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Why Rayphen PG Clamp

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Rayphen is a leading parallel groove clamp manufacturer in China. We are popular in producing a high-quality PG clamp with various sizes based on your specifications and configurations.

Bimetallic PG clamp

Rayphen CAPG bimetallic PG clamp is designed to connect to copper conductors and aluminum conductors. This parallel groove clamp is made of high-strength copper and aluminum alloy. And the bimetallic PG clamp uses a blue epoxy resin layer to better isolate the air from the copper-aluminum welding joint and prevent the electrochemical corrosion of the copper-aluminum. We guarantee safety, reliability, and cost-effective PG clamp for your projects.

Parallel Groove Clamps Aluminum

Rayphen is a popular manufacturer and supplier of aluminum PG clamp in China. We provide one bolt, two bolts and three bolt parallel groove connector. According to your specific needs. The bolts of parallel groove clamp can be made of stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized. And we provide different conductor diameter range for your choice. All parallel groove clamp produced by Rayphen is in accordance with IEC and DIN standard.

Customized Parallel Groove Clamp

As a professional parallel groove clamp supplier, We offer a wide range of parallel groove clamp for your project. At Rayphen we have PG clamp for dog conductor, PG clamp for rabbit, PG clamp for zebra conductor. At the same time, OEM, ODM and customize are always welcome in Rayphen. Send your inquiries now!. You can purchase parallel groove clamp at very affordable prices.

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    Rayphen PG Clamp

    If you are looking for the best and durable parallel groove clamp, you can truly find it here on Rayphen. We are an expert and professional parallel groove clamp manufacturer and supplier in China with over 14 years of expertise. You can avail our parallel groove clamp products at a very competitive rate.
    As a leading manufacturer and distributor of parallel groove clamp, Rayphen became the famous producer of PG clamp in various sizes, types, colors, and finishes.
    Please feel free to message us now to know more about our products and Rayphen parallel groove clamp price.

    Why Rayphen PG Clamp

    The PG clamp is the abbreviation of parallel groove clamp. And parallel groove clamp is also called a parallel groove connector or parallel groove clamp connector.
    Rayphen, a professional manufacturer and supplier in China, has stocked a wide range of parallel groove clamps. These products are manufactured from high-strength corrosion-resistant copper and aluminum alloy.

    Rayphen PG clamp or parallel groove connector is mainly fabricated to connect two conductors in parallel. This connector is constructed with all contact surface radii specific to conductor sizes. This will be provided a superior installed fit and maximize contact surface area.
    Rayphen parallel groove clamp designed with uniformity of material, high density, corrosion withstand, high-permanent strength, good electrical contact without corrosion, and improve mechanical pull-out strength.

    Our groove clamp is constructed with two parts, the upper body, and the lower body. It has two parallel grooves designed to receive the conductors. The groove of the PG clamp adopts a tooth structure. the contact resistance is smaller, and the connection is more reliable.

    In Rayphen, you can find aluminum PG clamp, copper PG clamp, and bimetallic clamp. We provide these all for the completion of your projects. Let’s identify the advantages of these three clamps. The aluminum PG clamp has two bodies, made out of high-strength aluminum alloy. The copper clamps are made out of high-strength electrolytic copper while the bimetallic clamp is made out of superior quality aluminum alloy and copper.

    What’s more? Rayphen PG clamp is designed with a large arc area, the conductor is not easy to creep, and the contact surface is closer, which improves the PG clamp grip to the conductor.
    And Rayphen CAPG bimetal PG clamp is suitable for the unbearable connection and tap-off conductor to connect the aluminum stranded wire, ACSR, and copper branch wire. and used with an insulating cover to provide insulation protection.APG parallel groove clamps aluminum is suitable for the connection of aluminum-stranded wire, AAAC, and ACSR.
    Rayphen PG clamp in transmission line provides for secure holding support of transmission conductors. You can also find Rayphen parallel groove clamp in substation connection system and ground wire earth continuity connections. They are designed for power transmission and low electrical joint resistance between conductors. Rayphen parallel groove clamp is available in standard and custom sizes upon request.

    With 14 years of experience, Rayphen is committed to the excellent quality parallel groove clamp industry. We are also committed to clamp research, design, and deep machining services. Such as PG clamp for dog conductor, PG clamp for rabbit, PG clamp for zebra conductor.
    There are so many benefits and advantages that the parallel groove clamp can bring to any application. Hurry, purchase, and get your parallel groove clamp connector now to boom your business!

