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Why Rayphen Repair Sleeve

  • Repair Sleeve for PT PLN
  • Repair Sleeve for South Africa Eskom
  • Repair Sleeve for Sri Lanka CEB
  • Repair Sleeve for Philippines NGCP
  • Repair Sleeve for Vietnam EVN
  • Repair Sleeve for Pakistan Nepra
  • Repair Sleeve for Turkey TEIAŞ
  • Repair Sleeve for Spain RED
  • Repair Sleeve for Poland PSE

The Best Rayphen Repair Sleeve in Transmission Line for Taking Your BusinessNext Level

Rayphen is offering multiple choices when it comes to repair sleeves. All of these products are 100% genuine with excellent features. Check them now!

JX Compression Repair Sleeve

JX compression repair sleeve for conductor is accompanied with best raw material as aluminum. The repair sleeve is compatible with different aluminum conductors. Mainly for conductor breakage due to operation line damages from 7%-17%. Rayphen repair sleeve prevents loose strands. Ask for various sizes and models of this Rayphen series according to your need.

Repair Sleeve for Conductors

Specifically designed for steel wire conductors, this Rayphen repair sleeve comes with maximum properties from the manufacturer. The series of repair sleeve for ACSR conductors is suitable for high voltage lines as well. Contact us for further queries regarding repair sleeve for conductor.

More Details about Rayphen Overhead Line Fittings

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    Repair Sleeve

    Let Rayphen be Your Trusted Companion for Your Business Growth

    The repair sleeve by Rayphen gives you durable, fast, and easy installation features in transmission line applications.

    All the Rayphen repair sleeve for steel wire are sealed completely and provides a long-lasting effect throughout.

    You can get any type of repair sleeve by visiting our website as we supply a genuine repair sleeve transmission line that comes with a filler compound.

    Standard tools are needed for crimping of Rayphen compression repair sleeve for conductor but with appropriate dies size.

    The Rayphen repair sleeve transmission line is available with the best features anyone can ask for that made the repair process quite easy.

    We manufacture and export repair sleeve for steel wire across the globe to over 200 clients internationally through our expertise and market competitive approach.

    Sells to Over 200 Clients

    Rayphen exports the best quality repair sleeve for ACSR to over 200 clients in the world with more numbers increasing each day

    Use of Best Raw Material

    Rayphen uses high-quality and best raw material for manufacturing repair sleeve transmission line for all its types.

    14 Years’ Experience

    Rayphen has a vast experience of 14 years in repair sleeve manufacturing and supplying towards its customers.

    Strict Quality Control Compliance

    The repair sleeve by Rayphen undergoes multiple quality-control tests for better production and quality compliance.

    Rayphen Repair Sleeve

    Rayphen repair sleeves are the best product for repairing minor damages of the aluminum conductors as they have unique features.

    Based on different applications, Rayphen supplies repair sleeve for ACSR conductor to your way within few days after the order for your convenience.

    Each Rayphen repair sleeve for conductor has its own property that makes it different from the other.

    They are made of aluminum and therefore highly recommended and suitable for aluminum conductors like AAC, AAAC, and ACSR.

    Specially designed repair sleeve for ACSR conductor is one of the best repair sleeve the manufacture, Rayphen, made because of its specificity and easy installation.

    Our repair sleeve for steel wire gives a smooth finishing and highly compatible with the steel components of the conductor.

    Rayphen repair sleeve is perfect for various dimension range for conductors that make them even more lovable and widely used product.

    When you ask for customization, Rayphen never disappoints you and makes sure you get market competitive repair sleeve transmission line.

    Rayphen will be the ultimate partner in your business by supplying high-end repair sleeve for conductor in amazing deals and offers.

    Through our advanced technology, the repair sleeve for ACSR conductor we make is updated and up to the mark of the latest designs.

    Rayphen is keen to test all the repair sleeve for steel wire under standard quality checks to enhance the manufacturing quality and surety of the product.

