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All Rayphen line tap connectors guarantee 100% inspection during the manufacturing method.

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All Rayphen line tap connectors are installed with crimping tools and are suitable for different wire gauges. In meantime, It is also available for ACSR.

H Tap Connector

H tap connectors are manufactured by Rayphen with excellent quality aluminum alloy. The H tap crimp is a kind of non-tension wire clamp for low, middle, high voltage. We provide a complete range of H tap connectors from 6 Sol. to 4/0 ACSR for your choice. Just tell us your H tap connector requirements, We will select the right ideal H-connector for you.

Compression Tap Connectors

The compression tap connectors are “O” shape. Rayphen compression tap connectors have the characteristics of low resistance, energy-saving, and reliable operation. The compression tap connectors use standard crimping tools for easy on-site installation. Get our line tap connector at very affordable prices.

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    Rayphen H Tap Connector

    Rayphen has complete end-to-end engineering, design, and manufacturing solutions of line tap connectors to power transmission and distribution lines & Equipment building industries.

    We are a leading provider of line tap connectors with numerous advantages and features that will work for a wide variety of applications.

    Rayphen line tap connector is obtainable in the standard range and high-quality. We have nearly 14 years of experience in line tap solutions. Our line tap connector is suitable for aluminum-stranded wire, aluminum-core insulated wire, steel core aluminum-stranded wire, copper-stranded wire, etc.

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    Rayphen H Tap Connector

    The H tap connector is a kind of compression tap connector. So it is also named compression tap connectors, h tap crimp, or electrical line tap connectors. H tap connector is manufactured by Rayphen is an all-aluminum design. so the line tap connector is a low-cost, wide conductor range universal branch connector.

    Rayphen H tap connector structure is composed of two upper and lower AB wire grooves. The inner walls of the upper and lower wire troughs are pre-filled with an oxide inhibitor, which is resistant to corrosion and oxidation and maximizes the service life of the product.

    Rayphen has a great inventory of line tap connectors to be shipped around the world. the H tap crimp connector is constructed to meet the dimensional and material specification laid by different International standards. We specialized in manufacturing evasive line tap connectors with different designs available at a very competitive price.

    The surface of the H tap connector is engraved with the model number, matching die, AB groove identification, and the applicable cable size of each groove. Once crimped and permanently formed. Rayphen offers a compression tap connector that guarantees a reliable, effective, and safe connection.

    Our line tap connector is available as per custom requirements and specifications for a variety of applications.

    Rayphen is focused on the design and development of a line tap connector, which is equipped with an expert facility. With the aid of our innovative equipment and experienced engineers, we can assure you of the professional design, high standard, and high accuracy of line tap connector products.

    At Rayphen, you can find a satisfying quality of an electrical line tap connector. We have nearly 14 years of compression line tap industry experience, so you can truly count on our team.

    Hurry and get our H tap connector at very affordable prices!

    H Tap Connector FAQs—The Ultimate Guide

    There are a number of overhead line fittings. All are very unique in their designs and functions. They serve different purposes and one of them is the H Tap Connector. This overhead line fitting is H-shaped and does a lot of quality work. H Tap Connectors are available in various types and sizes. You can select whatever you want.

    We have shared the FAQs guide with you so that you get to understand the product better if you are planning to buy it. There are bright chances that you wish to enhance your business but do not have any prior information. Not anymore! Here is everything regarding H Tap Connectors that you wish to know.

    So, let us begin!

    Q1. What is H Tap Connector?

    The H Tap Connector is an overhead line electric fitting that taps the unbroken main conductors in the form of a splice or pig tailing.

    H Tap Connector                                                                   Figure 1 H Tap Connector

    For making parallel connection setup and for copper tapping, such a connector is used widely.

    The Rayphen H Tap Connectors come in a variety of sizes. You can always choose from different options that suit you the best.

    There are also C-shaped tap connectors but the most commonly used are H Tap Connectors.

    The manufacturing material used for such connectors is highly reliable and has different properties like resistance from corrosion, fireproof property, being waterproof and weather proof.

    It is suitable for a number of conductors including, ACSR, AAAC, and AAC.