    When it comes to the highest quality PG clamp, Rayphen is your no.1 reliable source. Ask for an instant quote from our team now!

    PG Clamps FAQs-The Ultimate Guide

    PG clamps have become a necessity for electrical transmission.

    Hence the right knowledge about PG clamps can save your loss and the company would have a powerful impact on the competitors.

    Our technical team has devised all of the possible queries to your business related to PG clamps, and we have tried to answer them in a way to remove all of your doubts and misunderstandings.

    This guide is your ultimate stop when you say the word ‘PG clamps’ and wants to know everything about it.

    Q1. What Are PG Clamps?

    PG clamps frequently have applications for connections between conductors, such as Aluminum-based conductors and ASCR based conductors.

    PG Clamp (Parallel Groove Clamp)

                                                    PG Clamp (Parallel Groove Clamp)

    The PG clamps consist of features like high resistance against corrosion.

    It includes the construction of aluminum alloy in hot forged finish, bolts & nuts made of stainless steel is hot-dip galvanized finish.

    It offers washer support protection for the prevention of corrosion.

    PG clamps are manufactured in spring washers along with the finishing of galvanized hot-dip. It offers great precision for pressure pads.

    High-strength aluminum alloy is also used to make bolts, which helps maintain high contact pressure during heating and cooling cycles.

    It gives an excellent electrical connection among different types of power conductor combinations.

    PG clamps are very simple to mount and remove without damaging the conductors.

    It can tolerate high electrical and mechanical stresses resulting in low electrical losses and efficient and consistent flow of electric current.

    Q2. Are your PG Clamps coated with Oxide Inhibitors?

    Yes, PG clamps are coated with oxide inhibitors, commonly referred to as grease, to prevent oxidation on copper-to-aluminum connections.

    PG Clamp Coated With Inhibitor

                                                               PG Clamp coated with oxide inhibitor

    Corrosion inhibitors have an extensive role in slowing the pace of corrosion on metals, and it enhances the life of metal applications in numerous industrial applications of metals.

    Our technical team defines corrosion inhibitor as a matter included in the corrosion lifecycle with proper concentration to decrease corrosion rate in metals.

    This all occurs without making any major changes to the corrosive agent.

    Thus, because of corrosion inhibitors, the conductors are prevented from getting rusty. Hence, the connection between the conductors is not disturbed, which means that there will be no electrical power losses, and the efficiency of the product would not be affected.

    If the PG clamp is not coated with the grease, then the clamp would react with the moisture in the air and would start creating rust on it.

    It would reduce its efficiency and, in the long term, would weaken the strength of the clamp, and it might break.

    Q3. What is the alternative to PG Clamp?

    An alternative to the PG clamp is a wedge connector.

    Wedge Connector

                                                                       Wedge Connector

    The wedge connectors are without bolts.

    They control all the limitations of stress including physical and electrical stresses that other connectors cannot bear or control.

    It allows fewer power losses just like a PG clamp and produces a steady and efficient flow of current throughout the line.

    An acceptable rise in temperature means that there would be fewer technical losses.

    The increased area of contact between the conductor and wedge connector hence in return, increasing the efficiency.

    No oxidation at the connection interfaces.

    A very little fraction of time is required for installation.

    A locking tab is present that prevents the wedge from loosening once it has been driven into the position.

    The installation method is very simple and foolproof; hence there would be no fatigued for the operator for a series of installations; this means that the installation process is ensured with repeatability and reliability.

    Q4. What are Some Common Materials Used in PG Clamps Manufacturing?

    PG clamps are usually referred to as non-tension bolted connectors, and they usually have applications in the networks of overhead transmission of electricity.

    Here they are used for the no-load connection of conductors made up of various materials.

    There are different materials used for the manufacturing of PG clamps, in which the common ones are aluminum, copper, stainless steel, or galvanized steel.

    The other subparts of the clamps, such as bolts, nuts, and all types of washers, shall be made up of grade 316 stainless steel.

    Generally, no or very small amount of current has access through nuts or bolts of the PG Clamps.

    The copper components must have guidelines related to AS2738.

    For stainless steel parts, it should follow 316 grade with AS2837.

    Q5. How to install PG Clamps on the cables?

    First of all, we need to have the right size of the PG clamp, if in case the right size is not available, do not cut the strands from the Conductor.

    This is followed by the preparation of the right set of PG clamps along with the Conductor.

    This is done by brushing (use a white brush for Aluminum clamp and black brush for Copper) the contact surface to remove the oxide layer.

