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ampact connectors

  • GTL AL CU Aluminum Copper Bimetallic Connectors

    Contact NowGTL AL CU Aluminum Copper Bimetallic ConnectorsGTL AL CU aluminum copper bimetallic connectors Material: 99.9% purity copper & 99.5% purity aluminum Final treatment: Acid cleaning Technique of production: friction welding. FAQ 1. How to buy your ideal products? A: You can provide us your drawings, and we will produce it as per your...Read More

  • Low Voltage Waterproof Insulation Piercing Connectors

    Contact NowLow Voltage Waterproof Insulation Piercing ConnectorsLow voltage waterproof insulation piercing connectors Application: Insulation piercing connector is mainly suitable for the connection of the overhead insulation conductor, branch connection and grounding protection, It is used for the voltage which is 20KV, 10KV and 1KV and below. Applicable...Read More

  • Insulation Piercing Tap Off Connectors for LV ABC Conductors

    Contact NowInsulation Piercing Tap Off Connectors for LV ABC ConductorsInsulation piercing tap off connectors for LV ABC conductors Application: Insulation piercing connectors are suitable for all types of LV-ABC conductors as well as connecting to service and lighting cable cores. Material: 1. bolts and nuts: stainless steel, washer: according requirement. 2....Read More

  • Ampact Wedge Type Connector Tension Clamp LJ TJ

    Contact NowAmpact Wedge Type Connector Tension Clamp LJ TJAmpact wedge type connector tension clamp LJ TJ Application: It is suitable for non-bearing-force connection or T connector in distribution system ,It is the ideal substitute for parallel groove clamp, T-clamp. Product Feature: 1. “C”type clamp body and wedge type. 2. Easy installation in only a...Read More