    Q2. What is the Design Specification of the H Tap Connector?

    There are two grooves named groove A and groove B for two conductors separately.

    The A groove is bigger than the B groove. Also, groove A is the line-side of the connection, and groove B is for the tapping side.

    There are also fold-over tabs on each groove.

    Q2. What is the Use of H Tap Connector?

    The H Tap Connector has widespread applications in different industries. Let us see how it is beneficial in those industries.

    There are different functions/uses of H-tap conductors. These are:

    • The Rayphen H Tap Connectors are used to form tap or parallel connections.
    • It also produces excellent two-way splicing.
    • Pig tailing of permanent nature can be done by H Tap Connectors.
    • The field usage of H Tap Connectors is effective as it is made of highly good manufacturing material.

    Q3. Where to Use Compression H Tap Connector?

    There are a lot of places where you can use Rayphen H Tap Connectors. It has many electrical field usages.

    They work brilliantly for service dropping, primary and secondary tapping, and grounding. The installation of the H Tap Connector is very quick and easy. You need simple tools for the purpose but make sure to get the perfect fit one.

    H Tap Connectors are fully suitable with aluminum and copper conductors.

    Q4. What are the Features of the H Tap Connector?

    The characteristic features of Rayphen H Tap Connectors are as follows:

    • Grooves of the H-tap are burr-free and smooth.
    • The H Tap Connector has pretty high conductivity.
    • The installation is convenient and quick.
    • Electro-tin plating makes the H Tap Connector rust-resistant.
    • It is available in different sizes.
    • They come with mentioned die size or you can identify the correct dies through color-coding on them.
    • The use of electrolytic aluminum or copper makes it an excellent corrosion-resistant connector.
    • The harmful chemicals and solvents do not have any effect on H Tap Connectors.
    • Rayphen H Tap Connectors are hard enough against abrasive damages.

    Q5. What are the Types of H Tap Connectors?

    On the basis of manufacturing material, you can divide the H Tap Connector into two main types. These types are both worth buying and have unique functions.

    These are:

    • Aluminum H Tap Connector

    The H Tap Connector made of aluminum is called an aluminum H Tap Connector. The aluminum is electroplated to make it stronger.

    Rayphen Aluminum H Tap Connectors are the most widely and commonly used conductor connectors. They are highly compatible with all types of aluminum conductors such as AAAC, AAC, and ACSR conductors.

    An interesting thing is that they can also work efficiently with copper conductors too.

    Various sizes of aluminum H Tap Connectors are available. You can select whatever suits your demand or is according to the dimensions of the conductor.

    • Copper H Tap Connector

    Copper H Tap Connectors are those that are made of copper. It is also electroplated to enhance its feature and qualities.

    Such H Tap Connectors are compatible with copper conductors and manage to work with aluminum conductors as well.

    They are resistant to weather, water, and corrosion.

    Q6. Which Type of Conductors is Suitable for H Tap Connectors?           

    The H Tap Connectors work really well with various conductors. The surface of all these conductors must be clean in order to come in contact with the connector.

    All aluminum conductors (AAC), all-aluminum alloys conductor (AAAC), and aluminum conductor steel reinforced cables (ACSR) are very compatible with H Tap Connectors.

    Besides these, copper conductors are also great with H Tap Connectors.

    Q7. Which Manufacturing Materials are Perfect for H Tap Connectors?

    You must have a slight idea of the manufacturing materials of the H Tap Connector from the question of the types. If not, we will tell you here.

    The manufacturing materials for H Tap Connectors are aluminum and copper.

    Let us see what makes aluminum and copper such excellent manufacturing materials.

    • Aluminum

    Aluminum is known for its electrical conductivity and malleability. It is highly compatible with different conductors.

    It is very thermostable hence, it can tolerate harsh weather and temperature conditions. It is non-magnetic and does not attract other metallic objects towards itself.

    Although aluminum looks like a very hard and heavyweight material actually it is nothing like that. In fact, it is pretty lightweight and easily forged into various sizes and shapes.

    • Copper

    Copper is famous for its electricity conductance. Most of the conductors you see around you are made of copper.