    We, at Rayphen, implement the latest technology for making repair sleeve adjustable to modern cable installation features for maximum effect.

    With knowledge of industry and experience of 14 years, Rayphen stands among the top repair sleeve manufacturer across China due to the to-notch quality of repair sleeves.

    Hurry up! Contact us now for the latest repair sleeve catalog!

    Repair Sleeve FAQs—The Ultimate Guide

    Repair sleeve- an electrical accessory that is a miracle product.

    It saves the day by repairing the conductor damages quite easily.

    If the conductor strands break down for different reasons, there might be a possibility of transmission line breakage.

    Hence, the line will not transmit the power.

    To cope up with this situation, repair sleeves always come in handy.

    They make the repair quickly when you simply compress them on broken parts.

    So easy, right?

    But do you know some other features and applications of this electrical fitting?

    We are here to tell you a little more than the basics of repair sleeves in this FAQ guide.

    The guide constitutes different questions including the installation procedure and safety precautions.

    Q1. What is Repair Sleeve?

    Repair Sleeve                                                                    Figure 1 Repair Sleeve

    Rayphen repair sleeve is an overhead line fitting that repairs the broken conductor strands of the transmission line.

    They are compressed on the broken conductor parts making a reliable connection there.

    Often regarded as a jumper sleeve or cable sleeve, the repair sleeve ensures power continuity even after the conductor damage.

    Such conductor repair sleeves are compatible with different conductors especially ACSR conductors.

    Their installation is easy and quick.

    Q2. What is the Purpose of Standard Compression Repair Sleeve for ACSR?

    The main purpose of using a standard Rayphen compression repair sleeve in ACSR conductors is to fill in the breakage gap when the conductor gets damaged.

    Compressing it on the damaged strand protects the whole line from damages and severe accidents.

    ACSR Conductor Damage                                                               Figure 2 ACSR Conductor Damage

    Q3. What are the Benefits of Repair Sleeve?

    There are multiple benefits of using Rayphen repair sleeve for conductor such as:

    • It repairs the broken transmission line conductor strands.
    • The repair sleeve builds a reliable design to interlock extrusions for maximum grip.
    • These repair sleeves have the capability of restoring 95% of the conductor’s strength.
    • Also, it provides repairing of 1/3rd of strand damage without changing the conductor.

    Q4. Which Tools are Essential for Installing a Repair Sleeve Accurately?

    The installation of the Rayphen compression repair sleeve does not need many tools.

    It can be done with only two tools normally.

    • Wire brush
    • Hydraulic compression press with dies

    Q5. How to Correctly Install Compression Repair Sleeve?

    The installation procedure of the Rayphen compression repair sleeve is pretty much important for the proper functioning of the accessory.

    You need minimum tools for this purpose.

    Here is a step-by-step installation procedure of the repair sleeves.

    • Mark the cable conductor 1/2 the length of the repair sleeve from the damaged region.
    • For crimping the repair sleeve, choose a die size. The size of the die must match the die size specified on the repair sleeve.
    • Before forming any connections. The conductor and the groove of the aluminum accessories must be clean. Clean the strands thoroughly with a wire brush if the conductor is worn or blackened. If there are any foreign particles in the accessory groove, remove them.
    • Apply filler compound to the cable conductor to the area where you want to join the Rayphen repair sleeve.
    • Slide the opposite half (keeper) into the groove of the repair sleeve on the conductor next to the damaged region.
    • Carefully place the repair sleeve on the damaged area of the conductor at the marked point.
    • Now, it is time to apply compression.
    • Always compress the center part of the repair sleeve.
    • Then move to compress the repair sleeve portion that overlaps the first compression having ¼ die bite.