    Straight away, we need to step forward to the next stage to grease the brushed area and make sure that the contact surface is fully covered.

    Now we have to use the right side of the clamp to mount the Conductor on it.

    Make sure that the conductors are fitted fully in the groves of the clamps.

    Now is the time to tighten up the bolt on the desired value as described on the PG clamp’s nameplate.

    For a clamp with a single bolt, apply the mentioned torque value.

    With a clamp having the two-bolt tightening, you should tighten the bolt step by step in a sequential manner.

    It would be best if you initiated by tightening the bolt in the middle, and then it should be followed by the tightening of outer bolts.

    You should follow this sequence of tightening at least four to five times.

    Installed PG Clamp

                                                                       Installed PG Clamp 

    Q6. What precautions should be taken while installing the PG Clamp?

    Installing the PG clamp is not a difficult task to do once you have the right clamp size that is required.

    It is recommended that a professional or qualified person install PG Clamps; this person should follow the safety protocol for working to withstand the product’s integrity.

    A technically qualified person with PG clamps installation should be aware of the procedures related to mounting, hazards, and operations.

    Simultaneously, this technically sound person should be sound to PG clamps’ technical terms, and he/she should carry the work with reference to safety protocols.

    According to the standards, the person should have the ability to complete the installation process in a suitable way.

    Q7. What Factors Affect PG Clamp’s Performance and Its Reliable Connection?

    It depends upon the characteristic of the material (metal) majorly.

    Besides manufacturing material, there are different factors that determine the performance of PG clamps and their reliable connection, such as pressure, temperature, tension, and time.

    A wire creep is produced under high pressure that is quite higher in those PG clamps that are under high pressure making the wire-thin.

    Consequently, the PG clamp grip decreases, making the connection lose and unreliable.

    All these factors have a direct relation. As the pressure on the wire increases, the temperature will be increased automatically.

    If temperature increases, it means more creep will be produced and ultimately looser grip and connection of PG clamp on the wire.

    To ensure full performance and greater grip, adequate external force should be applied during installation.

    This is imperative as enough force is required to produce appropriate pressure that prevents the wire and PG clamps from loosening.

    When the external force disappears, the PG clamp generates consistent pressure between itself and the wire to requite wire creep. The lesser the wire creep, the stronger the connection.

    Q8. What are some of the common practical usages for PG Clamp?

    Parallel groove clamps are used for connecting small wires such as aluminum-stranded wires or steel-stranded wires at those places that do not tolerate high pressure or stress.

    PG clamps are useful for making jumper connections of curved towers and poles.

    They are used to make T wiring at free end connections on the main power supply.

    PG clamps are a part of complicated switches, transformers, and branched wiring.

    You have seen a small box on the overhead power supply wires; this tiny box is a PG clamp.

    These clamps provide steady pressure and current flow to the connecting wires, and they are also easy to install and uninstall.

    PG Clamp for Overhead Connection

                                                                         PG Clamp for Overhead Connection

    Q9. What is the Recommended Approach for Choosing PG clamp?

    Unfortunately, there is none.

    You do not have any recommended approach for choosing a suitable PG clamp.

    It is entirely your engineer’s call after checking and analyzing which type of clamp is suitable for the connection.

    You can simply consult and ask a professional to help you decide on the suitable parallel groove clamp.

    However, standard manufacturing measures are available for PG clamps, and it is necessary for the companies to keep in mind those measures to produce PG clamps accordingly.

    Q10. What Tool Should be Used to Install the PG Clamp?

    PG clamp installation tool comprises a connector frame and a support rod that is attached under the frame.

    The connector frame has an installer consisting of two mechanisms, including both lead wire and PG clamp.

    The mechanism of the PG clamp has a bracket, arm, splint, and rod, all of them fixed to the connector frame.

    The lead wire mechanism has a connecting rod, operating arm, a bolt to the connecting rod, and a support frame that is attached to the connecting frame.

    As the name suggests, the support rod of the installation tool supports the whole device.

    The support rod is helpful in bringing safety as it is made of a non-conducting material means electricity cannot pass through it.

    All these structural parts must be of high-quality aluminum or aluminum-silicon alloy so that power leakage is minimized.

    Q11. What are the Different Sizes of PG Clamps Available?

    The PG clamps have different sizes, but most commonly, they come in the size of 0-5 inches.

    The best PG clamp size range for ACSR conductors is 7mm to 18.2mm in diameter, whereas, for AAAC conductors, the PG clamp size range is 9mm to 13.2mm in diameter.

