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Rayphen Polymer Insulator Suitable For

  • Polymer Insulator for South Africa Eskom
  • Polymer Insulator for Philippines NGCP
  • Polymer Insulator for Vietnam EVN
  • Polymer Insulator for Bangladesh DESCO
  • Polymer Insulator for Sri Lanka CEB
  • Polymer Insulator for Zambia ZESCO

Boost Your Business with High Quality Rayphen Composite Polymer Insulator

We are manufacturing high-end good performance polymer insulators keeping in mind the demands of our customers. Our products are the best not only in terms of performance but also in variety. Here are the types of composite insulators that Rayphen offer. Have a look!

Suspension Insulator

Rayphen suspension insulators are lightweight, compact volume, durable, anti-bend, dimensional stability, high strength wrest resistance. They have powerful explosion safety which is the characteristic of suspension composite insulators. Rayphen suspension silicone rubber insulators could be used for extremely contaminated environments, strong mechanical tension loads, and long life spans due to certain varied capabilities. Such silicone rubber composite insulators are anti-fouling properties and are applicable to overhead transmission lines and distribution lines. Rayphen suspension insulators have end fittings assembly with an integrated fiberglass rod and have structure trimming. We have various models of suspension insulators, contact us for customizations.

Polymer Pin Insulator

Polymer pin insulators by Rayphen are designed for use in substations and transmission power lines. Due to the tiny volume and lighter weight of polymer type insulators as compared to porcelain glass insulators, these may considerably reduce flash disasters and save clear and repair times. Rayphen polymer pin insulators have anti-pollution properties which make them highly suitable for substations and transmission power lines. All the silicone rubber insulators produced by Rayphen are electrically stable and perform brilliantly. With the latest technology, Rayphen polymer insulators have become water-resistant means you do not have to worry about sparks. For further queries, connect with us now.

Polymer Post Insulator

Getting this polymer post insulator from the best polymer insulator manufacturer, Rayphen will give you a number of benefits. It is reliable to use for daily electrical systems as they provide maximum safety and without hindrance electric current flow. Rayphen composite polymer insulator has silicon rubber shed and made especially with a forged steel body. They are compatible with EHV lines and thus Rayphen put extra effort into making them safe and long lasting. These are certified silicone rubber composite insulators with all the quality assurance tests from Rayphen. you can order as per your specifications by contacting us through our website.

Horizontal Line Post Insulator

Made specifically for extra high voltage transmission and power distribution lines, these Rayphen post insulators are anti-aging, anti-bend, and waterproof. Being lightweight and having a compact volume to size ratio, Rayphen post insulators are among the best polymer insulators in the market. It increases the flashover voltage. It has the same to same above and below installation measurements as the comparable porcelain pillars however can be used alternately. Highly compatible with different conductors and cables, these Rayphen composite polymer insulators are available at market competitive prices for transmission line applications. Customized products with double seal designs are openly offered for specific applications. So, contact us for your special customized order.

More Details about Rayphen Polymer Insulator

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    Polymer Insulator

    Make Rayphen Your Best Polymer Insulator Manufacturer for Your Business Development

    A polymer composite insulator is a piece of electronic equipment made up of a polymeric insulating portion and metal fittings.

    In transmission line applications, Rayphen’s polymer type insulator provides durable, quick, and easy setup qualities.

    Rayphen ensures maximum quality in silicone insulators by using the best quality raw material for all polymer type insulators.

    All Rayphen polymer insulators are comprised of a specially developed silicone rubber that is hydrophobic along with having anti-leakage monitoring capability.

    Our website is available if you want to receive any design of silicone insulators, as we offer authentic polymer insulator for a transmission line in so many varieties that help you in flourishing your business.

    Rayphen composite polymer insulators are not brittle and also, it is very easy to transport friendly as you do not need to buy spare parts beside them.

    There is no hard and fast rule for the maintenance of silicone rubber composite insulators as they are easily maintained and replaced.

    The Rayphen silicone composite insulators for transmission line has all of the characteristics that anyone could want, making the insulator process a breeze.

    Through our skill and brand, we manufacture and export steel composite insulators to over 200 clients across the world in an affordable price range.

    Sells to 200 International Clients

    Rayphen supplies silicone rubber composite insulators to over 200 clients internationally with highly good remarks and repute.

    Use of Best Raw Material

    All silicone composite insulators are made with high-quality raw material at Rayphen as it directly affects the functioning.

    Experience of 14 Years

    Rayphen has vast experience of 14+ years in polymer insulator manufacturing and supplying.

    Quality Control Compliance

    Rayphen silicone polymer insulator went through various quality control tests for complete security and efficiency of the products.

    Rayphen Polymer Insulator

    Rayphen would be a good destination to come if you’re looking for a brand new polymer type insulator that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

    Have you just been looking for a composite insulator that would suit your company’s needs? Rayphen has the ability to fix any of your situations.

    Rayphen creates a high-quality silicone rubber composite insulator with elegant, long-lasting features.

    Our high-voltage polymer insulator series is made of polymer material that gives better results than porcelain glass insulators.

    All of these elements provide physical, mechanical, as well as electrical stability to the silicone insulators in the substation and power distribution lines.

    The suspension polymer insulators are worth buying as they have anti-aging, anti-bend, and anti-pollution qualities.

    Being lightweight, Rayphen polymer pin insulators can bear the overvoltage and increase the flashover voltage.

    Such polymer type insulators are undoubtedly the best in the market that are double sealed for secure performance and electrical activity.

    Rayphen post insulators including the polymer post insulator are perfect for extra high voltage (EHV) power station lines.

    The mechanical properties of the Rayphen product are precisely linked amongst silicone rubber as well as the rod that is computer managed coaxial continuous pressure crimping procedure utilizing ultrasonic testing

    Rayphen has sold top-of-the-line polymer insulators to more than 200 customers globally, and not only in China, whenever it hits the market excellence.

    The specialty of our polymer type insulators is that they are seismic and have moist-discharge features making them highly in demand and a favorite for you.

    Silicone polymer insulators from Rayphen have high resistance to torsion and flexure and they are made with different designs like Vandal-proof design and double seal designs.

    Rayphen is your partner as you ask for your business improvement and we believe in growing together where many get benefit from a product.

    Our customer care is accessible where you can contact and ask for our professional team’s recommendation.

    We not only provide excellent quality polymer insulators but also put the effort into after-sales services including shipment and safe delivery.

    Customization is welcomed at Rayphen because we understand the demand of our worthy customers hence, set our parameters accordingly.

    You can contact us anytime through our website and the email provided.

    Send us all your composite insulator quotations, we will be glad to serve you. What are you waiting for!

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