warranty service on our cable glands with the most suitable technology from our factory.

    If you need a nylon cable gland or other cable gland product, please feel free to contact our team now!

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