    So, it is best to use those electrical accessories that are also made of copper such as copper H Tap Connectors.

    Copper H Tap Connector                                                                Figure 2 Copper H Tap Connector

    They are ductile, reliable, and thermostable connectors having applications in various fields. The copper is malleable and cast into different shapes for making such accessories and fittings.

    Q8. How to Choose the Accurate H Tap Connector While Buying?

    It is better to know about certain points to keep in mind before buying an H Tap Connector.

    Here are a few points to remember:

    • The size of the grooves of the H Tap Connector must be matching with the dimension of the conductor.
    • The manufacturing material of the H Tap Connector should be of high quality.
    • Die should be matched through color-coding or the index number of the die marked on the H Tap Connector.
    • An antioxidation layer must be present to prevent it from getting corrosion when moisture comes in contact with the H Tap Connector.
    • Check for the compatibility of the H Tap Connectors whether they are compatible with few conductors or many conductors.
    • Before installing an H Tap Connector, ensure the product is without any external damages. Always remember to get the perfect new product.

    Q9. Which H Tap Connector Tools are Required for Installation?              

    The tools for H Tap Connector installation are H Tap Connector dies, cable stripper, and a hydraulic crimping tool.

    Connector Crimping Tool Dies                                                                       Figure 3 Connector Dies

    Lithium ion Battery Hydraulic Crimping Tool                                                                      Figure 4 Lithium-Ion Battery Hydraulic Crimper

    Using a lithium-ion battery hydraulic crimping tool is the best as it is advanced and provides properly finished installation.

    First, you have to install the matching dies into it and then move to the crimping part.

    Q10. How to Accurately Install an H Tap Connector?

    The installation of H Tap Connectors requires attention as it is not a simple process.

    You can also use a manual crimper but this installation procedure is for the high-end lithium-ion battery hydraulic crimping tool.

    Here is a step-by-step installation guide of H Tap Connectors. Hopefully, it will help you in an easy understanding of the process.

    Die Installation

    • Match the die with the color code of the H Tap Connector or just through the die index number that is engraved on the H Tap Connector.
    • Remove the battery of the crimper. But this is not always necessary.
    • Install a locating die (one having rib on sides) to the stationary or fixed side of the crimping tool. The fixed side is opposite to the moving side of the crimper. The moving side is also named as RAM side.
    • You will hear a click when the locating die is completely fixed.
    • When you insert the assembly of conductors into the crimper, the locating rib will control the insertion depth.
    • It ensures the assembly is at its accurate place and has the best mechanical and electrical contact.
    • Now, put the matching die on the RAM side. Push the release button. An audible click will be heard this time too.

    H Tap Connector Crimping

    • Match the conductor size with the markings on the H Tap Connector.
    • Apply an oxide inhibitor on the inside of the H Tap Connector to prevent it from getting any corrosion and to make the connections completely reliable.
    • Strip the cables with the help of a cable stripper and insert them into their allocated grooves.
    • You can use a cable tie here to hold the conductors in their positions. You can easily remove them after crimping.
    • Now, insert the conductor assembly into the crimper’s mouth.
    • Through the button move the RAM side of the crimper and crimp it against the fixed side.
    • Now cut the cable tie head and pull it off from the conductor assembly.
    • You are done with the crimping of the H Tap Connector with appropriate conductors.

    Here is a video to use a manual crimper for installation. The other installation steps remain the same.

    Q11. Can You Get Affordable H Tap Connector Covers?

    Yes, you can get very affordable and durable H Tap Connector covers.

    These covers provide a pretty reliable end enclosure and wrap around the conductor in a very fine manner. These covers have tapered drains that stop any kind of moisture to enter them and accumulate there.

    H Tap Connector Covers                                                          Figure 5 H Tap Connector Covers

    H Tap Connector covers are made of polypropylene which makes them resistant to other objects, ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun rays, other solvents, and chemicals.

    These are very important for extra protection and safety of the parallel connections and when you ground wires.

    Such reliable covers are available in different sizes according to the size of the H Tap Connectors.

    Q12. Why is the Conductor Positioning Important for Connections Using H Tap Connector?

