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Aerial bundled conductor accessories

  • Insulation Piercing Tap Off Connectors for LV ABC Conductors

    Contact NowInsulation Piercing Tap Off Connectors for LV ABC ConductorsInsulation piercing tap off connectors for LV ABC conductors Application: Insulation piercing connectors are suitable for all types of LV-ABC conductors as well as connecting to service and lighting cable cores. Material: 1. bolts and nuts: stainless steel, washer: according requirement. 2....Read More

  • JBD Tap Connector for LV Insulated Overhead Networks

    Contact NowJBD Tap Connector for LV Insulated Overhead NetworksJBD tap connector for LV insulated overhead networks Application: (1) low voltage insulation wire service and cable branch connection for building distribution system. (2)It is suitable for the connection of aluminum. Material: (1) High strength aluminum alloy. (2) insulation cover: PVC, anti-UV...Read More

  • MJPT Waterproof Compression Pre Insulated Sleeve

    Contact NowMJPT Waterproof Compression Pre Insulated SleeveMJPT waterproof compression pre insulated sleeve Application MJPT Sleeves are used for full tension jointing of ABC (Aerial Bundled Conductor) cables. The pre-insulated compression sleeve consists of a 1050A aluminum tube coated internally with contact grease and a stop to ensure that the...Read More

  • Low Voltage Waterproof Insulation Piercing Connectors

    Contact NowLow Voltage Waterproof Insulation Piercing ConnectorsLow voltage waterproof insulation piercing connectors Application: Insulation piercing connector is mainly suitable for the connection of the overhead insulation conductor, branch connection and grounding protection, It is used for the voltage which is 20KV, 10KV and 1KV and below. Applicable...Read More

  • Automatic Anchoring Clamps with Insulated Neutral Messenger

    Contact NowAutomatic Anchoring Clamps with Insulated Neutral MessengerAutomatic anchoring clamps with insulated neutral messenger Application: The anchoring Clamps is suitable for low-voltage ABC insulated overhead lines with insulated neutral messenger. Material: Weather and UV resistant polymer which clamp the neutral messenger without damaging the insulation....Read More

  • Aluminum Straight Line Dead End Strain Clamp

    Contact NowAluminum Straight Line Dead End Strain ClampAluminum Straight line Dead End strain clamp Application: For dead ending distribution and light transmission construction with all aluminum, ACSR or aluminum alloy conductor. Features: These clamps have high holding power and large range taking ability. Straight-line design, with hot stick...Read More

  • Electrical Cable Wedge Type Anchor Clamp

    Contact NowElectrical Cable Wedge Type Anchor ClampElectrical cable wedge type anchor clamp Application: The wedge grip clamps are designed to anchor insulated service lines with 2 or 4 overhead L.V twisted insulated cable. Material: weather and UV resistant polymer which clamp the neutral messenger without damaging the insulation. Features: 1....Read More

  • Aluminum Connector Press Type O Clamp

    Contact NowAluminum Connector Press Type O ClampAluminum connector press type O clamp Application: For ACSR, aluminum and/or copper conductors in various deadend terminals. Material: Aluminium Features: (1)Type: Crimping type (2)No burr on the surface (3)Increase the anode, reducing erosion; (4)Current uniform distribution, low resistance...Read More

  • CPTAU Pre Insulated Bimetal Lug

    Contact NowCPTAU Pre Insulated Bimetal LugCPTAU pre insulated bimetal lug 1.Application: CPTAU Pre-insulated Bi-metal lugs are designed to connect ABC cables to transformers, switchgear etc on the pole top. They are Pre-insulated, there is no requirement for insulation, heat shrink at the pole top. 2. Material: 99.9% purity copper &...Read More

  • IPC Series Insulation Piercing Connector

    Contact NowIPC Series Insulation Piercing ConnectorIPC series insulation piercing connector Application: The insulation piercing connector is suitable for low voltage insulation lines. Material: (1)Weather resistant glass fiber reinforced polymer. (2)Contact teeth: tinned brass or copper or aluminum. (3) Bolt: dacromet steel. Application:...Read More