    Compression Applied on Repair Sleeve                                              Figure 3 Compression Applied on Repair Sleeve

    • The third compression will be made at the same length but on the opposite side.
    • Repeating the same pattern, continue compressing the Rayphen repair sleeve till the end.
    • Remember to die closure after every compression.
    • The installation is complete here but make sure the repair sleeve has a smooth and burr-free appearance.
    • With an emery cloth, clean the file if present on the surface.

    Q6. How Does Repair Sleeve Work?

    The working of the repair sleeve for a conductor is similar to Rayphen mid span joints.

    The main idea of repairing is by compressing the repair sleeve, a permanent connection is made at the point of breakage.

    Through the compression press tool, you can compress the repair sleeve easily.

    Here, it is important to tell that the idea of compression and crimping is the same.

    In both, pressure is applied to deform the hardware for a strong connection.

    Q7. Which Conductors are Best Suitable for Repair Sleeve?

    The Rayphen repair sleeves are best suited to all aluminum conductors (AAC), all aluminum alloy conductors (AAAC), and steel conductors.

    Also, aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR) and aluminum conductor alloy reinforced (ACAR) is compatible with the repair sleeves.

    Their installation is the easiest and they work best with all of them.

    Q8. Which Factors Do You Need to Consider While Buying Repair Sleeve?

    Buying an authentic repair sleeve is very important.

    If you get the right Rayphen repair sleeve, it will save you from many severities.

    There are different considerations you need to make before buying the perfect repair sleeve transmission line for you such as:

    • Rayphen repair sleeve for conductor must have a shiny and smooth appearance.
    • There should be dimensional equality between conductors and the repair sleeve.
    • Each repair sleeve is made with high-quality aluminum or hot-dip galvanized steel.
    • Select the perfectly sized dies for repair sleeve installation.
    • There must be manufacturing material compatibility among conductors and repair sleeves.
    • Always get a repair sleeve that has a filler compound with it from the manufacturer.
    • An appropriate crimping tool is essential for correct installation.

    Q9. What are the Manufacturing Materials of Repair Sleeve?

    The manufacturing material of the Rayphen repair sleeve is aluminum alloy or HDG steel.

    There are so many benefits of using aluminum alloy or HDG steel as manufacturing materials.

    You have many electrical fittings made of aluminum and hot-dip galvanized steel.

    It is a non-toxic, non-magnetic, and anti-fatigue material.

    Being malleable, the aluminum alloy is able to forge itself into different forms and shapes.

    That is why various sizes of repair sleeves are available at Rayphen.

    Aluminum is low in density but it does not mean it cannot support transmission line conductors.

    The mechanical strength of aluminum made the Rayphen repair sleeves strong enough to hold the conductor along with repairing the broken part.

    It is corrosion-resistant which is the best feature to use for outdoor connections.

    Q10. What is Repair Sleeve Price?

    The price of a repair sleeve varies because of many reasons.

    It is due to the difference in repair sleeve quality, manufacturer, size, manufacturing material, application, and few other factors.

    The estimated and approximate price of the repair sleeve is about US$1.00-US$5.00.

    Seeing the price, Rayphen repair sleeves are not an expensive accessory at all.

    You can get affordable repair sleeves at Rayphen that manufactures and supplies repair sleeves to over 200 clients internationally.

    Q11. Is Repair Sleeve Needs Crimping for Installation?

    Yes, crimping is essential for the installation of the Rayphen repair sleeve.

    Without crimping or compression, the installation procedure is left incomplete.

    Crimping or applying pressure is the main theme of the installation.

    That’s how the connection is ensured as no bolts or anything is present on repair sleeves to be tightened and fixed on the conductor.

    Q12. Can You Get Repair Sleeve in Different Sizes?

    Yes, at Rayphen there are different sizes of repair sleeves available.

    You can select whatever sizes suits you best for your repair application.

    Remember to choose the size wisely that matches with the conductor dimension.

    Various Sizes of Repair Sleeve

                                                                  Figure 4 Various Sizes of Repair Sleeve

    Q13. How Can You Order Customized Repair Sleeve?

