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Rayphen Polymer Post Insulator Suitable For

  • Polymer Post Insulator for South Africa Eskom
  • Polymer Post Insulator for Philippines NGCP
  • Polymer Post Insulator for Vietnam EVN
  • Polymer Post Insulator for Bangladesh DESCO
  • Polymer Post Insulator for Sri Lanka CEB
  • Polymer Post Insulator for Zambia ZESCO

Support Your Business With Rayphen Post Insulator

Rayphen is keeping its reputation by making state-of-the-art polymer station post insulators at fine prices that clients appreciate and get the benefit of. Our composite post insulators possess the best qualities that are advantageous to your business. Rayphen horizontal line post insulators have various varieties that suit your requirements with perfection. There is an advanced technology used by the manufacturer to produce line post insulators. Check out our products below!

11kV Post Insulator

11kV post insulator from Rayphen has an insulating part that is constructed of a polymer substance, that is formed of silicone rubber. Because of their tiny volume plus lightweight, these are ideal for use on substations and post transmission lines. Rayphen 11kV isolator line post is anti-corrosive, anti-bend, and mechanically strong. with advanced technology, These Rayphen horizontal post insulators are shock absorptive and allow much creepage distance range. AC with a voltage level greater than 1000V is handled by composite line post insulators. For details of 11kV post insulators, you can contact us with your queries.

22 kV Post Insulator

Specifically made with forged steel, Rayphen 22 kV post insulators are manufactured for electrical distribution systems, however, they work well with a wide range of conductor types. Your organization requires These are non-bending insulator post, which enhances the product’s overall strength and make it ideal for outdoor use. A magnetic strength analysis test is performed on each insulator post to guarantee that the structure and behavior for every unit are consistent. Rayphen 22 kV polymer station post insulators are extremely shock-resistant as well as contain anti-rust and hydrophobic qualities to keep moisture away from their surface. It performs well in temperatures ranging from -60 to +200 degrees Celsius. Contact us for recommendations.

Post Insulator 33kV

Rayphen post insulator 33kV is puncture-proof and solid as they are in danger of being destroyed by punctures since they are in air space and are exposed to dirt, rain, and many other natural occurrences. This Rayphen insulator post has strong mechanical qualities to withstand the stresses of pressure, twisting, and curving to prevent itself from bursting and be more expensive to replace. They are anti-rust and moisture repelling along with being non-bending. Their weight is light and the structure is compact. It is UV and ozone-resistant. Rayphen polymer pin insulators to meet clients’ needs for superior power insulating at different locations. Ask for customizations.

More Details about Rayphen Polymer Insulator

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    Polymer Post Insulator

    Let Rayphen Become Line Post Insulator Producer for Your Business

    A post insulator is a form of high-voltage (HV) insulator that is built to IEC, as well as other specifications.

    We have an 11kv post insulator, 22 kV post insulator, post insulator 33kV,  72.5kV composite post insulator, 126kV polymer station post insulators, and 252kV post insulator for your choice.

    Rayphen isolator line post can operate at up to 33 kV inside an electrical system.

    Polymer composites (silicone rubber) and a single piece of polymer are used to make the horizontal post insulator.

    Due to the outstanding mechanical qualities of the Rayphen post insulator, it is widely employed for a variety of purposes.

    The polymer station post insulators by Rayphen are also known as station post insulators when used in substations and other related applications.

    For shield switchboard, converters, as well as other similar tools and equipment, this polymer station post insulator is usually mounted in an upright direction.

    Several or more Rayphen composite post insulators might well be built for higher voltage operations.

    This Rayphen horizontal line post insulator has flanges that are pointed and compact.

    Such a design encourages a creepage distance, which could lead to electrode contamination.

    Rayphen composite post insulator kinds are typically evaluated based upon manufacturing materials’ quality.

    The material selected by the leading manufacturer, Rayphen, for a line post isolator should have not only electrical but mechanical properties too.

    All the products by Rayphen are anti-bend and shock absorptive making the horizontal line post insulator highly stable.

    Rayphen 33kV post insulators are mostly constructed of forged steel, that is durable and easy to clean, thus there aren’t too many maintenance procedures to follow.

    We develop and supply line post isolators to fit your standards because we have more than 14 years of experience in insulator making.

    Sells to 200 Clients Globally

    Rayphen supplies the best quality polymer station post insulator to over 200 clients internationally with highly good remarks and repute.

    Use of Best Raw Material

    All 33kV horizontal line post insulators are made of Rayphen’s high-quality raw materials because it directly affects the function.

    Experience of 14 Years

    Rayphen has more than 14 years of rich experience in the manufacture and supply of composite post insulators and has provided quality and trust to all valuable customers for many years.

    Quality Control Compliance

    Rayphen 33kV post insulators have passed various quality control tests to ensure the complete safety and efficiency of the product.

    Rayphen Polymer Post Insulator

    When businesses need polymer composite post insulators, the leading supplier Rayphen is the first name that springs to mind since our affordability and attributes are unrivaled.

    The line post insulator types from Rayphen are a perfect seller thanks to our professional team’s dedication to making the greatest pin insulators throughout the world.

    Rayphen polymer post insulator is extensively used for a number of purposes owing to its remarkable mechanical characteristics.

    This product has a stick-like overall look, a small structure, excellent quality besides a weight with similar level porcelain insulator plus a glass of 10, making shipping and installations a breeze.

    Rayphen 33kV post insulators offer a large creepage distance range and are non-bending against external forces.

    Within an electronic circuit, Rayphen isolator line posts can work at up to 33 kV.

    The horizontal post insulator is made of polymer composites (silicone rubber) along with a polymeric material.

    Rayphen has 200 customers and sells conventional items with smooth finishes and burr-free faces, which many producers overlook.

    Clients invest their confidence in Rayphen as well as book unique orders that we craft with extraordinary care and detail to the proportions you specify.

    Visual inspection, mechanical/electrical regular tests, as well as compliance checks are all performed.

    The tests performed to check its reliability such as temperature resistance mechanical cycle test, power frequency flashover test, power frequency voltage test, lightning full wave impulse withstand voltage test, power frequency one minute wet withstand voltage test are done.

    Randomly selecting insulators between batches for sample tests, dimensional conformation, withstanding mechanical strength testing, temperature cycle testing, and other tests should be performed on the Rayphen sample insulators.

    Many tests of thermomechanical endurance are also performed by Rayphen before the final delivery of the isolator line post.

    Our bespoke polymer post insulators get a good reputation for performing well in substations and distribution systems.

    If you are worried about a polymer station post insulator, you may contact us at any time because we provide excellent service to our customers.

    Check the official website regarding recommendations, after-sales problems, expenses, bulk orders, personalized orders, and opinions. Our highly qualified staff is willing to assist you.

    We have worked with popular brands, so don’t feel shy about asking any queries.

    Send us your quotations and ask for recommendations, hurry up!

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