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We offer a comprehensive range of line hardware fittings for your projects at the very affordable rates.

Why Rayphen Line Hardware Fittings

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Support Your Business

Rayphen only supplies the highest quality line hardware fittings for your specific applications. Depending on your requirements, we have the best deal of line hardware fittings for you!

Socket Eye

As your specific applications, Rayphen offers different sizes for your choice. Socket eye is also named socket clevis or socket tongue. It is an important part of tension insulator string and suspension insulator string. You can choose the right socket eye according to the application.

Yoke Plates

Rayphen can expertly manufacture yoke plates for your power transmission lines hardware. You can purchase this product at very affordable rates. Let’s work together to get more projects.

Ball Clevis

Rayphen has a large ball clevis manufacturing capacity. We can produce over 10,000pcs ball clevis every day. so you will always have enough ball clevis even in peak season. And no need to worry about urgent orders.

Y Ball Clevis

Rayphen Y ball clevis is manufactured by forged steel and finished by hot-dip galvanized. It is used together with ANSI class 52-8 & 52-11 insulators. Rayphen supply Y ball clevis with different size based on a competitive price.

Galvanized U bolts

As a professional manufacturer, Rayphen galvanized U bolts are 100% compliance with ASTM A-123 and BS EN ISO 1461 standard. The nut is easily screwed into the galvanized U bolts.

Ball Eye

The ball eye is installed together with Rayphen socket clevis, which is widely used in different voltage level insulator string and suspension insulator string. You can avail our products at an affordable price.

Grading Ring

Rayphen grading ring is also called a graded ring, The main material for grading ring is aluminum alloy and hot-dip galvanized bolts. It is installed together with an insulator. Also, we can customize your ideal grading ring at a budget-friendly price.

More Details about Rayphen Line Hardware Fittings

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    Let Rayphen Line Hardware Fittings Boom Your Business

    Rayphen Line Hardware Fittings are also named as transmission line hardware fittings, transmission line accessories, or transmission line hardware.

    Rayphen electrical transmission line hardware fitting is a general term for all fittings. You can use it for connecting the transmission line. Our series of line hardware fittings can survive in the heavy saline conditions along the coast.

    We manufacture transmission line hardware fittings for different voltage level use.  You can use Rayphen hardware fittings for medium voltage, high voltage, or ultra-high voltage.

    Sell to over 200 Global Clients

    Rayphen Line Hardware Fittings has been exported to over 200 global clients and installed to electric power project in the world.

    Use quality raw materials

    Rayphen Line Hardware Fittings is manufactured with high-quality raw material.

    14+ Years' Experience

    Rayphen has over 14 years of Line Hardware Fittings manufacturing experience.

    Strict quality control

    Line Hardware Fittings manufactured by Rayphen is 100% strictly tested before shipment.

    Rayphen Line Hardware Fittings

    At Rayphen, you can be sure that all transmission line accessories we deliver are free from defects. So, you are guaranteed that your transmission line can work very well.

    What’s more, Rayphen line hardware fittings have the features of resistance to atmospheric corrosion, both during storage and in service.

    Mostly, line hardware fitting is designed not only to connect between conductors and steel structures mechanically. It is also designed to deliver electricity to the next conductors of steel structures at minimum electrical losses.

    Rayphen manufactures Transmission Line Hardware Fittings extensively and used across all over the world. We are guaranteed that you can get excellent quality products. Because line hardware fittings from Rayphen are manufactured with superior quality raw materials.

    Also, our line hardware fitting is manufactured under the strictest of supervision from our quality assurance team.

    We seek to ensure consistent quality by using reliable raw material suppliers and inspection of all fittings.

    We do fabricate line hardware fitting as per the requirements and specifications of the customer. Rayphen design team helps to improve the reliability and quality of line hardware fittings.

    Rayphen transmission line hardware fittings are designed and manufactured with robust. So, it can prevent the conductor wear and tear. This is a highly efficient product and has a wide range of usage.

    In fact, we are supplying line hardware fittings for global overhead transmission line hardware fitting brands, suppliers, distributors, organizations, companies, and wholesalers at competitive factory- direct prices.

    Rayphen transmission line hardware became popular in the marketplace. So, if you desire a long-lasting business, then consider Rayphen line hardware fittings manufacturing factory as your number one supplier, manufacturer, and distributor.

    For more information about our line hardware fittings, please don’t hesitate to email us now!

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