    You can get parallel groove clamps of different sizes and varieties from the suppliers according to your need.

    Ask for a reliable company product like Rayphen that produces and supplies the best quality PG clamps of various sizes.

    PG Clamps of various sizes

                                                                             PG Clamps of various sizes

    Q12. How to Know that Adequate Torque is Applied to the PG Clamp During Installation?

    It is mentioned on the PG clamps that how much torque they can bear.

    PG clamp is composed of different parts, and each needs to be fixed and grooved through bolts with high precision.

    In the installation procedure, the operator fixes the clamp with one hand, and with the other hand fixes the bolt. That too with balanced body weight and posture.

    This is not easy for the operators to do.

    For proper tightening, make use of a torque wrench instead of a powered gun.

    Adjust the torque wrench to mentioned torque value before usage.

    Note: If you have a PG clamp with 2 or 3 bolts, then do not tighten the bolts one by one. Do all of them simultaneously because if you do them turn wise, the first bolt will lose, and the connection is lost.

    Q13. What are the Qualities of a Good PG Clamp?

    The quality of parallel groove clamps depends upon the material they are made, which is most of the time aluminum-silicon alloy.

    The number of impurities and silicon content determines not only the electrical efficiency but also the mechanical efficiency.

    Due to defects in the casting of some PG clamps, shrinkage, irregular shape, unevenness of surface appearance, which decreases the overall quality of parallel groove clamp.

    It also appears that some PG clamps have quite deep grooves as compared to the thickness of the wires, which makes them low quality and less efficient as the wires cannot pass through the grooves.

    The point of the connection must be rust and dirt-free to ensure less friction between the point of contact and the wire.

    Q14. What are the Benefits of PG Clamp?

    PG clamps’ best function is to transmit the correct amount of current between two wires that are parallel to each other.

    They not only serve the purpose of connecting wires where the load is unbearable but also provide low resistance.

    Less resistance means less power loss.

    The less loss in power supply improves the efficiency of the working machinery and electrical appliances.

    The output power is improved, which enhances the working efficiency of transformers and direct power supply stations.

    Q15. Can you Reuse PG Clamp that has Already been Installed?

    No, the PG clamps are not reusable.

    Unfortunately, you cannot reuse an already installed PG clamp even if it has a minor defect.

    The main reason behind this is that the grooves wear off with time, and during the uninstalling procedure, the smoothness of the clamping surface also diminishes.

    It is always suggested to buy a new PG clamp instead of using an already installed one because its working efficiency will be poor.

    This makes PG clamps not so economical, but generally not that expensive on the whole.

    It means they are affordable, and you can buy them easily for every new installation.

    Q16. How Do PG Clamps Bear Physical Damages?

    Aluminum tape or wire is wound around the lead or copper wire for reduced friction and to prevent the PG clamp from damages.

    We know that the temperature might get high because of increased pressure and high wire creep, which results in burning the wire and melting the PG clamp.

    To avoid this, make sure the grooves are rust-free and enough external force is applied while installation.

    The correct installation torque/force determines the fate of the PG clamp making it more or less efficient.

    Aluminum tape, rust-free grooves, and external force all play their role in decreasing the physical damages of PG clamps.

    Damaged PG Clamps

                                                                    Damaged PG Clamps

    Q17. What is the Range of the Load that the PG Clamps Can Support?

    Non-loaded parallel groove clamp’s grip on the conductor is always less than the conducting force of the conductor by a value of 10%.

    The conductivity, however, should be above the contacted wire resistance.

    The resistance change index is developed by electrical standards for maximum stability of the PG clamp.

    This index will make sure that the power supply is regular or not.

    Whenever there is a short circuit, the circuit is kept safe as the PG clamp does not fail before the wire.

    These measures are recommended by the international standards for manufacturing electrical appliances.

    Q18. For PG Clamp Commercial Usage Which Technical Measures to Look For?

    The operating device of the commercial PG clamp must have four things, which are:

    • PG clamp sleeve
    • Plug-in unit: It contains first and second insertion parts along with a removal part. Both insertion parts are linked through the extraction part.
    • Support rod: The PG clamp is attached to the support rod, which is placed to the trunk line.
    • Operating rod: It has two ends, each having a different part. On one end, there is a tightening part, and on the other end, the pulling part is present.

    The PG clamp is fixed into the PG clamp sleeve by the operating device in order to prevent the slipping of the groove clamp during working.

