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Rayphen is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cable cleats for more than 14 years.

Why Rayphen Cable Cleats

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Excellent Quality Cable Cleats to Support Your Business

If you are looking for an excellent quality cable cleat, Rayphen is always the best place. We will supply you with our trusted cable cleats for your applications. Check it out!

Aluminium Metal Cable Cleats
Aluminium Metal Cable Cleats

Rayphen is your reliable aluminium metal cable cleats manufacturer. The metal cable cleats are produced by Rayphen to a adopt low-pressure casting process. The main material is a high-quality aluminum alloy, HDG steel, and ethylene-propylene rubber. Contact us for more information.

HV cable cleats
HV cable cleats

HV cable cleats are mean high voltage cable cleats. To meet your specific applications, Rayphen offers one core or three core cable cleats. We provide you a one-stop solution for your cable cleat needs. Get benefits with our 13 years of manufacturing experience now!

Trefoil Cable Cleats
Trefoil Cable Cleats

Rayphen trefoil cable cleat is manufactured from polyamide(PA), glass fiber reinforced. And it has flame-Resistant and which can work for temperature range from -40°C to 120°C. Rayphen is always your best choice for trefoil cable cleats.

More Details about Rayphen Cable Cleats

Cable Cleats




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Cable Cleats

TypeSuilable conductorΦCBBolt

Cable Cleats

RigidityFlexibilitySuilable conductorΦCBolt

Cable Cleats

RigidityFlexibilitySuilable conductor

Cable Cleats

(20-36)mm2904360.52234Extra small
(90-120)mm2150851206595Extra Large

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Let Rayphen Help You Improve Your Business

Rayphen cable cleats also named cable clamps are a very important component when installing a cable. It is the most recommended component in almost every electrical installation.

If you are relying on our Rayphen cable cleats, you can be sure that your cables are retained, fixed, and supported correctly.

Even in an emergency or short circuit fault, Rayphen cable clamp will contain the cable without causing damage. It also enables the circuit to be restored once the fault has been dealt with.

In accordance with IEC 61914, the trefoil cable cleat is designed to secure electrical cables when it is installing at intervals along the length of the cables.

Sell to over 200 Global Clients

Rayphen Cable Cleats has been exported to over 200 global clients and installed to electric power project in the world.

Use quality raw materials

Rayphen Cable Cleats is manufactured with high-quality raw material.

14+ Years' Experience

Rayphen has over 14 years of Cable Cleats manufacturing experience.

Strict quality control

Cable Cleats manufactured by Rayphen is 100% strictly tested before shipment.

Rayphen Cable Cleats

Rayphen can supply various types of cable cleats to fix, support, and tighten the cable system in your specific applications. No matter what your application is, you can choose whether single cable cleat, dual cable diameter, trefoil cable diameter, quatrefoil cable diameter.

Rayphen cable cleats provide the necessary levels of resistance to electromechanical forces. All of our aluminum cable cleats achieve the following safety measures:

  • Support conductors and cables
  • Reduce the mechanical load (the cable may be exposed to under its own weight)
  • Reduce the mechanical load (the cable termination may be exposed to)

Rayphen cable cleats are suitable for all environmental conditions such as onshore and offshore. They are manufactured for industrial applications.

Moreover, Rayphen aluminium metal cable cleats are used for operating voltages – specialist cable fixings for single cable or trefoil cable installations, Strong corrosion resistance and durability, and fire-resistant cable installations.

If you are a power cable system engineers, specifiers, and designers, you must consider the correct cable fixing. You must also consider the securing system to protect MV, LV, or HV cables and provide safe and adequate restraint. These cable cleats will restrain the movement of cables during electrical fault conditions.

Rayphen has rich experienced in HV cable cleats manufacturing. At Rayphen, you rest assured with high-end cable cleat products at the very competitive prices.

Through the years, Rayphen manufacturing company has sold numerous cable cleats to most clients. We are one of the best and most popular cable cleats manufacturers and suppliers all around the world.

For more information about our cable cleats, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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