    The position of the conductors plays a vital role in the performance and reliability of the H-tap connections. There are two conditions of conductor positioning.

    These two ways are as follows:

    • When both the conductors are made of aluminum or both of them are of copper then you can line tap directly above or directly below the conductors.
    • When one conductor is made of copper while the other one is made of aluminum then place the copper conductor below the aluminum conductor. It means in such a case; the aluminum conductor should be the one on the top.

    Now, you may ask why copper conductors should always come below aluminum conductors? well, the reason is quite simple.

    The main reason for placing copper below the aluminum is that if copper is at the top its salts trickle down to the aluminum surface. This accumulation of copper salts on aluminum cause corrosion and rusting.

    So, to avoid corrosive damage on the aluminum surface, you always put aluminum first and then place the copper conductor below it.

    Q13. Do H Tap Connectors Come with Pre-Filled Oxide Inhibitor?

    Yes, it is the best feature of H Tap Connectors that they are available with pre-filled oxide inhibitors.

    Manufacturers like Rayphen put extra effort into making the H Tap Connector a high-end product with all the essential benefits and features.

    They do so to make the customer worry-free and to make the H Tap Connectors 100% reliable and corrosion-proof.

    Oxide inhibitor is mostly applied to the surfaces of electrical fitting to protect it from the entry of any moisture. Otherwise, it may become one of the causes of huge damage.

    Q14. What is H Tap Connector Price?

    The price of the H Tap Connector varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

    It also depends on the ratio of raw material used in its making and which type of raw material is employed for its production.

    The price factor also depends on the size of the product. The bigger the size the high is the price.

    Generally, the price range of H Tap Connectors is around US$0.50-US$10.00.

    There is no fixed price of such products as they are dependent on various factors but they are not expensive.

    Q15. Can You Use H Tap Connector for Overhead Lines? 

    Yes, you can definitely use H Tap Connectors for overhead lines.

    You might have seen so many parallel cables joined through an H-shaped hook. This hook-like fitting is actually the H Tap Connectors.

    H Tap Connector with Conductor before Crimping                                                     Figure 6 H Tap Connector with Conductor Before Crimping

    They are perfect for aerial cable usage and distribution lines. The power transmission lines and public utility lines also get benefits from H Tap Connectors.

    The interesting feature of H Tap Connectors is that they are very compatible with conductors of various types. It means you do not have to worry frown upon which conductor to use and which not.

    Q16. Are H Tap Connectors Waterproof?

    Yes, the H Tap Connector is waterproof. Keeping in mind the waterproof property of the H Tap Connectors, now they come with pre-filled oxide inhibitors.

    These oxide inhibitors inhibit the process of oxidation which occurs because of the moisture and air. When both combine, form a layer that rips off and causes rusting or corrosion at the site of contact.

    Corrosion damages the electrical fittings such as H Tap Connectors and also affects the performance of the H Tap Connectors.

    You can apply a good oxide inhibitor if you do not get a product with a pre-filled oxide inhibitor. This will increase the service life of your H Tap Connectors.

    Q17. Can You Buy an H Tap Connector in Different Sizes?

    Yes, you can purchase top-notch high-end quality H Tap Connectors in various sizes from many authentic suppliers such as Rayphen.

    You can place an order according to your needs and demands. Once you match the size of the conductors with the H Tap Connectors, you can simply place an order.

    H Tap Connectors in Various Sizes                                                                   Figure 7 H Tap Connectors in Various Sizes

    Remember to select the H Tap Connector according to the application you are using them for. Buying explosion-proof and waterproof H Tap Connectors is always the best choice.

    Q18. Can You Use Aluminum H Tap Connector for Copper Conductor?

    Using an aluminum H Tap Connector for copper conductors? Well, you can.

    Yes, you can use an aluminum H Tap Connector for copper conductors as well. The electrolytic aluminum H Tap Connectors are not only suitable for aluminum conductors but for copper conductors also.

    This shows the diversity of the usage of Rayphen H Tap Connectors. They are compatible with ACSR and all aluminum conductors.

    Q19. Is There Any Alternative Accessory Present for H Tap Connector?