    It also ensures easy installment of the PG clamps to the circuit.

    Whenever you purchase a PG clamp, always check its technical traits.

                       Components of PG Clamp

                                                                    Components of PG Clamp

    Q19. What Specific External Factors Can Be Responsible for Damaging a PG Clamp?

    The main thing in preventing the damage of PG clamps is that we should apply well-calculated external torque to the PG clamp.

    In case of any rust in the grooves, apply anti-oxidants and make sure the grooves are dry as it will have a direct effect on the connections of the wire.

    The current load from the power supply must be according to the limit range of the circuit or lane.

    Q20. Can PG Clamps be Used for Both Overhead and Underground Connections?

    Yes, you can use PG clamps for both overhead and underground connections.

    They are compatible with both types of connections because they are made of aluminum-silicon alloy.

    They conduct current quite well throughout the line and circuit.

    Q21. Why Prefer You Over Other PG Clamps Manufacturers?

    Rayphen is a reliable and trustworthy company that produces high-quality products, and their PG clamps fulfill the criteria of General Technical Requirements for Electric Power Fittings.

    Our products have specific plus points than other competitor’s products, which are enlisted as:

    • The body of a parallel groove clamp is made of tensile malleable material.
    • Bolts are manufactured under the strict index of international standards with anti-rust properties.
    • The nuts to the bolts are also Hexagon Nuts that are according to international standard measures.
    • Simple washers of the PG clamps are produced that do not contain oxide layers on them.
    • The spring washers are also under the standard values, making the PG clamp a reliable product.

    Q22. What are the Specifications of PG Clamps?

    The PG clamp should be made of high-quality oxidize-resistant metal alloy or pure metal.

    For overhead connections, they must function in all types of weather.

    The arc should not let the connection loose, so always look for a high-quality PG clamp.

    The size of the grooves and the wire must be complementary to one another. If the size of the wire is not correct, it will not pass through the clamp’s grooves.

    The required external force or torque must be mentioned on the parallel groove clamp.

    The nuts and bolts should be hexagonal.

    Most importantly, have in mind that the PG clamp you are getting fulfills the standard conditions and goes through testing before laying a hand on it.

    Q23. Is a PG Clamp Suitable for Panther Conductor?

    Yes, you can use a PG clamp for panther conductors.

    Panther conductors are basically ACSR conductors having a standard value of BS-215.

    They are made of aluminum, and the aluminum that is used to make these conductors is around 200mm2.

    Panther conductors also have steel content in the form of 7 sheets along with 30 sheets of aluminum.

    These conductors are suitable for high power supply and can easily adjust a PG clamp.

    Q24. What Are Some Common Applications of PG Clamps?

    PG clamps have various applications because of their reliability and easily adjustable structure.

    There is nothing complicated about them, and they provide a smooth flow of electrical current between different conductors.

    PG clamps are best for the following applications:

    • For connecting earth wires
    • Suitable for all types of ACSR conductors
    • It can be used in transformers
    • Play a huge role throughout transmission lines

    Q25. Can You Use a PG Clamp for Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)?

    Yes, you can use a PG clamp for optical ground wiring (OPGW).

    Optical ground wires are the best when it comes to the conduction of the power supply from one place to the other.

    They are best because they supply the power fast and with greater efficiency as power loss due to leakage is relatively less in such wiring.

    PG clamps fulfill the purpose of bearing high pressure where optical ground wires need.

    Q26. Can You Purchase PG Clamps of Different Designs?

    Yes, you can definitely ask for different PG clamp designs.

    They come in three forms; single bolt, 2 bolts, 3 bolts, and up to 8 bolts PG clamps.

    The installation procedure, the working principle, and the base material for all these types are the same.

    The most commonly used and available PG clamps are single, 2, and 3 bolts PG clamps.

    Remember not to tighten the 2 and 3 bolts PG clamps turn-wise.

    They need simultaneous tightening with both hands of the operator.

    Q27. Which Type of Conductors are Best Suited for PG Clamps?

    PG clamp is 100% fit for all types of conductors, including zebra conductors, panther conductors, rabbit conductors, dog conductors, wolf conductors, and mouse conductors.

    It works exactly the same for all these types; however, its installation might differ.

    Though these conductors have different names to distinguish each of them from the other for quick and easy remembrance, they belong to the same category.

    Most of them are made of aluminum and steel and have a different current carrying capacity.

    The difference in the current-carrying capacity of these conductors does not limit the usage of PG clamps for them; this actually increases its diversity in use.

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