    Getting customized repair sleeves is very easy and accessible these days.

    Rayphen makes it quite convenient for you to give us your requirements.

    According to the demand of the clients, the manufacturer makes the best product incorporating good features and the best raw materials.

    You can order in bulk as well which is a very pocket-friendly approach.

    Q14. What is the Alternative to Repair Sleeve for Controlling ACSR Damages?

    There is no alternative to repair sleeves in the market.

    The purpose of repair sleeves is to repair the conductor damage if it is one-third damaged.

    However, if the damage is more severe, there are other options you can do.

    But for the purpose of minor repairing, only repair sleeves are used.

    There is no accessory other than the Rayphen repair sleeve doing the same function.

    Q15. Can You Utilize Repair Sleeve for High Voltage Transmission Lines?

    Yes, the Raypehn repair sleeves are designed for different voltages.

    They are characterized with good properties that make them useful for high voltages as well.

    They work well for various voltage values.

    Q16. How Can You Replace the Repair Sleeve?

    You cannot use the same repair sleeve once installed.

    However, if due to some reasons it gets damaged or installation is not right.

    You can replace them with a new Rayphen repair sleeve.

    Install the new repair sleeve following the same installation procedure.

    Q17. What Should be Kept in Mind for Making Repair Sleeve Connection to Conductor?

    There are certain points to note while making repair sleeve connections to damaged conductors.

    You can say them installation precautions to be very precise.

    These measures are as under:

    • Cleaning is very important before the installation so, properly clean the inside and outer surface of the repair sleeve.
    • Apply filler compound (inhibitor) for corrosion proof properties.
    • The connection is made according to the marked points on the Rayphen compression repair sleeve.
    • There should be size compatibility between the repair sleeve and the damaged conductor.
    • Reading the user manual is always helpful for gaining basic knowledge and instructions to follow during installation.
    • Repair sleeve compression must be accomplished using appropriate dies and appropriate compression tool.
    • The manufacturing material of the conductor must be alike to repair sleeve material.

    Q18. Are Full-Tension Repair Sleeves Corrosion Free?

    Yes, the Rayphen full tension repair sleeves are corrosion free.

    They come with a filler compound that is an antioxidant or inhibitor compound.

    It lubricates the sleeve tube to make it water repellent.

    This is one of the biggest benefits and requirement of repair sleeves that they should be corrosion free.

    Rayphen ensures quality repair sleeves to the customers having unique properties, one of which is being corrosion free.

    Q19. Is Repair Sleeve Compatible with Copper Conductors?

    No, the Rayphen compression repair sleeve is not appropriate for copper conductors.

    As it is made of aluminum alloy, it is designed for aluminum conductors.

    For reliable repair sleeve installation, conductor and repair sleeve compatible should be the same.

    Therefore, you cannot use repair sleeves for copper conductors.

    Q20. How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Repair Sleeve?

    As you know that Rayphen repair sleeves are meant to repair minor damages of the aluminum conductors.

    Their working efficiency should be high for better results and the working of the conductor too.

    Therefore, it is imperative to find ways through which you can increase or improve the working efficiency of repair sleeves.

    For this purpose, always apply a filler compound (inhibitor) that comes with the packaging on the inner walls and outer surface of the sleeve.

    Also, remember to clean the assembly before installation.

    This will increase the longevity of the Rayphen repair sleeve and it will have a long-lasting effect.

    Q21. What is the Difference Between Repair Sleeve and Splice Sleeve?

    Do not get confused by the names.

    Both seem to be the same as they both are sleeves.

    Though they appear similar yet their function is different from each other.

    As far as Rayphen repair sleeve is concerned, you have got all the idea of its purpose and features till now.

    On the other hand, a splice sleeve is another name of mid span joint.

    Mid span joints are used for connecting two overhead transmission line conductors.

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