    No. the H Tap Connectors do not have any alternative.

    The electrical fitting is unique to its function and made specified for two-way splicing, parallel connections, and tapping along with the grounding of the cables.

    The cables can be of aluminum or copper or they can be made of alloys. It is compatible with all.

    Q20. Can You Reinstall the Used H Tap Connectors?

    Most of the time, it is not recommended to reinstall the already used H Tap Connector.

    However, you can reinstall an already used H Tap Connector on one condition. That condition is that the used H Tap Connector should not be very old.

    You can reinstall that H Tap Connector having grooves in really good condition. If the grooves and external condition of the Rayphen H Tap Connector are not good, you cannot reinstall it.

    It is suggested to use a new piece whenever making new connections for better efficiency and reliability.

    Q21. Can You Buy a Fireproof H Tap Connector?

    Yes, fireproof H Tap Connectors are available to buy.

    You can get them from trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers such as Rayphen. Buying a fireproof H Tap Connector is always wise as it saves you from so many electrical damages and explosions due to electric fire.

    Sometimes because of rain or sparking due to current leakage, fire may start at the point of connection. The fireproof H Tap Connector comes in handy in such conditions.

    Q22. Which Voltage Works the Best with H Tap Connectors?

    H Tap Connectors are suitable for low to medium voltages.

    They are perfect for voltage up to 660V. For higher voltage, it does not make a good overhead line fitting.

    The tried and tested standards approve low to medium voltage for the application of Rayphen H Tap Connectors.

    Q23. Is it Reliable to Use H Tap Connectors for Insulated Wires?

    Yes, fortunately, you can use Rayphen H Tap Connectors for insulated wires.

    The main purpose of using H Tap Connectors is to provide tapping and parallel connection making. It does not depend on the cable type.

    It is completely reliable to use H Tap Connectors for insulated and non-insulated overhead line aerial cables.

    Q24. How to Protect H Tap Connectors from Abrasive Damages?

    It is very imperative to save the H Tap Connectors from abrasive damages. To do so, the first thing is to make it corrosion-free by applying an oxide inhibitor or get an H Tap Connector having a pre-filled oxide inhibitor.

    Secondly, packaging should be done with proper care. It will save a lot of external damage.

    Thirdly, keep the surfaces and the grooves of the Rayphen H Tap Connector clean while installing it for different applications.

    Lastly, the crimping should be done very carefully and with appropriate standard tools.

    Q25. Are H Tap Connectors Long Lasting?

    Yes, most of the H Tap Connectors are long-lasting. The service life of H Tap Connectors depends on different factors.

    Cleanliness during installation and right crimping are the key factors that increase the service life of H Tap Connectors.

    Q26. Can You Use H Tap Connector for Indoor Setup?

    Yes, you can use an H Tap Connector for not only indoor setup but also outdoor connections.

    The unique design and metal materials used for manufacturing the H Tap Connector make it ideal for both conditions.

    It provides secondary tapping and two-way splicing very efficiently.

    For outdoor setups, extra protection is needed. For this purpose, using H-tap covers is essential. You can easily get affordable covers according to the size of your H Tap Connector.

    Q27. What are the Packaging Instructions for H Tap Connectors?

    It is very important to pack the H Tap Connector safely and securely. This is mainly because safe packaging increases the service life of the product.

    Also, it is important for the safety of the product. The client wants their product to reach safely to them without getting damaged.

    Packing it with care saves a lot of money and it builds trust between the suppliers and the clients.

    There are certain packaging instructions that you need to follow when delivering H Tap Connectors. These instructions are as follows:

    • There should be 20-25 pieces in one box. When you stuff the boxes with many pieces at once, they get damaged.
    • There should be an installation instruction guide inside each box to make it easier for installation.
    • On each box, there should be labeled things mentioned properly such as identification of manufacturers, the catalog number, dimensions of tap and main wires, the required die, and the stock numbers.
    • Place and make a bundle of all the boxes together to save them from replacing during the shipping process.

    All these instructions should be kept in mind. If you are receiving the package with all the mentioned points, it means you have chosen the right suppliers like Rayphen.

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