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Rayphen Polymer Pin Insulator Suitable For

  • Polymer Pin Insulator for South Africa Eskom
  • Polymer Pin Insulator for Philippines NGCP
  • Polymer Pin Insulator for Vietnam EVN
  • Polymer Pin Insulator for Bangladesh DESCO
  • Polymer Pin Insulator for Sri Lanka CEB
  • Polymer Pin Insulator for Zambia ZESCO

Premium Rayphen Pin Type Insulator for Business Progress

Rayphen’s superior pin type insulator is designed with cutting-edge characteristics and high-quality materials. The electro-mechanical integrity of all polymer composite pin insulators assures outstanding performance. Rayphen technologies were created reliable and efficient for many situations with each product testing. Polymer composite pin insulators come in a variety of styles and designs for clients all over the world. Below are the various types we offer, have a look at them!

11kV Pin Insulator
11kV Pin Insulator

The Rayphen 11kV pin insulator is having an umbrella skirt that is made of silicone rubber whereas the draw rod is made of glass fiber epoxy resin. The anti-corrosive hardware body of such Rayphen 11kV polymer pin insulator makes the product economically efficient. They are bending-resistant insulators adding much to the strength of the product itself and making it perfect for outdoor conditions. In all our Rayphen pin insulators polymer core rods, the epoxy glass fiber is employed. Metal fittings for pin insulators are galvanized to minimize rust could be utilized with 11 kV pin insulators. All the insulators are made to fulfill the requirements of applicable international IEC61109, IEC61109, and ANSI C29.13-2000 standards. Rayphen pin type insulators perform well in a variety of environments and are not fragile. This Rayphen 11kV pin insulator polymer is convenient to carry and move for transmission line applications due to its small weight. Please contact us to place your orders for pin insulator 11kV.

33kV Polymer Pin Insulator
33kV Polymer Pin Insulator

Rayphen 33kV polymer composite pin insulators are designed for outdoor transmission and distribution lines, substations, and other electrical equipment are quite suitable with a variety of conductors brands. Rayphen polymer pin insulator 33kV is required by your company to satisfy consumer demands for various voltage levels at different lines. Rayphen 33kV polymer pin insulators are very shock resistant and so have built-in anti-rust and water-repellent properties to repel away moisture off their surface. If you are wondering if Rayphen 33kV polymer composite pin insulators are anti-bending, such goods are ideal because they don’t bend even under certain harsh conditions. Rayphen electrically stable pin insulators are excellent under climatic conditions because they are mechanically and structurally strong without compromising their usefulness. Rayphen R&D team worked hard to make these items suited for your business, which is why they have a supportive sealing design. For more information about the 33kV polymer pin insulator, contact us.

More Details about Rayphen Polymer Insulator

Polymer Pin Insulator ModelRated Voltage (kV)Rated mechanical bending load (kN)Structure Height H (mm)Min.creepage distance Lc.(mm)Insulating distance Li.(mm)Diameter of shed D (mm)Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak)(kV)P.F.wet withstand voltage (Virtual value)(kV)
Polymer Pin Insulator ModelRated



Specified Cantilever Load (kN)Structure Height


Minimum Dry Arc Distance (mm)Minimum Creepage Distance


Lightning full wave impulse withstand voltage (peak value) (≥kV)Power Frequency

Withstand Voltage

(Wet 1min. )


FP-33( 8/10/12) 33   8/10/12560±54621440   230    95
FP-33( 10/12.5) 33   10/12.5665±54851800   230    95

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Polymer Pin Insulator

Allow Rayphen as Your Customized Polymer Pin Insulator Manufacturer and Supplier

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A pin insulator polymer is a type of insulator that is used to facilitate the conductor but also keep the electric current from flowing down to ground level.

With voltages up to 36kV, the Rayphen pin type insulator is employed in the power system.

It is situated on the high-voltage cables at which the conductor is fixed and insulated is kept in place by notches on the top of the pin insulator.

Rayphen pin insulator polymer is a kind of electrical gadget consisting of a portion composed of insulating polymers and the other portion of metal fittings.

Its insulating part is made up of a polymeric substance whereas silicone organic rubber is utilized for the making of a ribbed mold having insulating properties.

They are perfect for application on substations and post transmission lines as they have small volumes and are lightweight.

All the Rayphen 11kV pin insulators are made with forged steel which is robust and quite easily cleaned hence, you do not need many maintenance protocols for them. We have polymer pin insulator and porcelain pin insulator for your choice.

We make and offer suspension insulations that meet the specifications of your request since we have huge experience of 14 plus years in this sector.

Most of the forms of Rayphen polymer pin insulators are anti-bending and anti-fouling, rendering them worthwhile purchases and extremely gaining a competitive advantage.

Sells to 200 Clients Globally

Rayphen supplies the best quality pin type insulator to over 200 clients internationally with highly good remarks and repute.

Use of Best Raw Material

All 33kV polymer pin insulators are made with high-quality raw material at Rayphen as it directly affects the functioning.

Experience of 14 Years

Rayphen has vast experience of 14+ years in polymer pin insulators manufacturing and supplying with quality and trust to all worthy customers over the years.

Quality Control Compliance

Rayphen 11kV pin insulator went through various quality control tests for complete security and efficiency of the products.

Rayphen Polymer Pin Insulator

When businesses ask for polymer composite pin insulators, Rayphen comes at the top as there is no doubt that the pricing and features of our products are unsurpassed.

Our polymer pin type insulators are a best-seller due to the hard work our team put in to make these pin insulators the best in the world.

As we talk about the brilliant characteristics Rayphen polymer pin insulators possess, only some of them are listed down below:

  • The creepage distance of the polymer pin insulator meets the requirements.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • It’s found on high-voltage distribution lines.
  • The pin type insulator’s design and upkeep are straightforward.
  • You can use them either vertically or horizontally both ways.
  • They are anti-bend, anti-corrosive, and their handling is easy.
  • Being hydrophobic, these products repel water ensuring safety.

Rayphen makes sure that the sealing reliability of all 11kV polymer pin insulators is improved by the special end fit sealing design.

The thorough inspection techniques and gadgets ensure that each unique item is of the highest quality.

Other than these features, Rayphen provides customized measurements since we understand that each client has a unique set of needs, and we want to meet those needs here at Rayphen.

As a result, you can acquire not only our conventional high-quality polymer composite pin insulators, and yet also tailored goods to suit your specific needs.

To ensure safe functioning, these are compact in size, low in weight, shocks, and impact tolerant capabilities are robust, and no artificial cleansing is required.

In terms of pricing, you don’t have to be bothered because the Rayphen team understands all of the regulations and restrictions and therefore supplies you with a high-quality polymer pin insulator inside market-competitive pricing.

Whether you buy in big quantities or request a single element, the reliability of Rayphen pin type insulators will not be compromised.

Rayphen 11kV and 33kV polymer pin insulators are anti-bend and shock absorptive which is the most necessary demand of electrical systems.

With 200 clients, Rayphen is selling standard products with smooth finishing and burr-free surfaces that many manufacturers ignore.

The clients put their full trust and place customized orders that Rayphen makes with extreme care and attention having the same dimensions you ask for.

Our customized polymer pin insulators have a repute as they perform brilliantly well on substation and distribution lines.

If you are concerned about a pin insulator, you can call us for help anytime because we serve the customers differently in a good way.

For recommendations, delivery service, after-sales concerns, cost, bulk orders, custom orders, and feedback, you can visit our official website where highly skilled faculty is ready to address you.

Reach out to us for product details and quotations!

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