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Why Rayphen Pole Line Hardware

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Improve Your Business with Rayphen Pole Line Hardware

For all your pole line hardware needs, Rayphen is the best to rely on. We offer a comprehensive range of pole line hardware to skyrocket your business.

Stay Set
Stay Set

Rayphen stay set is used to connect the stay wire to the ground anchor. And stay set is including stay rod, stay bow, stay plate, and thimble. All of them are made from hot-dip galvanized steel. At Rayphen, You can choose different dimensions stay set , and can be customized.

Anchor Rod for Pole Line Hardware
Anchor Rod for Pole Line Hardware

Rayphen anchor rod is forged to single, twin, and triple eye groove. It is also named thimble eye anchor rod, guy wire anchor rods or thimble rod. According to the shape, We offer a straight thimble eye bolt and angle thimble eye bolt for you. Meanwhile, Rayphen anchor rod is evenly hot-dip galvanized and the nuts are easy to screw in.

Street Light Arm
Street Light Arm

The street light arm manufactured by Rayphen is used for LED or Solar street light poles. We use high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel to ensure durability and a smooth surface. As a professional street light arm with rich experience in pole line hardware, We have enough confidence to satisfy your special requirement on any street light arm needs.

Pole Top Pin
Pole Top Pin

At Rayphen, we have straight pole top pin and offset pole top pin. the thread part is made of cast lead or nylon alloy with cap. Rayphen pole top pin is suitable for insulator on utility poles. as a leader in the pole line hardware field, all pole top pin made by Rayphen is all 100% tested and well package before delivery.

Insulator Pin
Insulator Pin

Rayphen insulator pin is installed between the crass arm and the insulator. It is suitable for an 11/33kV distribution line, overhead transmission line, or overhead power line. You can purchase our insulator pin with nylon or lead threads for 5/8 inch or 3/4 inches diameter insulator threads. Please contact our engineering team to customize your insulator pin for your business.

Pole Band
Pole Band

At Rayphen,There are several different pole band. Universal band, secondary rack pole band, utility pole bands, It is also called pole bracket, pole clamp bracket or utility pole standoff brackets. According to different countries and regions needs, Rayphen has designed and developed different shapes of pole band for your choice.

Secondary Rack
Secondary Rack

Rayphen secondary rack is installed with the spool insulator. According to spool insulator quantity, the secondary rack is divided into secondary rack single, secondary rack 2 spool, secondary rack 3 spool.  The bolt diameter of secondary rack electric is 5/8″(16mm). Contact us now, You can have our pole line hardware at a very affordable price.

More Details about Rayphen Pole Line Hardware

Stay Set


Stay Set

TypeDimensions(mm)Weight(kg)Rated Failure Load(kN)

Anchor Rod for Pole Line Hardware

TypeSizeThread LengthTypeSizeThread Length

Pole Top Pin

Insulator ThreadOverall LengthMounting Hole SpacingANSI Longitudinal Load RatingANSI Trans-verse Load Rating
1 3/8″ ANSI20″N/A

Pole Top Pin

Insulator Thread

Overall LengthMounting Hole SpacingOffset


1 3/8″ ANSI


Insulator Pin



Total Length

Long shank type

5/8″10 3/4

11 1/2

12 1/2

11 3/4

13 5/8

15 5/8


12 1/2
Short shank type5/8″

6 1/2

7 1/2


7 3/4

Pole Band

Single Type

Double Type

Dim. In Inches

Pole O.D.


6 5/8

6 5/8

7 5/8

7 5/8
8 5/8

8 5/8

Secondary Rack


No.of  wiresDimensions in Inches
End Mtg.

Hole Spacing

Overall Length,Back

Width of Back

Medium Type, Extended

Back,12 Gauge

216182 7/8

2 7/8


32342 7/8
Heavy Type,Extended



3 1/4

Heavy Type, Nonextended


31621 3/43 1/4
42429 3/4

3 1/4

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Let Rayphen Help You Boom Your Business

Rayphen is your professional pole line hardware manufacturer, supplier, and company with over 14 years of experience.

Rayphen pole line hardware also named pole line hardware fitting, electrical pole accessories, power line hardware, or pole line accessories is an essential component of the pole line construction.

We manufacture Rayphen pole line hardware for different industrial applications. You can use Rayphen pole line hardware for installation and facilitate the construction of electrical conduits and cables, and overhead telephone. It is called distribution line hardware, utility pole mounting hardware, messenger cable hardware, or telephone pole hardware.

Sell to over 200 Global Clients

Rayphen Pole Line Hardware has been exported to over 200 global clients and installed to electric power project in the world.

Use quality raw materials

Rayphen Pole Line Hardware is manufactured with high-quality raw material.

14+ Years' Experience

Rayphen has over 14 years of Pole Line Hardware manufacturing experience.

Strict quality control

Pole Line Hardware manufactured by Rayphen is 100% strictly tested before shipment.

Rayphen Pole Line Hardware

Rayphen electrical pole line hardware includes a wide array of different components. Depending on your specific applications, we can expertly manufacture stay set, anchor rod, street light arm, pole top pin, insulator pin, pole band, secondary rack, secondary clevis,  etc.

Each and every pole line hardware has its own specific function. Rayphen can supply a wide range of electrical line hardware that suits your specific situation and multiple diverse industries.

Our pole line hardware is versatile and is designed to work well with different brands. Rayphen pole line hardware is capable of supporting varying dimensions and multiple cables.

When you talk to Rayphen about your pole line hardware needs for overhead cabling, you’re getting the best possible experience.

Rayphen will be your full-service provider of all electrical pole line hardware that currently used in the industry.

All of our pole line hardware inventory is up-to-date with our latest gear and technology. Rayphen pole line accessories are subject to rigorous quality testing. So, you are ensured with the best-in-class performance of pole line hardware for extended periods of time.

We manufacture pole line hardware to be compatible with both legacy and modern cabling installations while prolonging the lifetime of new and current systems.

When it comes to electrical pole line hardware, Rayphen is always the best place as we have a depth of knowledge and manufacturing experience that is unsurpassed in the market.

Contact Rayphen today to get a quote or recommendations for the right pole line gear for you.

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